Natasha Fox

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Natasha Fox-Starbreeze
Natasha Fox Cybernetic.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Baylee Fox
Father George Fox
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kahlan Starbreeze
Born Year 0 Day 117
Quote Do not get on my dark side
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5’ 4” (1.62 meters)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Right Blue Left Red (cybernetic)
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate

Natasha Fox was born on Year 0 Day 117 to Baylee and George Fox. She grew up to be someone that you did not want to mess with. She has a nasty right hook and is not afraid to use it, but she is force sensitive and would prefer to do harm unnoticed.


Natasha is known for having an expression always on her face to a do not mess with me, it was similar to what was commonly known as resting bitch face. This went with her personality of do not expect to be able to mess with me and win, or if I see something I care about being messed with then watch out. Once you got to know her though she becomes a softy that will still stand up for what she believes in, when needed. If you get to know her really well then you become one of those things she believes in and will stand up for you.


Natasha Fox was born Year 0 Day 117 to George and Baylee Fox. Her parents were part of the CorSec in which they helped protect the laws of Corellia and the people. As Natasha Grew up, she learned how to fight and protect herself that by the time she was 10 she could lay a punch and make it hurt. She was not one to be messed with if she was standing up for something. As CorSec grew Natasha found that her parents were given tasks that not only were to protect the planet but to protect the other planets of the system. This caucused he parents to take up piloting jobs. When Natasha was 10, she asked if she could come along on some of those missions. When she was on some of these missions she learned how to pilot. When Natasha was 16, she took a job with the local ship building organizations as a test pilot to help hone her skills. She tested ships form all sizes, some that almost blow up and some that works better than expected. When Natasha was 18, she decided that she wanted to explore the galaxy so she left Corellia and explored the grater galaxy. On Year 20 Day 344 Natasha found an advertisement for the Tion Hegemony government and decided to join up.


Tion Hegemony

As a member of Tion Hegemony Natasha did some patrolling and some combat. After only being there about a month she was found out to be in the field testing her combat skills. While out on the field she did not have any communication wither her commanding officer as she was unsure if her communication device worked or not. After being annoyed for not getting any work she left Tion Hegemony and joined Bando Gora on Year 21 Day 133

Bando Gora

Natasha joined Bando Gora’s legion as it was more fitting for her. It did offer her the time to be around other people with dark minds even if only some of them were force sensitive. She was assigned to Stygian Guards. She proved herself there but only after about 6 weeks she found herself fired from Bando Gora, but immediately found out that she had a home with Order of the One Sith in their 1st Fleet of their Sith Armada. On Year 21 Day 210 while on a trip to Serroco Natasha was arrested in a cue to take over the faction by Kaze Zill and Morgan Sathel. She was eventually released later that day but the faction was a shell of its former glory that just two days later it was dissolved. Without a place to work she joined up with Trade Federation on Year 21 Day 214

Trade Federation

Natasha joined the Ministry of Defense’s Joint Defense Fleet where she hopes to climb up through the ranks. She climbed the ladder to the point where she became an XO. Missing being on the ground, she spent most of her time in ships so on Year 22 Day 194 she decided to leave and peruse her own thing

  • Y21 D214 --- Crewman
  • Y21 D280 --- Flight Corporal
  • Y21 D318 --- Flight Sergeant
  • Y22 D24 --- Chief Flight Sergeant
  • Y22 D136 --- Second Lieutenant
  • Y22 D194 --- Resigned

Cantrell Conglomerate

Natasha herd of organizations that were looking for help with the local criminal population of the galaxy, so she joined up with Cantrell Conglomerate and help them take some out. She traveled the galaxy gathering information on bounties. On Year 22 Day 346 Natasha became one of the great master bounty hunters of the galaxy.


Rosa Thorne

After being with Tion Hegemony for a few days, Natasha went to a local bar where she met Rosa Thorne, cute ebony women and they hit it off. This caused Natasha to keep coming back night after night to see if she was there and she keep coming back. They decided to become partners, and take things to the next level. Their jobs keep them apart from being together, so they keep their relationship to a long distance one. It did not last though as the long term did not work out so after 100 days it was over.

Julie Foley

Natasha was depressed at the break up between Rosa Thorne and herself. She knew it was the right choice but it did not make her feel better. In her off time to cope with it she went to local bars and got drinks. Over time she got to see who decided to show at the bars and hit on her most failed, men were not her thing. After about 100 days a beautiful girl came up to her by the name of Julie Foley. They talked for a bit and they hit it off. After meeting a few times, they decided to make it a thing. They had been making it a thing until Julie Foley felt that it was time to end it and put her efforts into her work.

Kahlan Starbreeze

Natasha and Kahlen.png

Natasha had been alone for a year when she was out looking for some information and saw a beautiful redhead. The redhead happened to be Kahlan Starbreeze. They hit it off and started seeing each other occasionally. When Year 23 started they became more serious. Natasha got a place to call home instead of constantly traveling the galaxy. On day 90 Natasha asked Kahlan to marry her to which she said yes. On Day 127 they agreed to tie the knot.

The Force

On Year 21 day 35 Natasha thought she saw something float as if she was using the force. this caused her to get tested and was proven to be force sensitive. This caused her to take on a journey to gather all of the parts for her lightsaber. This brought her out in the field to test her combat skills, it also tested her ability to navigate, and test her ability to attune. She was ready to construct her lightsaber but was not connected to the force well enough she trained. On Year 21 Day 209 she constructed her lightsaber.


Lightsaber handle.png

The lightsaber is a black and red lightsaber that on the emitter was four spikes that could be used even when the blade was not out. Above the switch was a knurled section. Just below that was the switch with a window that showed the glow of the red crystal. At the bottom were two rings that looked like two thick gears had been attached to it with the bottom one being the bottom of the lightsaber.