Jerex Nizz

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Jerex Nizz
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Kana Nizz
Father Valo Nizz
Marital Status In a relationship
Partner Teresa Rowley
Born Year -13, Day 231
Languages Galactic Standard
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire Imperial Navy
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Positions 5th Fleet Signals Officer, 11th Group Executive Officer

Early Life

Young jerex.jpg

Jerex Nizz was born in the year -15, day 231. In his early life he was mostly at home with his mother while his father was away, serving at the capital ships in the Hapan Navy. Soon when Jerex got a little bit older he would join his father on his command vessel. Jerex enjoyed many journeys by his father side and as he grew up he was longing to become a pilot. He too wanted to command these big vessels when he grew up. His parents however, had other plans for Jerex.

Entering Politics

Hapes palace.jpg          Palace2.jpg

Born from nobility Jerex already stood high in rank, but due to the fact he was a male it was hard getting anywhere. Due to the matriarchal society of the Hapes Consortium, men were often treated as second class citizens. Hapan males were used mainly for breeding and thought of as little more than an accessory. Despite this, there are a few documented cases of some Hapan men in positions of power. Anyway, of he went and in the beginning things turned out real good for Jerex. Being a lower ranked representative for the Hapes Consortium, and also in good terms with the Queen Mother, whom favaored Jerex a bit, secretly having a crush on him, Made Jerex's political career in the beginning a very safe one. As time went on, The Queen Mother began to recognize Jerex more and more, making the other nobilities jelaous of him. It wasnt until Jerex and The Queen Mother openly had a relationship, that enough was enough for some of the nobility. Jerex was now under the constant threat of several murder attempts and plots against him. Hapan culture, at least among the upper classes, was based on assassination attempts and struggles for power. Most members of Hapan nobility or royalty would think nothing of manipulating and/or arranging the death of one of their own if it would advance their own cause. The Queen Mother was treated like a goddess by the Hapans, and her selection of a consort was important to all her people. Candidates for the role of consort often came from the nobility, mainly to keep the gene pool vibrant. There were fierce rivalries between many noble houses over which house would get their sons to father the next Queen Mother, and nobles often plotted against both the consort and the heir of the Queen Mother who was not fathered by one of their own. As it turned out to be, most of the nobilities were jelous of Jerex because he was a male. One female in particular took a real hatred in Jerex and plotted against him, staging several murder attempts. Her name was Valara Tonor. Valara ultimately succeded in plotting The Queen Mother against Jerex, both staging a loveaffair against him, and she set up an assassination attempt against The Mother Queen looking as if Jerex was behind it. Jerex now only had one option left. He fled Hapes before the The Mother Queen's troops could march into his apartment and arrest him. Filled with shame of being pushed away from The Hapes Cluster, and at the same time hungry for revenge he dicided to follow his old dream from when he was younger. He would seek out the best fleet in the galaxy and finally become that Capital Commander he always longed to be.

The Galactic Empire

Imperial cadet.jpg

When the Lambda shuttle's landing ramp touched down on the Imperial Academy and Jerex walked down, he already felt as he finaly was home were he belonged. Already familar with military doctrine and conduct, since the time on his fathers command vessel Jerex fitted right into the Imperial military world and the daily routines. Under the supervision of Training Officer Nikai Tonnak Jerex was trained in everything from Imperial History to Military Concepts. Already being in politics, he was very often complemented on what a good fit he was for leadership and an officer.

Jerex Graduated on Year 16 Day 17 and was immediately assigned to his new unit in the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy



It was never hard for Jerex to choose witch military branch he would serve in. Already longing to be in command of the awesome new Imperial Star Destroyers, Jerex immediately signed up for the Navy. He rushed through the first set of ranks pretty fast and now holds the rank of Lieutenant. He is also serving as the 5th Fleet Signals Officer and is doing a really fine job so far in the Imperial Navy.

Musical Career

Jerex early took an interest in music, learning to play drums already as a 6 year old kid. Now he leads a band of his own togheter with some Biths and they call themselves "Jerex Nizz And The Basilisk. They play a blend of Jizz and Jatz and most often play on Imperial occations as a cantina act.


Jerex and Band.png Jerex Nizz and The Basilisk band on the cover of their hit album SPACE HUMPIN

A Couple in Love

Jerex Nizz & Teresa Rowley
Cookie and Nizz.jpg.png
Names Jerex Nizz & Teresa Rowley
Date Met Year 17 Day 4
Date Married
Home Planet Maal(Current)
Alliance Galactic Empire
Branch Imperial Navy

Jerex Nizz & Teresa Rowley

Love at First Sight

Jerex in Love

When Jerex was attending the Regional Governments Masquerade Ball he met Teresa Rowley. Jerex offers to buy Teresa a drink seeing her sitting alone and instantly fell in love.

The ball.jpg

They very quickly were fond of each other and found themselves at the dance floor in no time and they both learn they have a lot in common. Both are Navy CMDR's and FSO's as well as both share strong feelings for the Empire and even stronger feelings for each other, as it was love at first sight.

Jerex and Cookie.jpg

During a romantic trip to Naboo Jerex set the stage for a wonderful surprise and the two soon become a couple. They purchased their first residence on Maal where they enjoy time together when not on duty or traveling.

Jerex and teresa on beach.jpg.png

Jerex and Teresa relaxing on the beach on Naboo

T&J in suite.jpg

Us in our room suite on our trip to Naboo

Fun in the sun.jpg

Jerex and Teresa enjoying some fun in the sun

Service Record

Grade Rank Galactic Date
[T-1] Recruit -
[O-1] Ensign Year 16 Day 17 - Year 16 Day 108
[O-2] Lieutenant Junior Grade Year 16 Day 108 - Year 16 Day 197
[O-3] Lieutenant Year 16 Day 197 - Year 16 Day 333
[O-4] Lieutenant Commander Year 16 Day 333 - Present

Ribbon Name Date Awarded
Imperial Academy Graduate [IABG] Year 16 Day 17
Mention In Dispathces [MID] Year 16 Day 105
Mention In Dispathces x2 [MIDx2] Year 16 Day 234
Letter of Commendation [LOC] Year 16 Day 316
Letter of Commendation [LOCx2] Year 16 Day 345