Kol Seraph

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Koltan "Kol" Seraph
KolSeraph ArmyOfficer3.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Taris
Mother Lasha Seraph (presumed deceased)
Father Garran Seraph (presumed deceased)
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born Y-11 D232
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Coloring Fair Skin, Blond Hair
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Imperial Army, Galactic Empire
Rank Lieutenant Colonel [O-5]
Positions 3rd Assault Brigade Commanding Officer, 3rd Imperial Legion
Prior Affiliation *Imperial Intelligence, Galactic Empire
Awards In order of Precedence:
  • Unit Distinguished Service,
  • Certified Imperial Intelligence Agent,
  • COMPNOR Member Medal,
  • Brigade Command Medal,
  • Letter of Commendation x2,
  • Imperial Service Medal - 2 Years,
  • Imperial Recruitment Medal,
  • Imperial Intelligence Service Award,
  • Imperial Campaign Medal,
  • Imperial Academy Basic Graduate,
  • Imperial Monthly Meeting - 12

Koltan "Kol" Seraph is a 25-year-old Human Imperial Army Officer, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In addition to his prior service in both the Army and the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence, he has also served COMPNOR's Coalition for Progress in several positions on a part-time basis in the past, including Recruitment and Archival work. He made his start in the Empire as a Scout Trooper in the Reconnaissance Corps of the Imperial Army, being decorated on multiple occasions, eventually receiving a field commission for his service in the 1st Legion. After leaving the Army and command of the 4th Reconnaissance Brigade, "the Spectres", for a tour of duty in II as a full-time Agent, he has since returned and assumed command of the 3rd Assault Brigade, better known as "the Shadow Guard".


GUINAR NDENGIN THE FIRST, Suzerain of the Galactic Empire, of Its Worlds and Territories Emperor, Sovereign of Humankind, Defender of the New Order

To Koltan Seraph

hereby appointed an Officer in His Majesty’s Imperial Army

With Seniority of the One Hundred and Ninety-Ninth Day of the Thirteenth Year of the New Order Calendar

WE reposing especial Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage and Integrity do by these Presents Constitute and Appoint you to be an Officer in Our Imperial Army. You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge your Duty as such in the Rank of 2nd Lieutenant or in such other Rank as We may from time to time hereafter be pleased to promote or appoint you to, and you are in such manner and on such occasions as may be prescribed by us to exercise and well discipline both the Inferior Officers and Non-Commissioned Members serving under you and use your best endeavor to keep them in good Order and Discipline, and We do hereby Command them to Obey you as their Superior Officer, and you to observe and follow such Orders and Directions as from time to time you shall receive from Us, or any other your Superior Officer according to Law, in pursuance of the Trust hereby Reposed in you.

IN WITNESS Whereof our Rightful Hand and Imperial Executor hath hereunto set his hand and Seal at Our Government House in the Imperial Palace of Coruscant this One Hundred and Ninty-Ninth Day of the Thirteenth Year of the New Order Calendar CXCIX XIII and in the First Year of Our Reign.

By Command of His Excellency Lord Seele, the Imperial Executor.

Imperial Personnel Profile

General Information

Surname: Seraph
Given Name(s): Koltan, "Kol"
Race: Class A Human Citizen
Gender: M
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Service Number: IACO-K17-665-S89
Security Clearance Level: Top Secret
Formal Education:
Imperial Basic Training (Army),
Imperial Army College (Brigade Command, Reconnaissance Specialization),
Imperial Intelligence Agent Certification
Age: 25
Homeworld: Taris
Family: Lasha (mother) and Garran (father) Seraph, presumed deceased

Psychological Profile


Physical Description

Height: 6'0
Weight: 165 lbs
Build: Lean
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond

Imperial Service Record

NCM Ranks

Recruit [E-1]
Year 12 Day 189 to Year 12 Day 191

Private [E-2]
Year 12 Day 191 to Year 12 Day 284

Corporal [E-3]
Year 12 Day 284 to Year 12 Day 327

NCO Ranks

Sergeant [E-4]
Year 12 Day 327 to Year 13 Day 43

Master Sergeant [E-5]
Year 13 Day 43 to Year 13 Day 109

Command Sergeant [E-6]
Year 13 Day 109 to Year 13 Day 199

Officer Ranks

2nd Lieutenant [O-1]
Year 13 Day 199 to Year 13 Day 275

1st Lieutenant [O-2]
Year 13 Day 275 to Year 13 Day 315

Agent [O-2]
Year 13 Day 315 to Year 14 Day 189

1st Lieutenant [O-2]
Year 14 Day 189 to Year 14 Day 296

Captain [O-3]
Year 14 Day 296 to Year 14 Day 337

Lieutenant Colonel [O-5]
Year 14 Day 337 to Present