Jek Ryllis

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Jek Ryan Ryllis
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Mandalore
Clan None
House NONE
Mother Laura Ryllis
Father Gary Ryllis
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -15 Day 132 (04)
Languages Nemoidian, Galactic Basic, Twi'Lek
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 197cm
Weight 87kg
Coloring Light Tan
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Prior Affiliation New Republic, Trade Federation, Ailon Nova Guard, Black Dragons
Signature J.R.Ryllis

Jek Ryan Ryllis is a Human from Mandalore. Formerly, he has served in many jobs high and low. Jek was born to a military family. Jek's Gary Commanded a Nebulon B frigate and his mother was a pharmacist that worked for Republic Medical.As a Mandalorian (natives of Mandalore space), Jek felt attracted to the military from a very young age. now that he is in age of actually becoming the very thing he has, for so long, only read about, he is doing his best to live up to his expectations by joining the military forces of the galaxy and bring more glory to the Mandalorians' military legend.

Jek Ryllis was born in Mandalore space and having reached adulthood, joined the Mandalore military. Having graduated from the Mandalore Academy in record time, he was assigned to to the Mandalorian navy, joining the 1 st Fleet (Iron Hammers). Still, Jek's expectations fell short, as found out that too many of his kins had let their ego be blown out of proportion by the Mandalorian reputation of military excellence and were prone to forget that the base of that reputation and the associated military prowesses had been built upon the battle hardened "esprit-de-corps" of the Mandalorian brotherhood and now, "veterans" that had never seen battle were bashing on raw recruits just to try to prove to themselves that they were "powerful warriors". Having been reprimanded several times by his superiors for "making life to easy for the greenhorns" (by trying to teach them and helping them find their way around, instead of forcing them to, blindly, try to discover things the hard way. Feeling that the Mandalorian ideal was being betrayed by those that swore to uphold it, Jek decided to leave and seek, elsewhere, a true military brotherhood, where each individual "had each other's back" and all took upon themselves to help each member learn and grow to his full potential, so that individual may himslef, then, contribute to make the whole group stronger. His decison made and having put his affairs in order with the Mandalorian command, Jek left to now serve other interests. After some time with the Black Dragons,as their Honor Guard Captain, head recruiter and trainer, the Black Dragons was dispanded so Jek was left without a job. Jek Ryllis was offered a job in the Trade Federation, but chose, for personal reasons, to decline the offer and, after being responsible for the orderly transfer of the Black Dragons remaining ships and personnel, he chose to see "other horizons". Being a born Mandalorian, he chose to seek a faction whose martial traditions appealed to him and, therefore, joined another faction with a proud military heritage: the Ailon Nova Guard (where he was Dean of the Academy and Director of Sentient Resources and of Logistics) for a few years. But eventually Jek got bored with his work.

After a short stint of service with the Falleen Federation, Jek has since joined the Trade Federation Department of Defence. Jek Is also in the process of joining the New Republic as a Commander in their Army.

Jeks main quest is to get married and start his own faction.

Jek is a military man who will not go down without a fight. A male by the age of 19 whose height is 5,8, with brown eyes and black hair. The best thing about him is his smile and laugh.