Lindgart Adjer

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Lindgart Adjer
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Tarina Adjer
Father Latanael Adjer
Born Year -16 Day 302 (First appearance on Year 4 Day 24)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Jedi Order
Rank Jedi Knight
Prior Affiliation Black Sun, The Damned

Early Days

The first son of Noble House in Corellia, he learned what pain is too early when he saw both his parents being murdered in cold blood by Imperial soldiers when he was 10. His parents were associated with parties who supported the Rebel Alliance at the time and through treason and deceit met their destiny. His uncle Lintai, one of the former Princes of the noble house, fled with him to Tattoine where disguised as a ship dealer raised the boy alone.

It took years for Lindgart to begin accepting his parents death, however, this overcoming sank down in the day when he returned from a ship haul from Anchorhead to Mos Espa only to find his uncle's shop burned down and the man cut in two pieces in front of it. No witnesses. A few moments later, he learned from another of his father's brothers, the true reason of the death of both the man siblings was because he was a Jedi and his pursuers were using his family to get him. The man promised he would stop the killer and left. Lindgart never saw him again.

The promise of revenge never eased the psychological injury left by the loss of the people he loved. On a natural reaction of a eighteen years old, he went over to drink out the few credits he could retrieve from debts to his dead uncle. Soon enough, he started to mix up with all kinds of scum who hanged out on Tatooine and since he believed life was garbage, he went on throwing his own away doing dirty jobs to survive. In his mind, Lindgart had nothing to loose anymore and started risking himself to learn how good he could be as a con man. And, during a "job" where his target was a local young Hutt, he attracted the attention of the man who would give him the opportunity to become someone.

Why Banquo Knox approached him and offered him a real job after mocking the scumbag he was, is something Lindgart never knew. After all, it really didn't matter. For one who didn't have any life perspective, anything was good enough. What he didn't know when he punched the hyperspace motivator of the JM-5000 he received from by Knox, was he was flying to a whole new life.

Black Sun

The Damned


Jedi Order