Mytaranor (Sector)

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Mytaranor Sector.gif
General information
RegionMid Rim
Controlled ByNew Republic
Astrographic EntryMytaranor

The Mytaranor sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim.


The Mytaranor sector was located in the Mid Rim, in the region known as the Slice. This sector bordered the Lantillian, Taldot, Kastolar, Trax, and Terr'skiar sectors. The sector featured several trade routes such as the Randon Run, which connected the Perlemian Trade Route to Randon; the Ootmian Pabol, linking Randon to the Hutt capital of Nal Hutta; and others. The Thornhedge Nebula, which formed from the remains of the Kyyr system after it went supernova, forms part of the boundary between this sector and the Terr'skiar sector.

The Mytaranor sector was the center of the "Kashyyyk Region", which contains five other sectors, four of which border the Mytaranor. The Kashyyyk system, aside from being a trade hub at the intersection of six hyperspace routes, was home to two native species: the Wookiees of Kashyyyk, and the Trandoshans of Trandosha. Kashyyyk was a planet of giant wroshyr trees covering all land a kilometer in from the shores. The Wookiees themselves were a hair-covered mammalian species who made their homes on the treetops and on the shores. The Trandoshans were a lizard-like reptilian species.[1]


System Position Planets Population Controller
Messert (245, 75) 8 50,146,412,401 New Republic
Eberon (224, 93) 6 543,305,066 New Republic
Ota (230, 63) 5 1,126,869,392 New Republic
Randon (235, 62) 25 199,515,504 New Republic
Chamble (212, 103) 9 743,084,197 New Republic
Kashyyyk (210, 90) 12 813,961,413 New Republic
Rakhuuun (220, 78) 7 1,523,243,306 New Republic
Tholatin (238, 88) 10 27,787,892,420 New Republic