Lumiere Apothecary

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Lumiere Apothecary
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General Information
Motto “Friendship is a responsibility, not an opportunity.”
Status Active
Leader Dash Banem
2IC Tavarius Kalia
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 1
Political Information
Industry Medical Service
Holosite Lumiere Apothecary


“Let him that would move the galaxy first move himself”

Lumiere; Light. The brightly lit Anchorage of the Sodality was built not out of a desire to make profit but out of a desire to heal. The life of a Wayfarer is sometimes tough and the galaxy is not always a forgiving place.

To heal, “or to make whole” is the process of restoring health to the unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. Whether it is physical or psychological the need to heal in this galaxy is essential. The Sodality can hear the cries of the galaxy, its cries can be heard in the deepest, darkest depths.

As the stars bear witness to yet another era of violence and death, as it takes the impact of crushing regimes and as its worlds are stripped bare for the greed of an elite few the need to heal has become more paramount within the Sodality. The galaxy whispers to us in our endeavor, inspiring us and the loyalty to our Crew. All healing begins in the mind and the body before it can take place in the galaxy.

The Apothecary, an integral part of the Wayfarers’ Sodality is not a company or corporation acting on its behalf to the medical industry. It is not interested in seeking its own profit and power. They are Wayfarers with a common objective; to be free of the grasps of politics, oppression and hypocrisy that suffocates even the weakest sentient in the galaxy.


Datacard Rentals

We believe in ”free enterprise” and in the ability of people to supply for their own needs. In that regard, we offer our technology to all who want to be able to provide healing.

The prices for each datacard are listed on our holosite, per use (or batch). When placing an order, please specify the ID numbers for the stations or facilities to assign the datacard to.

Bulk purchases are available. Contact Lindgart Adjer to negotiate a business agreement.



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