Linden Rathan

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Linden Rathan
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Spouse RoyalGalaxia
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrosa
Prior Affiliation Black Dragons
Renegade Inc.

Linden Rathan, aka Dragon, was born on Corellia where he created and lead the security group known as Black Dragons. He moved on from there to have promising careers in several different companies, until he found Mecrosa, where he is a senior member to this day.


The Early Years

Linden Rathan was born in Corellia’s capitol city of Coronet to two loving parents. The life of Linden started out as many young boys during those days. He had a good child hood and was never without what he needed. It is true that his family had money, but they were far from rich according to Corellian standards at the time. His father sat on the Board of Directors for a small shipping company and his mother taught Ship Research and Engineering at a local university and was quite the scientist.

Growing up on Corellia is an adventure for any youngster, and like all the rest of them Linden dreamed of becoming a pilot and traveling the vastness of space. Unlike the others, Linden was often taken along with his father or mother into space, when their jobs needed them to travel to any of the many space stations around Corellia. He would stare out the view ports and be mesmerized by all the activity of the cargo ships as they docked and departed as they would any other day. As he grew older this desire to fly only grew and at the age of 16 he joined one of the local imperial flight academies where every inspired pilot hopes to train.

During his time at the academy he learned many things and excelled at any ship they gave him. This was in large part thanks to his father who had already allowed him a lot of flight experience as a young kid flying the family ship. It was here at the academy where Linden met several of his best friends. Shadow, who was given the nickname because his skin was much darker than others of his race, was a Falleen cadet at the academy and somewhat an outcast among the almost exclusive human population. Linden only found this more interesting and quickly hit it off with him. Things were looking bright for Linden as he was on his way to graduating from the academy with honors and had only a single year left of it to go. However, Linden would never make it to the graduation as things were about to change his life forever and pull him away from the comfortable life that he knew.

For the most part, Corellia was a fairly peaceful and easy going planet to live on. Corellians are infamous for their lust for adventure but the public is mostly a docile group. However, just like the depths of Coruscant there are always those who can’t be satisfied with living the comfortable life and insist on misbehaving and breaking the laws of society. Even the presence of the Galactic Empire and the well known security corporation know as CorSec, is not enough to scare away the criminals working in the underground crime syndicates.

Linden’s mother had just received a large sum of money through a grant with a private R&D firm to start researching some new hull designs for the famous YT models that were being produced at the time. She was really excited and so Linden’s father was throwing a little celebration party at a local tavern for her and some of their friends. Linden was on his way there with Shadow but they had been at training and were arriving late. As they rounded the corner on the street they both noticed instantly that there was a problem. From their view point they could see the little tavern a few blocks away and could see two large rough looking guys standing outside of it. This was a pretty clean cut and upscale part of the city and these two stuck out like a sore thumb. You could tell these two were looking out for something and the small bulges on their hips told Linden that they were not up to any good.

Linden and Shadow cautiously approached the tavern when an obvious ruckus inside broke out. It could not be heard from where they were, at least at first, but they could tell from the reactions of the guards that something had happened. Moments later sounds were definitely audible coming from inside the tavern and the distinct sound of blaster fire could be heard. The guards outside pulled their blasters and opened the doors, presumably to check on their people inside, only to each receive a blaster shot to the face the moment they opens the doors. Linden and Shadow took cover as a small group of armed thugs exited the tavern in a hurry. It was obvious they were looking for more enemies but the few people that had been on the street in the area had already jumped into the nearest shelter and was watching as Linden was. He was worried for his parents but was unarmed and helpless. After making sure there was no ambush waiting for them on the outside the band of thugs headed down the street and jumped into a parked speeder and tore off.

Once the bandits were gone there was nothing stopping Linden from racing to the tavern. His arrival, however, was not greeted with a pretty picture. Others had arrived also to see what had happened but it was clear there had been a firefight. There were blaster marks and bodies everywhere and the entire place smelled of burned flesh. Linden was trying to push through all the people standing around to find his parents but only managed to find one of his parent’s friends who he had met only a few times before. The old man said that he did not know what happened to Linden’s parents. Once the shooting happened all the bystanders dove for cover or ran to try and escape. He explained that a large group of men had entered and confronted another large group of ruffians who had been in the tavern since they arrived. Apparently there was some rivalry and something was said that started the fight. He said they got pretty loud and before any of them knew it someone had drawn a weapon and the shooting started.

Linden could not find his parents among the standing and reluctantly forced himself to look at the bodies more closely. There were at least 20 people dead and it was clear that the majority of them were likely not part of either gang. He circled the room and was relieve and confused when he did not find them among the bodies. Unfortunately, Shadow did find them.

Their bodies were behind a small overturned table near the bathrooms in the back. It appears that they had tried to go into the back bathrooms to avoid the firefight when it erupted and there was no choice left but to take cover. Linden was shocked but didn’t know what to say or do so he just stared. His father was lying over his mother as if trying to protect her but they were both gone.

Of course the authorities finally showed up as normal, did their routine clean ups, and then departed just as quickly. Linden watched the news that night and CorSec reported on the event, but was just as enthused about it as their on-scene investigating had been. The report stated there had been a rival gang shootout in a local tavern that resulted in 23 deaths and thousands in property damage. Among the dead was reported 14 customers, 3 staff, and 6 gang members. The report finished with the statement that there were no current leads in the investigation and that no gangs had claimed responsibility for the event.

This final statement outraged Linden because he knew there had to of been at least thirty other customers in the facility who all witnessed the event but nobody was talking. He spent several days in seclusion, neglecting his friends and classmates that tried to contact him to offer condolences. He didn’t want to hear another person say they were sorry, the only thing he wanted to hear was that the ones responsible were found and being dealt with. He knew it was not good to dwell on it but it only magnified his anger.

After the better part of a week, Linden finally left the confines of his parent’s home and traveled to the funeral. The board members who his father had worked with had made all the arrangements out of respect. It wasn’t a large funeral and there weren’t many there. It was mostly just business associates of his parents and a few of his classmates who had heard about what had happened. The ceremony wasn’t particularly long and Linden was glad for that at least. Everyone kept saying the same thing to him: “I’m sorry for your loss. How are you doing? If you need anything, let me know.” After the funeral one of the board members confronted Linden and made the same statements and questions as everyone else, but then asked a new one. He inquired as to what Linden’s plans were with his father’s stock in the company. He hadn’t really thought about it. After a few more days of sitting in solitude and watching the news hoping for some sort of break in the case, Linden became confident that the local authorities were a lost cause and would never find the killers. After much debate he knew what he needed to do.

It was really too bad that CorSec and the other authorities didn’t hire teenagers to go undercover. Gangs and pirates have to recruit. What better way to find out information about the underground than to put yourself out there to be picked up. Linden was surprised at how much he learned while hunting down his parent’s killers. He found that it was much easier than he’d expected, as long as you had something to trade for the intel.

He discovered that one of the gangs were actually pirates from off-world and that the other gang, the one who had sustained most of the casualties, had since left Corellia also or been finished off because nobody seemed to be able to place their location. The thought of them escaping the planet was not reassuring but at least there was a lead on the other group’s location and he had been given a few aliases.

It wasn’t much to go on but the one thing Linden knew was that they were no longer here. With that knowledge there was only one thing to do.

Black Dragons

Black Dragons Banner Year 2.jpg

His mind had been made up and he was going to track those responsible down no matter what it took. At first many tried to talk him out of it but it became clear there was nothing left for him there, and that left them very little to bargain with him. Shadow, and a few of his friends banded together and were determined to seek justice.

Linden knew that even though they were all great pilots it would take much more than skills to hunt down an entire gang, they would need equipment. This meant high grade technology and ships, and that meant millions and millions of credits. In order to fund outfitting the group Linden was forced to liquidate the stocks that his father had left him, along with the family fortune and other assets that were still there. With this money he would be able to put together a sizable force to go searching with. Unfortunately, a teenager selling off loads of stock and purchasing military grade ships and equipment is hard to hide and the authorities caught wind of it. It was obvious to everyone what his intentions were, and even though most would have loved to see those responsibly shot down they had obligations to regulate and control such things. Linden, however, had already thought of this road block ahead of time and already had a plan for it.

Corellia has always had an issue with pirates in the surrounding systems who just love to sit and wait for their next prey. Thanks to them, there is always a need for paramilitary security forces to escort ships and cargo, and this left an excuse to kill pirates. Anyone engaging in piracy was essentially free game after all, so Linden had found his loophole to get around the authorities who were blocking his way. On that day, the Black Dragons were officially created as a paramilitary escort faction. They were technically for hire to protect convoys and such, but it allowed them access to the more military equipment and gave them free reign to go looking for pirates.


It was during the reign of the Black Dragons that Linden met and married RoyalGalaxia. They spent two happy years together before she disappeared on a regular hyperspace jump. It has been speculated that her ship’s NAV computer may have been tampered with, and that she was sent into a star or perhaps just into the unknown. Linden was devastated but eventually moved on knowing that there was no way to be certain.

Renegade Inc.

Renegade Inc Holographic Year 3.jpg

The Black Dragons stayed in business for many years searching space for pirates and criminals. Whether or not they ever actually found the original targets is unclear but they helped rid the galaxy of a lot of scum during their time. As with all things, the time of the Black Dragons soon came to an end when they merged into a rival paramilitary group named Renegade Inc (aka RINC), which was lead by Roy Starkiller. It is interesting that Linden and Roy actually started out as fierce rivals but their rivalry soon developed into an understanding, which eventually lead to friendship. Linden called RINC home for several years and met a lot of interesting people there. This is where he came to know Dac Kain, another member of RINC.

As the galaxy became ever more dominated by governments at every corner fighting for control, paramilitary groups found it harder and harder to survive in the economy. Soon even RINC was feeling the pressure and, after losing the Battle of Meridian, decided to close its doors and move on.

Mecrosa and Viraxo

Mecrosa Banner Year 12.jpg

Linden suddenly found himself without a place to call home. Sure, he had many ships and assets to his name but due to the backseat he had taken in RINC he felt completely off the grid. After doing a little searching around he was invited to join Mecrosa, a trading faction at the time, who was being lead by Dac Kain. Having a familiar face around certainly appealed to Linden so he enlisted only to find another familiar face in Roan Axios. She was a crafty pilot, and a trusted friend from the Black Dragon days.

Linden spent quite a while in Mecrosa working on long, tedious cargo transports hauling raw materials. He worked his way up to division leader fairly quickly and was always ready to help. Perhaps that is why he was eventually asked to help lead a new company that Dac Kain's wife, Alysia Kain, had just purchased. The group was called Viraxo and it was in the transportation business. Since Linden did not really have any other things happening at the time he gladly accepted and was put in as second-in-command. Eventually he was promoted to be the full time leader as Viraxo thrived and became one of the busiest transportation businesses there was.

Eventually, there came a time for the Kain's to consolidate their empire, dubbed Mecrotica, which included Mecrosa, Xucphra, Kobola, and Viraxo. During this processes it was decided to fold Viraxo back into Mecrosa, so Linden found himself once again in their ranks.

Present Time

At the present time, Linden Rathan is still working for Mecrosa and spends most of his time in his own flagship, the Strike-Class Medium Cruiser named Black Dragon.