Nostromo Station

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Nostromo Station
General Information:
ClassTrading II
Galactic Coordinates(260, -330)
System Coordinates(5, 4)
AccessOpen to All
Heavy Lasers14
Concussion Missile Launchers2
Tractor Beams6
Cargo Stats:
Weight2,400,000 T
Volume72,000 m³
Weight Cap2,000,000 T
Volume Cap60,000 m³
Max Passengers900
Hull Stats:
Length800 m
Deflector Shields2,750
Ionic Capacity2,553

Nostromo Station, the central hub of Tharandon Naval Base Nostromo is owned and overseen by the House of Tharandon of the Archduchy of Tolonda. Situated at within the Tamra system (260, -330) in high orbit of Tamra IV (5,4), the station is a neutral Trading II station.

Within the station, the Central Plaza is large and busy area, the design takes advantages of the space, with wide crosswalks and pylons. Free handing lighting illuminates the area in tandem with lighting from the bulkheads. Standard grey Hapan carpeting covers the deck plates, but in this area, the mark of the Consortium seal adorns the carpeting every several feet. Bright advertising signs are near the entrances of shops, trying to entice people who pass near, while others can been seen making their way to offices and station services in the area. Throughout, a soft ambiantic music can be heard in the background.