Kahlan Starbreeze

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Kahlan Starbreeze
Kahlan Redo.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Breu
Father Dexter
Marital Status Spoken for
Partner Natasha Fox
Siblings 3 (sister Nikki: brothers Ian, Kyle)
Born Year -11 Day 82
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5’ 10” (1.8 meters)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Current Cantrell Conglomerate
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation, Freedom Warriors


Always considered a tom-boy because she would have no qualms about getting down and dirty or getting into a fight protecting those smaller or weaker than her from the bullies.


Kahlan is the youngest of 4 siblings; she has 1 sister, Nikki, and 2 brothers Kyle and Ian. Sadly her mother died giving birth to her. Kahlan and her siblings were raised by their father Dexter.

Kahlan grew up on Corellia watching and detesting the Empire's actions, knowing that no matter how much they said they were there for our protection their action put it all to a lie.

From an early age Kahlan had a love for flying, on a number of occasions’ her father would take her to work at CORSEC and taught her how to be a pilot, and a few repairs when needed. When she was 10 both of her brothers were conscripted into the Imperial army.

At age 16 Kahlan watched as her father was taken into Imperial custody, he was tried and convicted of a murder he did not commit. Although she knows the chances of finding and seeing her father again is slim she still hold onto the hope that one day she will.


Freedom Warriors

For a short time Kahlan was a member of the Freedom Warriors. Under the tutelage of Commander Wuma Uxal-Lumir and fellow member Sirch Tharlaw, her piloting skills were honed and she quickly became a squadron leader. One of her first assignments was to scout for systems that had not been discovered. At first she found it to be exciting, but that excitement drained after months of coming up empty.

Towards the end of her tenor with the Warriors she was sent on an escort mission. She was to escort Jedi Master Onasha Katr to the Falleen Federation for the coronation of King Jado Dur`rik. There she met Junta Vosh. It was Junta that got her to realizing that there was more out there to achieve. Soon after she resigned her position with the Warriors.

Falleen Federation

Not long after parting ways with the Freedom Warriors, Kahlan found her way to the Falleen Federation. There she met Jonpas Auditore the director of Falleen Naval Contracts. She worked under him for roughly over two years producing ships for the Federation and their allies. She was a quick study and quickly found herself promoted. She started out as a Recruit and rose to eventually the Director when Jonpas stepped down.

Kahlan accepted the duties of Director and managed the position for two years. While she excelled at the job, she felt she was becoming stagnate. She missed being behind flight controls. She spoke with King Dur'rik and accepted a Lateral Pormotion to Admiral with the Falleen Federation Ministry of Defense.

For the next two years she worked along side of Lord Commander Tyriss Haxim and Chancellor, Xanust Sizhran, to reorganize the Fleet. At the time most of the fleet was still bunched at the births from which they were constructed. She also over saw training recruits, both fleet and ground forces. A strict training regiment was developed to help build and strengthen both arms of the Falleen Federation Ministry.

She did greatly enjoy her work with the FDF, but she started to feel a pull. A pull to go out and do something for herself. When she resigned her Commission it was bittersweet. She was happy that she was going to work for herself, but sad in that she was leaving her home for the past six years.

Independent Work

While working with-in Falleen Naval Contracts, Kahlan started her own side project of producing ships. Using her own resource she built up a small network of Shipyards. They spread across several sectors that originally consisted of three Shipyard I's and two Shipyard II's. It was through her side business she came into contact with Avelyn ca Vella. Avelyn helped Kahlan realize what she really wanted. What she wanted was to work for herself but help other as she chose. It took a little time to work up the courage to take the steps needed to do that. It would also mean leaving her home with the Falleen Federation, which she did.

It was not until around Year 22 day 90 that she would come up with a name for her company Red Star Industries.

Red Star Industries is still a growing company, that currently only operates in two sectors, Doldur and Fath.

Cantrell Conglomerate

Kahlan joined Orbital Research and Design soon after leaving the Federation. There she immediately found herself at home. It was there she was introduced to a wonderful group that really made her feel a part of a family. In a very short time after arriving at Ord Cantrell she got to really know Avelyn ca Vella and met Sadie de Chatillon, Harmonia de Chatillon, Tanis de Chatillon and Lara Navos, in there own ways Kahlan felt like they were sisters. It was also were she found love. She met a fellow Corellian named Natasha Fox.

She could run Red Star Industries as she wanted and take transport jobs as she wanted.


Natasha Fox

Natasha and Kahlen.png

A few months after joining The Cantrell Conglomerate Kahlan met Natasha Fox. The more they spoke the more Kahlan wanted to get to know more about Natasha. Almost a year to the day she came to Ord Cantrell, Kahlan and Natasha began seeing each other, dating here and there but never making it official. Four months later Kahlan changed that asking Natasha if she was interested in being exclusive.


Along with having a small ship production company Kahlan also has a love for collecting ships. From small fighters to big Capitol ships she did and still does like adding to her ever growing collection.

Ship Collecting

Her current collection includes;

DreadnaughtclassHeavyCruiser.pngRenegade a Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser

Fat Bastard a Colossal-class Heavy Carrier, Lance a EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, A EF76 Nebulon-B Medical Frigate, The Elusive Deceit a C-3 Passenger Liner, Wild Card Foray-class Blockade Runner, A Defender-class Light Corvette, A Corona-class Frigate, Black Rose a Pelta-class Frigate, A squadron of Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptors, and numerous other smaller fighters, freighter and support ships.