Lylith Pless

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Lylith von Black
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld None
Mother Unknown
Father Deceased
Spouse Dominic von Black
Siblings Siarica Aylina
Children None
Born Year -9 (23 yrs old)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'2 feet
Coloring Ivory
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation House Black
Rank Fleet Admiral
Prior Affiliation The Wraiths

Growing Up

Lylith was an open, trusting, and friendly young woman who longed to be loved and accepted... 

She was born on a Capital ship during her father's career as the leader of a trading empire. Lylith grew up with the stars, and felt most at home with the strength of the Durasteel plating surrounding her, and the raw power of the engines rumbling beneath her feet. She grew, and learned like any young girl, with a rich father, would. She had private tutors, and classes that ranged from combat and self defense, to basket weaving and survival skills. She lacked nothing as she grew into a young woman. She was cultured, and taught to be the very best at everything she did.

A New Life

Over the years she grew tired of her protected life under her fathers umbrella. When Lylith came of age, she made plans and prepared to set out on her own, with her fathers blessing. Her father left her with one final gift, though to help her. As she hugged her father for the last time, he handed her a keycard, brand new, with the word "Acquiesce" on it. It was a refurbished, and repainted, Arquitens Light Cruiser, that she had expressed interest in once.

She left her family and began her career, like her father, as a merchant sailor. Trading in any goods that were readily accessible on the planets she passed, she quickly amassed a huge collection of valuables. Along with the things she found, she also collected runaway sentients who preferred the life of a traveling trader. Soon, she had a fully fledged traveling market. Not only did she earn money from the merchants, who paid her a small portion of their profits, but she also allotted the upper decks for vacationers who paid hefty sums to simply see the sights at some of the more renown planets she stopped at. Not only did this provide her with a steady income, but it also provided her her own private feeding grounds... Though Lylith chose not to kill her victims. Some passengers noticed early on, the patterns of the bites and decided to switch liners... Hushed whispers of a vampire were passed around, though no one suspected Lylith...

An Unexpected Turn of Events

During one of these trips she lost her arm because of a landing skid she was fixing. A fellow engineer pulled a circuit and the skid closed, in an emergency shut down procedure. While she struggled to release herself from the closing panel, the pad closed and the foot and a half thick durasteel plating neatly sliced off her arm. It took her almost a week in a bacta tank to heal, and a week more to get used to the bionic arm that was surgically attached to her. Soon after her recovery, though, she could be seen around her ship displaying feats of strength, showing off her enhancement to her crew, and surprising unsuspecting vacationers... Though at night, she found a sort of pleasure in using her new found strength on her victims, by neatly breaking their necks...

Lylith moved around the galaxy, trading, feeding, wandering... Not really having a goal or a destination in mind... Her lack of a family, since her fathers unexpected death, left her without a place to go. Her fathers empire fell on her shoulders, and she remotely controlled it, though the banks remained closed to her access since the majority share was neatly split up, leaving three other people in command as well. So Lylith continued on, wandering and searching out something that she only half acknowledged... She was lonely.


Lylith eventually settled down with her friend, whom she met when she first ventured out into the galaxy on her own. She met Dominic and didn't realize she'd left a lasting impression on him, until much later, when he told her she'd stolen his heart. Unfortunately, Lylith was in another relationship at the time, and she had to decide who she wanted more... Her friend, who'd secretly held a crush on her for almost the whole time she'd known him, or her faction mate... It hurt Lylith very deeply to have to pick, but in the end her hand was forced and she chose Dominic, because he'd always been there for her when she needed him.

Only a few months later, they were married in the Mandalorian fashion. They exchanged vows in a private ceremony on Year 14, Day 347, Lylith Pless became Lylith von Black, and the Matriarch of the von Black family.