Naeisha Aldaine

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Naeisha Aldaine
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Adreene Aldaine
Father Isaias Aldaine
Born Year -11 Day 256 (Age: 26)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.70 Meters
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation



Naeisha at the age of two.

Naeisha Trene Aldaine was born on the ecumenopolis of Coruscant to parents Adreene and Isaias Aldaine in Year -11, Day 256. Her mother was a simple secretary and a fledgling artist. When afforded time, she would sing songs or be caught painting the cityscape around her. Isaias on the other hand was a reclusive man whom maintained his own store on a major avenue of their district. He was a drunk and would frequently be found at a local bar or passed out at home. Despite her parent's financial stability, Naeisha's home environment was nothing less than a war-zone. Frequent arguments made up some of the earliest memories the young Hapan would remember. Seldom did the altercations turn physical, however when they did the young girl would lock herself in her room and turn on music. It was an escape, as she would lock her door. Nobody truly knew what she was doing, save for the obvious guess of dancing. Giving light to her tremendous creativity, Naeisha would bring her parents together for family story time. It was some of the only peace she would experience in her early life.

However in Year 1 things took a turn for the worse, her volatile home life climaxed in the separation of her parents. Her father kicked out both Adreene and Naeisha. Only twelve years of age, her and her mother would try and make the best of their situation. Due to Adreene's financial security, the pair quickly booked an apartment some distance away from their old one. It was calming to know that they would be away from Isaias. Even after a traumatic childhood, the young girl was turning into a fine young woman. Graduating from school with grades just below honours, she was thrust into the working world. Her first job was a waitress at a local restaurant, a job she held until she decided to leave Coruscant.

By this time, Naeisha's life seemed fulfilled. There was a steady paycheck coming in from her mediocre job, along with a nice social life. A few times she tried to get her own apartment in the same district as her mother, however each time the thought was shot down by both herself and her mother. Since the breakup of Adreene and Isaias, Naeisha and her mother have clung to one another in desperate times of need. It seemed silly for one to move away from the other at that time, as they were each others best friends. Despite the feelings between the two however, Naeisha felt it was soon time to leave and forge her own path in the galaxy.

One morning in Year 8, Naeisha woke up and with plans in mind. The woman, now 19 years of age, packed her things up and left her mother a note which was placed on the common room table. The note read - Mom, I just want you to know I love you. I will forever hold you in my heart, but I must chase my dreams, my destiny. Forever yours, -Naeisha. Before having second doubts, the she left her apartment - her comfort zone - for a broadened horizon.

Leaving Coruscant

A young Naeisha leaving to find her own path.

One thing was certain, Naeisha wished to leave Coruscant. However the means to do so did not present themselves yet. Being from the lower districts of the city-planet, smuggling and other vices were common. The star ports served as the nerve center for many of these operations. The particular star port that Naeisha visited to seek passage off of the planet was no different. Upon entering she looked around, astonished that this is what a day in the life of a free person was. With a limited amount of credits in her pocket, she sparingly ate or drank while searching for passage off the planet. However, when only confronted with offers of prostitution and servitude, the she lost hope. It was when a Hutt by the name of Juura Nasirii Tuaaba approached her. To reasons beyond her own level of comprehension, the Hutt took interest in Naeisha - even describing her has a confidant upon leaving. Without her help, the Naeisha could have most likely remained stranded on Coruscant. Weary of the Hutt's intentions at first, she struck up conversation. Shortly after realising that this was her one shot to get off the plant, Naeisha boarded the transport. Aboard a ship that Juura arranged for Naeisha, the pilot directed it to lift from the planet's surface and into space. Now truly free from the bonds of her old life, she faced a new chapter with optimism. During this time on a transport to whoever-knows-where, the young woman began to quench her unstoppable thirst for knowledge, information, and social acceptance.

Frequently talking to the other passengers aboard the ship, Naeisha heard first-hand experiences of some of the galaxy's most exotic and outlandish planets. Captivated by one planet in particular, Hapes. The ancestral homeland of her race, the capital of the Hapes Consortium and known to be isolationist and xenophobic. Despite the isolated nature of the planet and the Hapes Cluster in general, the young woman found a plethora of knowledge located on the galactic database. Here it was she learned the planet was much unlike Coruscant. Spared the pollution and over-population, Hapes was not a ecumenopolis like her homeworld. This particularly striked Naeisha as strange. Subsequently she learned about the beautiful nature located on Hapes, the fountain palace, and the entire governmental structure of the Consortium. This was the beginning of the thirst for knowledge and understanding that would come to dominate her early life. Feeling high on life as she described it upon disembarking the transport.


Upon looking around, Naeisha had no clue where she was. One slightly important detail she failed to gather: What was the shuttle's destination? Being resourceful, she asked around and eventually gathered that she was on Nar Shaddaa, a decaying, congested city-planet ran by smugglers. In many ways the planet was like Coruscant, however it completely lacked any sort of law or law enforcement. Making this a dangerous destination for a young woman. For any sort of transaction, especially on a planet renown for it's greed, Credits are needed. With her pocketbook lacking Credits, the obvious choice of action would be to find work of some sort - which is exactly what Naeisha did. Not having to go far to search for it, she became employed by the very same star port that her recently arrived shuttle landed in. From Year 8 to Year 13, Naeisha lived and worked on Nar Shaddaa with little to no incident. As luck would have it, that particular part of the planet was less lawless than it's counterparts. It was during this time that Naeisha happened to have made friends with one of the most unlikely of sentients. Halle Sceon, a Kaminoan, was both Naeisha's neighbour and go-to medic during her time on Nar Shaddaa. Later Halle would be contacted by an established Naeisha to become her full time doctor.

In the early days of Year 14, a desperate merchant arrived in the star port. His ship was damaged, caused by the shear lack of maintenance and repairs. He was frantic, having to make a shipment to a distant planet in record time. Naeisha struck a deal with the man, she would personally pay for the repairs herself if he would agree to take her to wherever he was heading. The merchant running out of options hesitantly agreed. In no time, the merchant's ship was ready for takeoff and so was Naeisha. Having a solemn goodbye with her former boss, Nae boarded the ship and made herself at home. It was a quick flight to the destination, whom she learned was a planet named Malicar.

Hedonistic Pleasures

"I'm a beautiful sinner, it's such a work of art."
— Naeisha Aldaine
Naeisha's photoshoot to promote her club - Club Purgatory.

After arriving on Malicar, memory began to get more than a little fuzzy. It wasn't long before Naeisha ran into the criminal underground of the planet. During this time period in her life, the young Hapan woman bounced from establishment to establishment - living on satisfying her pleasures. Dabbling in ryll, alcohol and gambling. Naeisha could be found in various venues of an unsavory nature. With an acute pleasure for dancing and singing, she would frequently pit herself on the stage whilst in the midst of a ryll high or alcoholic buzz. As she grew, and months passed, the Hapan would begin to curve the hectic lifestyle she had become accustomed to. No longer taking massive amounts of ryll until she passed out, she slowly began to prioritise her life. Upon an epiphany, Naeisha decided she just wished to be happy in the galaxy. How that would come about, even she didn't know.

Still in contact with Juura The Hutt, a personal confidant of the troubled youth, she began to confide in the corpulent being. Juura spoke of following your heart as humanoids have a Short life span. However blunt the statement, Naeisha took it to heart. As such, she began to branch out and attempt to make more friends then usual. Whatever irritation came from it, the Hapan was very social and enjoyed to talk to people and meet new sentients. Using this to her advantage, Naeisha began to forge contacts and friendships that would undoubtedly help her achieve her happiness that she was searching for.

It was not long until her happiness was found in an opportunity in which the Hapan delighted. A nightclub, to be exact. Club Purgatory, a club that caters to the galaxy's elite, the top of the social hierarchy. Construction swiftly began on the club, which Naeisha financed herself but doesn't give insight as to how. Even the location is withheld by the owner and many of the high-rollers that attend. Through this club she expressed herself, another facet for her personality to shine through. Recently coming out of a rough-patch in her life, Naeisha was sure to stay away from one of the many narcotics offered to the customers. Friends noticed a stark change in attitude and personality. She was finally on the upswing to being happy.

Enter the Count

A few months passed from the opening of Club Purgatory, which were mostly uneventful. Naeisha worked tirelessly to maintain contacts already established. However, she was becoming rather bored with the strict schedule she was on. The Hapan began to dabble in reporting and journalistic ventures. A few well placed calls later, Nae sat down with Kimberly Tylger and later Alexander von Ismay. The latter interview spawned a personal relationship between Naeisha and Alexander. It quickly blossomed into a romance. The two socialites were spotted jet setting around the Galaxy to vacation at the most exclusive of locations. Spotted from the beaches of Malicar to the glittering world of Coruscant, and most locations in between.

Eventually the couple decided to make a return trip to their mutually shared homeworld of Coruscant. The trip served as a culture shock for both Naeisha and Alexander, each coming from two very different upbringings. During the trip the pair visited Adreene, who was still living in the same rundown apartment from Naeisha's childhood. With a consensus from both Alexander and Naeisha, Adreene's things were packed up and moved to Casterly Rock (Iego Moon G) - her soon-to-be new home. Adreene having some initial reservations eventually agreed. Naeisha was beyond happy with getting her mother out of the crime ridden lower levels.

As time passed the couple grew closer together, soon becoming inseparable. Where there was one the other was soon to follow. In the privacy of Casterly Rock, before a costume party that was being hosted there the following day, Alexander proposed to Naeisha. Soon after Naeisha realised she was pregnant during a routine check-up with her private doctor. The news was overwhelming in itself, piled onto the planning of the wedding. In a few days time, Naeisha's lifestyle completely changed. Ultimately the engagement concluded with the marriage of the couple on Malicar in Year 14, Day 345. Their honeymoon took place on the pleasure planet of Zeltros, home to the Zeltrons. Naeisha was curious as this was an entirely different culture than what she was accustomed to. A fan of colour, she dragged either Alexander or her assistants around to different shopping venues - taking full advantage of their time on the planet.

After many fun-filled weeks on Zeltros, the couple's honeymoon came to a close. It was after their return home that Alexander was named Dark Prince of Black Sun. However, this brought very minor changes to Naeisha's daily life. Sometime after she was contacted by a dear friend, Varlathotep Al`Jormungandr Ragnvaldansson von Ismay, about possibly joining her on a new business venture. Naeisha was excited, it seemed the past few months have been a first of many things. In Year 15, Day 1 she officially joined Eclipse Droidworks as it's Second in Command, one day after it's creation. Although her role was dominantly administrative, she would take time to visit the factories and personally check up on the status of many projects.

Starting Over

Naeisha arriving on Falleen Prime.

A new chapter opened in Naeisha's life as her marriage began to decline. Alexander, named Dark Prince some time beforehand, had began to grow darker and darker with the force. A rift was caused between the couple, leading to problems with communication. One day she packed her things into her Horizon Star Yacht Weeping Willow and left after a swift goodbye. Adreene, who had moved into Casterly Rock, followed suit and moved back to Coruscant. Naeisha was rather heartbroken and lost with what to do, Alexander had been her focus for some time. Deep down she knew she was doing the right thing. Taking off, she drifted in space for a few days in an attempt to figure out what she was going to do next. Resigning from her position in Eclipse, she looked for a new home for both her and her unborn child. Confiding in Kimberly Tylger who has grown to be a dear friend of her's, she set course for Falleen Prime. She had heard of the Falleen Federation before but never imagined she would be joining their ranks.

After a relatively short trip in hyper, Naeisha's ship touched down at her destination. Both her and her things were unloaded from the ship and ushered to her new home - an apartment in one of the many high-rises that dot the cityscape. It was clean, well maintained and orderly but it reminded her all too much of her days on Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa, something in which that she had grown unaccustomed to. However, she did find an escape in her work. Becoming employed at the Falleen Federation's Ministry of State gave her plenty to focus on during an uncertain time of change. Conforming to a new lifestyle and culture did surprisingly come easily to Naeisha however, finding great interest in both Falleen history and custom.