Lisbethe Naevea

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Lisbethe Naevea
LisbetheN Avi.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Clan Skoria
Mother Telis Metiin†
Father Arnith Naevea†
Marital Status Single
Partner Nox Callias
Born -Year 100 Day 87
Quote "You don't fear me, you soon will."
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.68m 5'6"
Weight 56.7kg 125lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Political Information

Lisbethe is an Anzati female. She has passion for ships and their construction. She hopes to one day become the greatest ship builder in the galaxy.



Lisbethe Naevea was born to Anzati parents on the barren planet of Azant. Her childhood was fairly normal until she was around 75SGY old when a Anzati that felt he had been slighted by her parents walked into their homestead and murdered her parents. She fled and ended up finding herself in the ship hanger of a local shipwright. After explaining her situation he agreed to take her under his wing until she matured enough to leave planet.

The Shipwright

Lisbethe stayed around the hanger and helped him clean up around him. But as the years went on she started to look and watch him work. The complexity of them piqued her interest and she started to ask questions. The Shipwright started to teach her and the ways of ship buildings. As the years went on she quickly learned how to build.


By the time she hit 100SGY old she had finally built her first ship. She Gave herself the name Lisbethe and thanked the shipwright and boarded the ship and set off to find her place in the galaxy. One day while flying nowhere in particular she was perusing the Holonet when she came across a hidden site advertising that a position as a ship builder was wanted in the northern sector of the galaxy. Upon investigating two names stood out Shobquix Industries and Black Sun.

Black Sun

Once Lisbethe arrived at the headquarters she quickly got to work and made a name for herself with her skill of managing production lines and with the speed of which she completed her tasks.


Lisbethe is 164cm tall with pale skin and long black hair. Her eyes are dark brown with flakes of golden yellow. She is usually seen in dark colors like black and reds. Her proboscis are fully hidden when retracted.

Feeding Habits

Lisbethe feeds like most other Anzati by drinking the "Soup" of her victims, except that she prefers her prey to feel the fear of her before the feeds. Feeling that the fear tastes better and helps her become stronger. She never mesmerized her victims either. She wanted the fight, it intensified the fear.

Personal Ships

Her flag ship is a YV-666 named "The Huntress" Lisbethe's Black Squadron is her personal squadron of N-1 Starfighters. She leads them from customized N-1 star fighter "Death-Hawk".