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The Ministry of Engineering of the Falleen Federation is the governing body for all matters pertaining to Industry and Commerce in the Federation.

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The Ministry of Engineering is the lifeblood of the Federation. Creating infrastructure, producing both domestic goods, commercial speeder, as well as various military applications.


The Department of Construction (DOC) is responsible for the design and construction of all planetside civilian, industrial, commercial, and most military facilities throughout Federation territory. DOC remains responsible for the management of those structures until the building process is complete and the new facility can be turned over to its occupant. The Department devotes an entire section to workforce logistics because it maintains its own engineers and laborers who must be fed, housed, and transported to each job site.

The Secretary of Construction heads the DOC and answers to the Minister of Engineering and the Deputy Minister. The Secretary is often assisted by Project Managers who take the lead on any project of major importance.

Successful mass urbanization and colonization efforts in the Dufilvian Sector can be attributed to the forethought, drive, and ingenuity of the Department. The planet Tarrelu in the Kanopis system is a testament to what can be accomplished by a strong and independent people. If it is any indication, then future DOC activities should continue to exceed expectations and dazzle the galaxy.


The Department of Manufacturing coordinates all item, droid, and vehicle production for the Falleen Federation. Its engineers work alongside material experts from Falleen Resource Contracts and master craftsmen from Falleen Naval Contracts to produce only the finest and most durable goods. Both ground and space-based factories are utilized.

Manufacturing also manages contract oversight and product inventory for all items purchased from factions outside of Federation territory. Corporations interested in doing business should contact the Minister of Engineering, or alternately, open first contact with the Department of Diplomacy in the Ministry of State

Material Logistics

The Department of Material Logistics is responsible for the transport of the raw materials (RM) for the Falleen Federation. RM is the stuff that things are made of and the Federation has an insatiable appetite for it. Transportation of all material is a joint operation between the logistics pilots of the Department of Construction and the material miners of Falleen Resource Contracts. To ensure large quantities and on time deliveries, the Federation is equipped with some of the most advanced space transport technology in the galaxy.


Bulk Freighte

Hyperspeed: 4

Sublight Speed: 20 MGLT

Weight Cap: 100,000 T

Volume Cap: 135,000 m³


Hardcell Class Transport

Hyperspeed: 4

Sublight Speed: 25 MGLT

Weight Cap: 200,000 T

Volume Cap: 400,000 m³


PModular Star Hauler

Hyperspeed: 2

Sublight Speed: 20 MGLT

Weight Cap: 250,000 T

Volume Cap: 3,000,000 m³


Tabder-class Heavy Hauler

Hyperspeed: 1

Sublight Speed: 20 MGLT

Weight Cap: 1,000,000 T

Volume Cap: 18,500,000 m³

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