Jeeva Ob

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Jeeva Ob
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Grace Turner
Father Brendin Ob
Physical Description
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire

Dorinian Military Corps Confederacy of Independent Systems Commerce Guild Starsign Mining Baktoid Armour Workshop


The only daughter of Brendin Ob and Grace Turner, she was born on the planet Hapes over a decade and a half ago. Jeeva always dreamed of being a star pilot. Her days and nights spent looking at the heavens and dreaming of a life beyond the Hapes cluster. Jeeva struck out on her own to make this dream a reality.

On her journey from Hapan, she encountered her relatives of the House Turner from across the stars in the employ of the Galactic Empire. She quickly progressed as a star pilot of a variety of capital ships and excelled faster than the curve.

She served faithfully for several months learning more about naval tactics and recruitment. But, she found herself posting a resignation to pursue building her entrepreneurial skills. With aid from the House Turner, she was smuggled out of Imperial space and into freedom.

Afterward, she was taken in by a Sith Lord and learned the rigors of hunting down bounties. She quickly progressed through the ranks of the privateer group and became its first Death Marshall. She spent her time coordinating squads of hunters, managing new recruits, and securing the safety of operations. Little to her knowledge, situations outside her control led to the dissolution of this organization.

Jeeva quickly found employment within the CIS in the capacity of VFO in the Dorinian Military Corps. At DMC she rose through the ranks to director of the Bounty Hunting and Safety divisions. After a brief period of service in this capacity, she was promoted to leadership of the organization and named their CEO.

After working faithfully as CEO of the Dorinian Military Corps and rebuilding it beyond its former glory, Duchess Ob left the organization to find other problems to fix within the galaxy.

She quickly found new roles within the Confederacy of Independent Systems as the Editor-in-Chief of the CIS News Network. Among her roles was to bring the truth of the Confederacy to the galaxy. Jeeva concurrently worked with the Corporate Alliance as an adviser to the President. She also was leader of the Commerce Guild during this time replacing Kurner Dah'tar and worked on forging the Confederate Constitution. Eventually she resigned her leading of the Commerce Guild and Consul for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

After a brief enlistment serving the citizens of the galaxy again as a member of the true Empire. She left again for the thrill of the drill with Starsign Mining. When her help was no longer needed, she again searched for a new company to aide.

When none held any real promise, she ventured back home to the Confederacy and the Dorinian Military Corps. Jeeva currently works in service of the CIS. She is now the Department of Manufacturing (Baktoid Armour Workshop) Deputy Director.

If you ever find yourself with an organization in need of leadership, she is always available to help revitalize its productivity. Her successful holo-recording series "Hierarchy and Productivity" is a constant member of the top ten in non-fiction sales.

She can be found traveling the galaxy . . .


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