Mara Diggins

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Mara Alanna Diggins
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Cararra (Corellia)
Mother Danii Diggins
Father Adam Diggins
Spouse Derran Khan
Born 22 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.67 meters
Weight 127 lb
Coloring Dirty blond hair (dyed pink)
Eye Color Baby blue
Political Information
Rank Ensign (formerly)
Prior Affiliation
  • Galactic Empire
  • 1st Imperial Fleet, Imperial Navy
  • 2nd Imperial Fleet, Imperial Navy
  • 2nd Sector Fleet, Imperial Navy
  • Security Chief on Corellian Naval Base

Mara Alanna Diggins is a Corellian female who is the daughter of Adam Diggins and the wife of Derran Khan. As a pilot in the Imperial Navy, she served in a variety of notable engagements including Operation Tenax, the Kappax Conflict, Operation Merc-Out, Operation Beta, Fakir/FTA II, and many others.


Early life

Mara was born to Adam Diggins and his wife Danii Diggins shortly after the outbreak of the galactic civil war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion. As a child, Mara was raised around various aliens, particularly Gand. She soon acquired her parent's political views regarding their equality in rights to humans. These views would later put her at odds with her Imperial commanders in the Imperial Navy, particularly Director Voor.

As she matured, she was raised to be a fighter pilot and warrior by her parents, learning vital survival skills from both. As her father was already a member of the Galactic Empire, she became good friends with Siather Det'aan, Rawius Titan, Ying Lee, John Ramses, Tee Tarkona, and several others. To this day she serves with the fleet, despite one assassination attempt already by Director Voor.

Mara participated in more battles than many seasoned veterans twice her age. In the two and a half years she has been an official pilot, she has taken part in several major battles. One of her most famous ones was Operation Tenax where she flew in a gunboat alongside her father before she was even legal age. This feat attracted Emperor Charon's attention, and got her a one way ticket to the Academy, two years before you could legally even be considered.

Imperial Career

When she was fourteen, Mara joined the Imperial Academy and graduated at the top of her class with full honors. She allegedly broke several records including youngest cadet, quickest training, and highest marks. The previous record for marks was held by her father at 97%. Her graduation ceremony was overseen by Admiral Overmind himself, the Naval Commanding Officer (NCO). With the Emperor's approval, she became a Flight Corporal (FCPL) and was assigned to the 2nd Imperial Sector Fleet.

During this time, Mara allegedly participated in the Kappax Conflict. Few records survive regarding her role in this non-Imperial operation. What few records remain show that Mara and her father Adam answered a distress call from the Ubrikkian Corporation and eventually launched an unauthorized mission to rescue the wife of the organization's leader. While Adam fought on the ground in a prototype tank, Mara flew cover for him in her Gunboat.

Later, in the Merc-Out Campaign, Mara flew as her father's wing-mate in the final battle and assisted in disabling a pirate-affiliated Tabder-class Heavy Hauler and helping fight off the enemy fighters inside it until the Sentinel shuttles docked and captured it.

It was around this time that her father Adam was seized by General Zarlock of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) and Director Voor of Imperial Intelligence (II) for their own ends. During this time, Victor von Ismay betrayed Adam while he had his comlink turned on and Danii was listening on the other end. The Empire did not know this, or that she knew. Immediately Mara and her mother went to ground and just minutes before Voor tried to round them up they were evacuated from Corellia by the leader of the Ubrikkian Corporation whose wife Adam had saved in the Kappax Conflict. He evacuated them to their world until it was safe for them to return. Meanwhile Voor killed two innocent civilians, thinking it was Mara and Danii. Charon wasn't pleased when he found out. When Charon cleared it up Adam called them via the holonet and they returned.

Mara was part of a flight of six TIE Interceptors — including Mario Drakon, Siather Det'aan, Evax, Adam Diggins, and Dracono Tarilles — that flew escort for the fleet officers visiting the naval banquet at Kuat. The TIEs used smoke trails to create an Imperial emblem in the sky. During this maneuver, Mara performed better then her father who made a slight screw-up. When they landed, she went with them to the banquet, serving as Saither's date there, and in the process managing to meet several intoxicated Imperial officials.

Operation Beta

When the 2nd Sector Fleet (2SF) were called to serve in the upcoming Battle of Beta, the three best personnel were selected. Mara was one of the three chosen, along with Dracono Tarilles and her father Adam Diggins. Mara allegedly flew her own squadron at Beta. Her father was in command of the 2SF forces and stationed aboard the VSD Immortal. Mara flew a TIE interceptor squadron into the battle and suffered no losses. When the battle was complete, Mara attended the grand ceremony aboard the commanding ISD. There Mara, along with the rest of the fleet, were presented with awards by Emperor Greyson Uebles and Dark Jedi Master Vodo Bonias. She was promoted to FOF.

Later Mara traveled to Coruscant with her father and enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation time on the planet while her father attended to ImIn matters. She then returned with him to Corellia.

Due to political intrigues within the Imperial High Command, the dying 2nd Sector Fleet (2SF) was combined with 2AF to form the Second Imperial fleet. This threw the sector navy into chaos but, like many other chaotic situations, Mara handled it well. When the new Imperial Sector Naval Headquarters was constructed, Mara applied for head of security and received the position.

To this day Adam doesn't understand her reasoning behind it, but guesses it has something to do with her sadistic tendencies that Vodo has been encouraging and her chances to use them on prisoners of war. During this period of change her father became wing commander of the fleet instead of pursuing a fleet command. Mara took his place and gained command of the VSD Inquisitor along with a promotion to Ensign.

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