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LanguageNimbanese, Huttese, Galactic Basic
Average Height1.6 - 1.9 meters [1]
Skin colorPale pink [1]
Hair colorBrown [1]
DistinctionsWarm-blooded reptilians, mathematical and organizational skills, walrus-like heads, stringy beards [1]
Average lifespan80 years [1]
Known MembersList of known Nimbanels

Biology and appearance

The Nimbanese are a humanoid race has hairless, walrus-like heads with stringy reddish beards and lacking tusks. A single member of the species is called a Nimbanel. The Nimbanese race is reptilian, but has a warm-blooded metabolism. As a race, they are regarded as arrogant and snobbish, but they place great value in knowledge and ethics.

Native to the planet Nimban, they evolved from herbivorous creatures faced with increasingly resilient plant species.

Society and culture

Nimbanese evolution was driven by the need to develop problem-solving skills in order to get food from the traveling plants of Nimban, such as the puzzleflower and the boyy'lo. As their society developed, competitive puzzle-solving skills were used to settle clan rivalries instead of the open warfare used by other primitive cultures. In competitions called muhndees, a clan presents its rivals with a logic puzzle or mathematical problem to be solved within a year. This interest in competitive logic led the Nimbanese to develop new ways to obfuscate and convolute meaning. Over the centuries, this led to the development of a highly complex bureaucracy. Rather than stockpiling weapons, rival clans would stockpile information and challenge one another with mountains of paperwork. [1]

They have become highly adept at solving complex puzzles and questions, and turned to mental battles when many races would have initiated wars.

After developing spaceflight and colonizing several planets in the Nimban system, they were discovered by the Galactic Republic, which they soon joined. The Nimbanels, having been tested by their own complex bureaucracy, easily found niches in the comparatively simple systems of the Republic. [1]

Noting that Hutt Space was expanding towards Nimbanese territory, they approached Zochaeb the Hutt and made a deal: Hutts would have access to all of the Nimbanese databanks, and the Nimbanels would owe allegiance to the Hutt Clan of Ancients. [1]

Since becoming associates of the Hutts, Nimbanels were found throughout the galaxy as bureaucrats and business adminstrators for legitimate businesses, governments, and Hutt criminal interests. [1] The Hutts regularly employ Nimbanese as accountants and negotiators.

Some sample Nimbanese names are: Beels Lebeleb, Nirbella Tanless, Prenlarr Brelm, Sarab Mullo.