Onasha Katr

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Onasha Katr
Onasha falleen 7.png
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Ridala de Danadolana
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Shayla Despada (Deceased), Shalina
Children None
Born -11Y 66D
Died n/a
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'10"
Coloring Green
Eye Color Purple
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
House Arkoh
Rank Force Adept
Prior Affiliation
  • Tear of Antaria (Year 14 Day 325)
  • Crimson Hand (Sith Order ~ Year 6)
  • Jedi Order Council Member (The Jedi Order, Year 13)
  • Order of the Sith (Galactic Empire, Year 14)
  • Princess of House Arkoh (Trade Federation, Year 15)

Character History

Under Construction.

Ghosts of Memories Past

A Forced Beginning

Born into the Katr Clan on Ryloth, Onasha spent her days as a youth ostracized because she was an albino, a genetic anomaly that was not prized by her culture. That she took longer than usual to mature was mainly based off the terrible food she was given, which further put off any interest of possible suitors... as women are property in her clan. Bereft of a possible suitor she was consigned to the mines where the men of the lower castes worked. It was there where she found love or so it would seem like.

A man in the lower caste showed her romance and pleasure but it was not to last. In a show of brutality when he was drunk he forced himself upon her in such a way as to ruin the innocence of the past and to scar her to the future. She escaped the man but hid behind a grotesque mask as part of her work and drew symbols upon her body that made others think she was possessed and stayed away from her budding form.

Despite her attempts to ward off the males of the lower caste she was bred for beauty and even on a poor diet it was to eventually come out. Touched and cornered she learned to live in the shadows... fearing others... until one day it seemed absolutely intolerable and death seemed the better of her options. Escaping upon a Tenloss transport she arrived in a Galindas factory, lost and trying desperately to break the slave collar around her neck that was electrocuting her slowly to death.

It was then that a Dark Jedi known as Asa found her in the loading bay. Enjoying the sight of a slave writhing in pain as it attempted to free itself amused her but she decided in the end that a slave was worth more alive than dead and freed her.

Her time was short under her new master but her master understood the predations of men and allowed her to work the item production lines. One day without warning she grabbed Onasha's head and pinned her down... and was suddenly thrown across the room. It was from that point on that Onasha knew.... she was sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Force.

Dark Empire and a New Founding

Onasha was quickly put with a cadre of Sith Acolytes destined for the Galactic Empire. Emperor Bonias took special notices of the Twi'lek Onasha Katr but despite his rather violent ministrations she felt less of an inclination to remain around as fear and hatred crept into her soul ever more each day... she did not feel like she was being taught so much as being crushed again in those mines under another desperate man.

She was encouraged to deal with it by Dark Acolyte Raleep, for they were to lead the new organization in the Sith called the Red Hand. However after rumor came down the pipeline that Onasha's independence streak was considered a flaw, and a public torture session where it was made clear she was to be forever a play thing and then die.... she looked for ways to escape. She did not have to look further than her datapad, for on it was a Jedi Grandmaster who was willing to pick her up.

Jedi Grandmaster Uzziah Akim flew in and picked her up, and upon a leap of faith she boarded his small ship and off Emperor Bonias' Super Star Destroyer. Before the Emperor's vessel could identify her passage codes as false, they were away... and to a new founding.

Onasha the Jedi

Jedi Master Terak Falcor detested this new Jedi, Onasha, and made her life difficult but it was not nearly as challenging as being a Sith. Due to this Master's influence on the Jedi Council though, Onasha was ostracized even after becoming a Jedi Knight and destined to do nothing but haul unimportant goods and to be denied any form of training. It was then that her master, the Grandmaster Uzziah Akim came up with a plan... a plan that would eventually lead to his downfall.

Her master made her a Jedi Shadow and she reported on so many things, but especially the Jedi both within and outside the Jedi Academy at the time. When it was found out by the Council that she was spying on them and that she was a Jedi Shadow without their permission, rather than give up her Master she was outcast from the Jedi Order.

Later she would return to the Jedi Order, finding out that Grandmaster Uzziah Akim had not been allowed to continue in his role but was arrested and locked away forever, for he had been a Shadow Viggo for the Black Sun. Her role in spying on the various Jedi had allowed him to secure their locations and participate in the deaths of a dozen Jedi in secret. Master Thragg Craghorn took over in his stead and offered Jedi Outcast Onasha Katr a place back in the now ruined Jedi Order.

Taking her place in the Jedi Order was hard and she had to side with the Jedi Master Thragg Craghorn who would eventually elevate himself to Jedi Grandmaster despite doing almost nothing. Onasha lead the Jedi and obeying the constraints of the king like leader of the Jedi Order, helped bring the Jedi Order into a new age. However despite forming a coalition with the Arkanians and making the Jedi Coalition... it was the greediness of Jedi Grandmaster Thragg Craghorn that lead to the Arkanians to dissolve the Jedi Coalition and cause a rift in the Jedi.

Jedi Grandmaster and Secretary General

Onasha Katr was elevated by her peers to Jedi Grandmaster after Jedi Grandmaster Thragg Craghorn's fall from grace. She took the reins and brought the Jedi Order into a new age and helped form various factions under the Jedi Order umbrella and healed much of the old hurts that had happened in the Jedi society. Bonding with the Jedi who had fled to other organizations during various rifts in the Jedi Order's past she helped form a network of peace and prosperity that was noticed.

A new leader was needed for the Galactic Alliance when the old leader stepped down. Taking up the reins of that leadership she oversaw the incursion into allied space and helped organize the assault on Derra to counter the incursion of the Galactic Empire. Working in a network of Jedi healers she re-enforced the front line troopers, creating a near flawless recycling of troopers back to the front lines with few losses.

Rage of the Jedi

The Derra Virus changed Onasha Katr after a time, and her lekku fell off much to her horror and she became a Falleen. This horrified her but she tried to continue onward... the Falleen Federation tried to support her but despite her attempts to continue, her health went into decline and despite records not showing it.... she was consumed by the Rage Virus that had taken over the Derra population.

Savage and full of fear and anger, she raged across the surface of Derra... a broken soul. Pinned and tied down by a group of mercenaries she was temporarily held until the Jedi could come and pick her up.... but she was forever broken... this is the last of the memories the clone of Jedi Onasha Katr remembers.

Plague of Dreams

Onasha fought Onasha in the dreaming.... her body not her body but still her body.... and the soul of Onasha was ripped asunder in the Gree Cloning vat. The control of the subject was lost and Tiberus Semper did what no other would have done to save the subject, without hesitation added his own genetic makeup to the mix and causing an Onasha-Semper hybrid... which lessened the grip of the true born soul of Onasha on her clone.

Her genetic mother having tried to murder her was what she awoke to... that and a station blaring alarms. Her genetic father lain fallen, dead apparently, next to her... his last act being that of releasing her. Rage all she knew... she destroyed everything around her and sought a way to escape. Her memories being plagues upon the soul for she knew she was not the person she was taught to be. She was remade.... and was a failed experiment to become a form of assassin... for whom she never found out.

One her way to escape she met another like her, another with the power of the Force and exerting all of her stolen memories and the rage that burned within her breast she cast away those that opposed her, breaking them on the walls of the burning station and got into a small freighter.... pressing the autopilot and hoping for the best... still wet from her clone mother machine.

The Wandering

Many remembered the Onasha Katr of old and provided her assistance, but as they became to know her they found that she was different... for one... her emotional flux meant she was unable to maintain her green status and she would eventually over time become permanently crimson in color. She would wander through many factions and organizations... each trying to find a way. She tried to join the Jedi even but quickly became an exile for she was a mere shadow of the real Onasha who still existed in the Jedi Order. Crying full of pain and rejection she poured her heart onto the holonet... where a lurking shadow that rarely speaks, whispered a promise. A promise of redemption, a promise of revenge, a promise of hope not lost, and a promise of a life with meaning.

The Dark Pact

Throwing caution to the wind, she followed the dark whisper on the Holonet... bringing her to not some minor faction but to the Emperor himself. Bowing before him, she vowed not just loyalty but obedience. He gave her meaning, substance, and in return for this succor she was given power.

Honors of Academia

Quick to learn the ways of the Empire, Onasha was given a commission and destined to serve managing industrial workers when her true skills of battle became known. The Emperor himself bestowed upon her his favors and permissions to allow her to become the only non human in the Empire to serve in the Imperial Army. Life is was not easy in the Imperial Army and there was always a stigma against her non human nature but she endured.

Call of the Shadow

Once more the Shadow spoke to her... and beckoned her. She was brought before others like her... wrapped in the shadows though they spoke as one and offered her a place among the Sith. Taking to the knee, she gave herself to the shadow... and it consumed her. When she awoke she found herself accepted into the Sith Order. However not all was changed, she struggled with her genetic mother's past and had a hard time being anything but selfless and caring for others. It was noticed by the Dark Lord of the Sith and she became worried that she would prove to be unworthy to be called Sith.


The Dark Lord of the Sith showed her that to be a Sith is to be free of choice. If her choice was to live in the Light then so be it, but not to forget the Dark as well. In the Dark, she became the Light... surrounded by shadow she would conquer. For a time she reveled in the new found freedoms and advanced up the rank ladder within the Imperial Army as well as the Sith Order. Attaining the rank of Imperial Army Captain and Sith Knight, she could not help but find herself out of place within Imperial society. While she enjoyed the emotional freedoms that she was given she could not really grasp the core of what it meant to be an Imperial. Unable to give herself to the Empire, struggling to find her place became an everyday event until one day, soon after she had been given an Executive Officer's position... she took a rogue flight out and away from Imperial space. Meditating on the Force she had found that despite her dark tendencies at times, she was a beacon of light and the Sith path was not the path for her. Now neither Jedi nor Sith, she traversed out into the galaxy without purpose or intent... other than to find herself once more.

New Beginnings

An old associate had previously made contact with Onasha and she reached out in return at this time. Jaria Feri was glad to see that the Empire had not crushed Onasha's spirit however she saw that the Falleen woman was distraught and in need of finding herself. Contacting her friends in the Jedi Order had done no good so she sought succor with Jaria Feri in Sha`kage. An organization of professional soldiers who focused their efforts against the Galactic Empire. While Onasha would not betray her previous associates in the Galactic Empire, she did find a kind of trust and respect in her fellows... who reintroduced her into the fold of the Galactic Alliance. While still searching for a sense of purpose, Onasha meditates on the Force in an attempt to find her way.

Grand Master of the Jedi Order
Preceded By:
Thragg Craghorn
Onasha Katr
Succeeded By:
Thragg Craghorn