Mouse Woodlake

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Mouse Woodlake

Firespeeder Pilot.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Born Year 13 Day 220
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Rescue Ops
Rank Leader

Mouse Woodlake was an Alderaanian male responsible for creating the Galactic Rescue Ops which transported stranded citizens from all sides of the war throughout the galaxy.


From an early age, Mouse Woodlake had a yearning for travelling amongst the stars thanks to growing up near the Alderaan spaceports.

Frequenting the Blue Moon Cantina, Mouse became acquainted with a whole host of characters from all walks of life such as Revan Jones, who became Mouse's most trusted friend during many adventures in the early years. In later years, Mouse would reconnect and work with his longtime ally James Ices.

Dedicating his life to helping the less fortunate citizens of the galaxy, Mouse Woodlake formed the Galactic Rescue Ops. In his free time, Mouse was an avid gamer, virtually hosting many games such as the Caption Contest, Treasure Hunt and the Creature Battling Tournament. Mouse also proved to be a talented trader, amassing a net trading record of over one billion credits.

The Galactic Rescue Ops

Mouse Woodlake founded the Galactic Rescue Ops on Day 222 while on the planet of Naboo. Starting with just a YT-1300, Mouse decided to assist the galaxy's populace by providing a much needed transportation service. This project involved picking up any stranded sentient from anywhere in the galaxy and taking to them to their desired location free of charge.

As well as the primary objective of transport, Mouse also designed the Galactic Rescue Ops to offer financial aid to any new citizen in the daunting universe.

Though a newcomer to the galactic scene he gained immediate notice for his bold approach and daring in rescuing from planets, ships and stations. He received broad support in building up his enterprise, and then in Year 14 he would become a Galactic chartered corporation with full benefits. Mouse was surprised at the reception that GRO received from others. With over 45 people sending in donations, Mouse had enough capital to maximise the services provided by the Galactic Rescue Ops. Being a neutral entity in the galactic conflict, all groups ranging from Jedi's to Imperials have been helped at some point. Based on the gear worn by the ground crews at the Alderaanian Spaceport, Mouse is always seen in the official uniform of GRO and goes by the rank of Captain.

The headquarters of GRO is currently located at two space stations in the Denab system. All official vessels can be found here emblazoned in the red and white colours of the organisation.

During his travels, Mouse also meet many talented and generous people willing to give their time for the Galactic Rescue Ops. Tahkee Noie was the first to join his cause, quickly becoming the Second in Command for GRO. Alyva Roscoe also became an integral part of the organisation, transporting passengers just like Mouse. With these three at the head of GRO, it was on the first day of year 14 that the Galactic Rescue Ops became a fully-fledged organization. As travelling the galaxy was often a lonely task, Mouse was very glad to find Alyva Roscoe. Mistaking his feelings of companionship for love, Mouse proposed to Alyva on the tranquil world of Naboo. Though she accepted the proposal, the marriage never came to be and they split amicably.

Mouse, Alyva & Tahkee in a GNS Broadcast.

As an organization lasting five months, the Galactic Rescue Ops grew to an organisation with ten workers, helping over 100 people. During this time, both Tahkee and Alyva moved on to other ventures. Towards the end, Mouse found that the administration side of the organization was affecting the primary objectives of GRO and thus, was disbanded. Despite this, Mouse still picked up stranded citizens for a number of months after this.

Beyond GRO

To this day, Mouse continues to be the leader of the Galactic Rescue Ops, though active rescue operations had ceased for a few years due to a extended job on the financial world of Telerath. Here he met the former pilot Casper Alask who would later become his boyfriend after many adventures together. These two enjoyed roaming the stars together during Mouse’s hiatus. Upon becoming active in the galaxy again, they formed the ‘’’Waypoint Plaza’’’ together.

Based on Togoria, the Waypoint Plaza is a Welcome and Information Point for all citizens that are starting out their journey in the galaxy. It contains a Medical Centre, a Hunting Training Course, Taxi Speeders and a Transport Hub offering free Y-wing BTL-S3s to those that need one. The focal point is the Togorian Traveller Diner, a local restaurant offering good food, good company and rare artwork.

As the Waypoint Plaza could be operated remotely, Mouse also spends his time scouting for lost civilisations.


When it came to ships, the only factor that was important to Mouse was speed. Due to his role within the Galactic Rescue Ops, he found himself continually travelling around the galaxy, barely stepping foot on the planets that he visited. Because of this, Mouse made the interior of his ships as roomy and comfortable as possible for both himself and his passenger’s benefit.

Painting all his ships in the neutral colour scheme of red and white, Mouse also removed as much weaponry as possible to convey the message to any system defense force that he meant no harm. Mouse also spent a lot of time tinkering with the ship while on long hyperspace journeys, often creating and dismantling the blast doors out of habit.

One of his favourite ships was the original YT-1300 that started his career; The Combined Spirit. This was soon replaced as Mouse's main vessel by the YT-2000 The United Freedom thanks to its faster engines and better hyperdrive.

The United Freedom & The Combined Spirit