Kahlan Starbreeze

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Ht: 1.75 meters,
Wt: 56.7 kg, athletic build,
Red Hair 
Blue eyes.
Race: Corellian
Age 25
Born -11/2/16
Home city; Coronet 

Kahlan is the youngest of 4 siblings; she has 1 sister, Nikki, and 2 brothers Kyle and Ian. Sadly her mother died giving birth to her. Kahlan and her siblings were raised by their father Dexter Kahlan grew up on Corellia watching and detesting the Empire's actions, knowing that no matter how much they said they were there for our protection their action put it all to a lie. Always considered a tom-boy because she would have no qualms about getting down and dirty or getting into a fight protecting those smaller or weaker than her from the bullies. From an early age Kahlan had a love for flying, on a number of occasions’ her father would take her to work at CORSEC and taught her how to be a pilot, and a few repairs when needed. When she was 10 both of her brothers were conscripted into the Imperial army. At age 16 Kahlan watched as her father was taken into Imperial custody, he was tried and convicted of a murder he did not commit. Although she knows the chances of finding and seeing her father again is slim she still hold onto the hope that one day she will.

Kahlan's first experience away from Corellia was with the Freedom Warriors, under the command of Wuma Uxal-Lumir. There she leaned the concepts of team work on the frozen planet of Elrood. It was there she also give her first responsibility as a squadron leader. While it was a happy time for her it was short lived. A year later she found herself adrift and looking for a new home. That home would be found with the Falleen Federation. It did not take long as she quickly found herself busy producing ships for the Falleen Naval contracts.