Jecal Nadrihm

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Jecal Nadrihm
Jecal Holocron.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Vanessa Nadrihm
Father Alex Nadrihm
Partner Lilith Delcroix
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 204
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.68 meters
Hair Color Blond/Red
Eye Color Grey/Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Prior Affiliation Black Sun
Nakesh Alliance Extractions
Hapes Consortium
Kathol Republic

Jecal Sofia Nadrihm (Jess'El Sew'fee'a Naa'drim; born Day 204 Year -10) is a lifelong Corellian military pilot, former Commander of Black Sun navy (known as Blades of the Prince) and currently working in Trade Federation’s Ministry of Defence.


Military Beginnings

Cold and alone in the darkness of space. Jecal Nadrihm circa year 7.

Jecal was born in a lower class suburb of Coronet City, the capital city of Corellia. The eldest daughter of a poor family, Jecal worked from a young age to help supplement the family’s income. The main source of her employment was a local crime organisation. The syndicate ran a business of extortion, bribery, prostitution and small time smuggling. After making a name for herself in the syndicate fairly quickly, Jecal took on a position as an enforcer, collecting debts and payments, and other such jobs which needed a strong hand and a good eye with a blaster. In her time with the street gangs, Jecal found friendship with twins Jace and Sophie Allestyr. Jecal and Sophie quickly became inseparable. The three looked out for each other in a world that was otherwise disinterested in their survival.

Her life of crime on Corellia was cut short when, on Year 7 Day 204, Jecal preformed an early morning assignment, the assassination of a rival crime boss. Following this, she had no choice but to leave the planet. She left the twins behind, tasking them with protecting her family. Jecal left the only home she’d ever known, and joined the Kathol Armed Guard, the Republic’s military division. Following time in the Kathol Republican Academy, she slotted into a position as a fighter pilot flying N-1 Starfighters. She continued to serve the Republic for nearly a year, being mostly stationed in the Churba Sector. Over the course of that year Jecal made many friends as she slowly but surely worked her way through the ranks. Upon reaching the rank of Captain, Jecal was re-assigned to the “Capital Division” as First officer of a CR-90 Assassin-Class Corvette, and its escort, stationed in the Kathol System. It was approximately this time that Jecal began dating Damon Thorstein, the Supreme Commander of the Kathol Armed Guard. She was promoted to Adjutant General (second in command), and suffered a lot of ridicule from her friends for “sleeping her way to the top”. After a huge amount of political turmoil, a representative of the Krath Dynasty was elected president of the Kathol Republic. Jecal and a small group of “Republic Loyalists” (including the former first lady Natleigh Hunter, with whom Jecal had been romantically involved in a brief series of affairs) made plans to leave the Republic, disgusted as it slowly became a corrupt dictatorship. Taking a handful of ships and credits to tide them over, the group left Kathol Space and went their separate ways. Over the next few months, Jecal worked a variety of jobs with many different factions in mining, transport and logistics, and as a mercenary.

The Royal Navy and Mining Fiasco

A candid holo, snapped at Jecal's graduation from the Hapes Military Academy.

Hapes Military Academy, she was assigned to a MiyTil squadron in the Royal Hapan Navy. It was also during this time that she met and befriended Ciel Page, another young pilot in the Navy, with who she shared a handful of adventures. Jecal served the Hapan Royal Navy for approximately 8 months before she left to follow a very tempting job offer. Her former mentor from the Kathol Navy, Kamm`aldui`nakesh (known as Malduin), approached her to be Chief of Security and Second in Command for a mining company he was forming. Jecal did not leave the navy alone, she was accompanied by her friend Ciel. As the mining operation grew, and the credits began to pour in, Ciel turned to spice to keep his anxiety at bay. Before long, the Hapan boy was merely a husk. He took a ship late one night, and disappeared into deep space.

Merely a week after the company, Nakesh Alliance Extractions, became a publically traded group, Malduin announced that he had a need to venture into unknown space to satisfy some cultural craving. Despite the many months of work and millions of credits she had put into the company, Jecal was left with almost nothing as ownership and managerial powers of the company passed to Malduin’s old drinking buddy, Hebious Cain. Jecal began work as a freelancer, once again, transporting ships, guns, vehicles and whatever else she could get paid for.

The Family

Jecal in her combat armour, Year 11, the height of her career in the Black Sun.

In desperate search for a more structured lifestyle, Jecal joined the Imperial Academy. Whilst re-training to join the Imperial Navy, she was reunited with Jace and Sophie. They had fled Corellia after a huge gang war consumed Coronet. Once again, Jecal and the twins became an inseparable team.

They graduated from the Academy, each with honours, and were drafted into the same fighter squadron, but the Imperial life was not to be. Jecal was approached by the Gran, Tar Alaks, and offered a job that spoke to her roots. After ditching the Empire, and pulling some freelance jobs for Alaks, Jecal and the twins eased into the Black Sun Crime Family. After their the trio (as well as some other Black Sun members) were taken prisoner by Coeus Ahlstedt of the Tion Hegemony. Jecal's quick thinking and sturdy negotiation came in handy as she managed to keep herself and her comrades from being executed, as well coordinating with the outside operation to free them. Following this, Jecal was awarded the Sanguine Star, a prestigious award, by the Black Sun Family Council. Dark Prince Adam Flynn personally awarded the medal to Jecal, his last official act before stepping down, and passing the throne to Ingo R. Vailis. This marked the beginning of Jecal’s success in the Family. She began her career in the Blades of the Prince under Admiral Amaranalah Jou and Commander Ahsas Rotciv Maharg. Jecal’s long military past served her well in the galaxy’s underworld and she quickly excelled among the Blades. Eventually she was promoted to Second-In-Command of the “BSS Merciless Fury”, under Captain Arku Feetoc. Jecal continued to serve on the ship until Captain Feetoc retired but instead of being promoted to its Captain, “BSS Merciless Fury” was disbanded. Jecal’s promotion came soon after, as Admiral Jou was raised to the Family Council as Vigo and Maharg was promoted to Head of Blades. The reshuffle was in response to Prince Vailis, and his advisor, former-Prince Flynn, taking their leave of the family, and heading off into the galaxy to persue personal projects. The new Dark Prince, Corvis Orion made his first order of business the reshuffling of many of the senior leadership positions within the Sun, a move that worked out very well for Jecal. She was made Captain of “BSS Problem Child”, a ship under command of Vigo Jou, and directed to do her bidding. Whilst she was still a member of the Blades, this took Jecal out of the standard chain of command. As commander of the Problem Child, Jecal was permitted to recruit and organise her crew in any way she saw fit. Sophie and Jace were brought on board as her lieutenants, and she raised a devoted crew around them. Many of the Problem Child’s operations were alongside Black Sun’s Force sect known as Maurari. In working with Maurari, Jecal was exposed to some of the most amazing examples of power, hate and anger she had ever seen. Vigo Jou became her direct mentor, and taught her how to navigate the politics of the Sun.

In an afternoon, late year 10, Jecal’s beliefs were tested in a way she never could have anticipated. Vigo Jou revealed that Black Watch (the Intel and Black Ops wing of the Sun) had determined that someone with lieutenant’s codes on the Problem Child was leaking classified information to outside sources. They’d intercepted and stopped the leak, but the source needed to be dealt with. After surprisingly little digging, Jecal traced the leak to Jace. He had been taking payments on the side to sell them out. Jecal seduced and executed Jace, after revealing the crime to Sophie. Though strained, Sophie and Jecal’s friendship endured, as the women realised that Jace’s crime was nobody’s fault but his own.

In early Year 11 when Ahsas Rotciv Maharg was promoted to Vigo, Stephan Corleone became the new Head of Blades and Jecal was made the Second-In-Command. She continued to operate from “BSS Problem Child” as CO of the 2nd Fleet. Only few months later Stephan Corleone resigned his positions in Black Sun which allowed Jecal to assume mantle of the Head of Blades. “BBS Problem Child” became the flagship of the Blades of Prince and Jecal continued to serve dutifully at its helm, utilizing lifetime of military experience and her skills wherever the Blades were needed to protect the Family. Black Sun had influence on many planets across the galaxy, some needed to be defended, others captured. This left Jecal with little time for private matters but she was still able to befriend Lilith Delcroix, at the time a new Aspirant of Maurari; a friendship that would prove beneficial to both of them in years to come.

As her time at the helm of the Blades of the Prince drew on, Jecal was inducted into the inner circle of advisors to the Dark Prince, Corvis Orion. She began training her immediate subordinates to take over her role, as Vigo Jou made her an offer she could not refuse. Jecal would become Jou’s “Spectre”. An old, honoured position in the Family, A spectre was taken by a Vigo in a mentor-student fashion. She would learn all of a Vigo’s duties and skills, whilst serving faithfully and guarding her mentor with her life. She was given 6 months to hand off her role with the Blades, but never got that far.

New Life in the Federation

In year 12 The Black Sun was left in disarray when Dark Prince Orion stepped down from his role and much of the Family Council, including Vigo Jou, disappeared. The new leader Tar Alaks was not able to improve the situation and eventually Jecal and the Sophie found themselves as freelancers without a home once again. For a while they explored the galaxy while using her private fleet to make a living in the transportation business. In mid-Year 13 Jecal was approached by Lilith Delcroix with an offer to join her independent company Dark Skies Gearworks. The offer was accepted although Jecal and Sophie were never a employed on a permanent basis, their Corellian nature and military past didn’t let her settle down in the industrial sector. Several months after Gearworks closed down in Year 14, Jecal felt like life of freelance didn’t have anything new to offer and looked for a home again.

Their first stop was Vorsia system where she could reconnect with her long-time friend. After Lilith explained Gearworks became part of Trade Federation, Jecal opted to join the Ministry of Defence where her military career began anew, serving as a pilot for Orus Fleet. Even though they were in different departments, being part of the same government allowed Jecal and Lilith to spend time together again whenever not on duty. After few weeks of rekindling their friendship, mutual feelings for each another flourished, and the two fell into a romantic pairing.

The Stirrings of the Force

In year 15, Jecal took leave of her MoD duties to spend some time off with Lilith. One late night, sitting in front of the fireplace among the scattered remains of several bottles of Vorsian Whiskey, Lilith felt the spark of The Force within Jecal.

She was placed on extended leave from Orus Fleet, and was presented before the Evocati Inner Circle for assessment. The Circle deemed her ready for training, and Jecal began to learn the ways of the force, studying under her girlfriend, Mistress Lilith.

Adventuring Companions

Sophie Allestyr

Jace Allestyr

Natleigh Hunter

Ciel Page

Awards and Commendations

Non-Federation Awards

  • Sanguine Star – Awarded by the Black Sun Family Council under Dark Prince Flynn for ending a hostage situation and rescuing her comrades.

Description and personality


Jecal is around 170cm tall, and fairly lean. She has fair skin and pale blue eyes, almost grey. She also has a tendency to wildly alter the cut and colour of her hair as suits her mood. Whilst quite small physically, she has developed an ability to be quite imposing through speech and armour. It is simply a bad move to remind her of her size. During her time with the Black Sun, Jecal amassed a variety of different armour, including:

  • A suit of imperial storm trooper garb, which she has customized heavily.
  • A set of Kinetic Battle Armour, customised for stealth and recon missions.
  • A modified version of the Imperial Royal Guard armour, a gift from Lilith.

Weapon Preferences

Jecal’s blaster of choice is the EE-3 blaster rifle. She also tends to favour the Relby Pistol for smaller arms and has one which is custom built. In her time with the Black Sun, Jecal developed a preference towards knives and blades.

" There are few things in the galaxy as sweet as the feeling you get as you watch the life drain from a man's eyes, and you simply can't get that with a blaster."- Vigo Amaranalah Jou.

Personal Ships

Jecal’s first ship was part of her plunder from the Kathol Republic. It is an N-1 Starfighter christened “Corellian Odyssey”.

Jecal's personal flagship is a CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette gifted to her by the Black Sun, "Princess of Acharon".

Jecal's first official command, the BSS Problem Child, MC-60 Capital Cruiser.
Jecal's flagship, Princess of Acharon, CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette..