Lygian Family

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Lygian Family
General Information
Status Extant
Leader Heiress Apparent Kaylynn Lygian
Species 80% Kuati, 20% Human
Capital Unknown
Historical Information
Founder Gustave Lygian, I
Founded Year -3,000 (CGT)
Homeworld Kuat
Political Information
Affiliation Regalis Engineering
Political Stance Neutral

Political Organization

The Old Guard

The Old Guard is the oldest and largest faction in the Lygian Family, having the most retainers, assets, and ownership of Regalis Engineering. Although weaker than the Iron Guard in terms of military strength, it makes up for its significantly greater economic, industrial and political power, as well as its immense human resources. Due to these factors, the Old Guard has the strongest possibility of taking control of Regalis Engineering and the Lygian Family.

The Old Guard is highly conservative, wishing to preserve the current order within the Lygian Family in order to maintain its strong standing as well as its assets. They are the major proponents of pursuing isolationist and non-interventionist policies, going as far as removing themselves from Kuat and Kuati society and relocating themselves to the Outer Rim. Most of the upper echelon and elites support this faction, giving it even greater political influence within the Lygian Family.

It is jointly led by Archie's great uncle, Klaus Lygian, and his great aunt, Geneve Lygian.

The Iron Guard

The Iron Guard is the second largest faction in the Lygian Family and it rivals the Old Guard due its sheer military strength. Despite the Old Guard being able to command a much larger military force with the Fyrd system, the Iron Guard stands on equal footing. The Iron Guard's army of highly trained and experienced Men-At-Arms, Knights and Huscarls is the largest and best of its kind within the Lygian Family. Even if the Old Guard's and Imperial Guard's armies were combined, the result is far inferior to the army of the Iron Guard. Due to the interests of the Lygian Family increasingly being focused on Regalis Engineering, many military personnel have been disgruntled with their diminishing power and influence.

The Iron Guard is mostly commanded by retired military officers, seeking to refocus efforts of the Lygian Family towards expanding their spheres of influence with military force and increasing the priority of security and defense. They wish to abandon the pacifist nature of the Lygian Family and enter the Galactic Civil War, in hopes of gaining more recognition and political power in the galaxy.

It is currently led by Jarvis Lygian, Archie's uncle.

The Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard is the smallest and weakest faction in the Lygian Family. However, they have the only legitimate claim to the inheritance of the Lygian Family as well as control of Regalis Engineering. The faction itself is comprised of family members loyal to the current Heiress Apparent Kaylynn Lygian as well as the Imperial Lygian Bodyguard, the most skilled military force within the Lygian Family. However, the Imperial Lygian Bodyguard is only a fraction of the entire military forces of the Lygian Family, and despite their great individual strength, in terms of general military power, they are extremely lacking. Despite Kaylynn Lygian owning the most stocks of Regalis Engineering individually, the Old Guard's collective ownership of Regalis Engineering is close enough to her's that the difference in control is negligible. It is led by Kaylynn Lygian.

The Shadow Guard

Although this faction has no official name or symbol, the Shadow Guard has the least influence by far within the Lygian Family. However, it makes up for the large amount of financial resources that it brings from a pool of foreign investors interested in taking over Regalis Engineering and removing the Lygian Family from absolute control. Most members of this faction are unknown, however, it is made up largely of resentful exiles and bastards of the Lygian Family, seeking to gain status equal to their skills and contributions. Although a very few number of the Men-At-Arms, it makes up militarily with numerous agreements with private military contractors and mercenaries. To the rest of the factions, the Shadow Guard is the unseen enemy lurking from the shadows; although its existence is rumored, paranoia and fear have been edging on the minds of most in the Lygian Family. It is currently led by Vandal Archibald in secrecy, under the guise of Visogast.

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