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Dac (Mon Calamari)
System Calamari (System)
Sector Calamari (Sector)
Galactic Coordinates (430, 245)
System Coordinates (10, 8)
Astrographic Entry
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: ocean, swamp
Rotational Period 21 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 398 local days [1]
Population 5,926,334 inhabitants
Controlled By Tenloss Syndicate
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races Mon Calamari Homeworld, Quarren Homeworld


Indigenous home to both the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, arch enemies from times predating space travel itself, Mon Calamari remains a planet with a relatively peaceful surface despite the turmoil beneath the waves. Atop the waves of Mon Calamari float the great cities, built long ago by the Mon Calamari and under constant threat from the Quarren. Native algae sacks provide nutrition for many life forms, and are harvested and shipped offworld to meet the needs of aquatic species across the galaxy.

In fact, much of the solid landmass on Mon Calamari is not a part of the crust of the planet, but is in fact merely coagulated floating algae that has hardened after centuries of not being harvested. Serving as further proof that the algae trade is what brought Mon Calamari into the greater galactic community, nearly all of the cities on the planet's surface are devoted to mining, and a large percentage of the population works to harvest the green bacteria.

Mon Calamari was the name given to the planet by Human explorers from the Galactic Republic who first discovered and revealed the world to the rest of the galaxy. The native species referred to the planet as Dac. The planet was a shining bluish-white orb from space, due to its ocean-covered surface. [1]

The cities on the planet, such as New Coral City, were built on the surface of the ocean. The Mon Calamari Shipyards were a very important part of the economy. [1]


The Mon Calamari lived comfortably on the surface and below while the Quarren lived in the depths of the oceans. The massive Whaladons meddled little in governmental affairs, swimming in their pods and protected from hunting by law.[1]

In 4,500 BCGT, the Quarren made war with the Mon Calamari, but the Mon Calamari won the war, resulting in the near-extinction of the Quarren. The Mon Calamari raised the next generation of Quarren themselves, teaching them Mon Calamari values. [1]

The planet was discovered in 4,166 BBY, by that time its inhabitants have already been exploring nearby star systems for several years. In 532 BBY, many Quarren and Mon Calamari were taken as laborers to Lamaredd. The planet was one of many where podracing became popular. [1]

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