Murishani Medical Modifications

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Murishani Medical Modifications
Murishani Medical Modifications Logo.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Mua`Dib Xarda
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 29
Political Information
Affiliation Murishani unubunko
Industry Medical Service


There are times when flesh can be weak. Muscles snap and bones break. Times where a hunter must rely upon more than the mere basic instincts. When one finds themselves lost in the world against opponents beyond their skill and grace we invite them to come to us. We will replace your weakness with a strength unlike ever seen before. We will train, we will teach and we will cultivate durasteel and flesh to bend like one. We will modify and you be stronger than ever before. Put yourself in our capable hands and become the hunter you were meant to be. We will provide you with the best training and skilled doctors to see that you are well-taken care of. We will provide all we can for those who put their lives in our hands. We are Murishani and we live by a code of honour that would not let any harm come to our patients. Our cybernetics will succeed where your genetics have failed.


  • Murishani Medical Modifications Banner.jpg (Year 16)