House of Tharandon

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House of Tharandon
Constantia Vocat Fideles
(Steadiness Calls The Faithful Ones)
Historical Information
Ancestral houseHouse Nidantha
FounderRhel of Tharandon
  • Lords of The White Keep
  • Lords of Selab
DominionSelab System, Hapes Cluster
EstablishedApproximately Year -1600
Cadet branchesHouse Canfield
General information
Current headLord Benedict Tharandon
HeadquartersThe White Keep
FlagshipC-3 '[TSS] Queen of Griffons'
Networthlink=Galactic Credit Standard1.5 Billion (approx.)
AffiliationHapes Consortium
HomeworldSelab, Hapes Cluster

House Tharandon of The White Keep is one of the Noble Houses of the Hapes Consortium, one of its richest, most powerful families and oldest dynasties, with the second largest military of all other Houses in the Cluster. Fair-haired, tall, and handsome, the Tharandons are a cadet branch of the long extinct ancient House Melantha, boasting a direct line of descent from Rhel of Tharandon some sixteen hundred years previously.

House Tharandon had fallen on hard times following the death of Lord Alexander, but has since been restored to its former glory by his son and current Lord Tharandon, Benedict.

House Tharandon's Heraldry consists of the sigil of a rampant crimson Griffon on a field of black and their motto "Steadiness Calls The Faithful Ones". Their unofficial motto, which is as well known as the official one, is "A Tharandon Never Forgets" and is used much more often and mostly in negative context, though it can also be used in the original, literal sense. Members of the family tend to have golden hair and emerald green eyes.



The Tharandons first appeared in Hapanii historical records roughly sixteen hundred years ago. An offshoot cadet branch of House Melantha, they were granted the title of Lords of Selab and accompanying lands.

Recent History

Military Strength

House Tharandon can raise approximately 60,000 men in a relatively short period of time and also commands a modest fleet. As the richest house, the Tharandon's forces are among the best-equipped in the Hapes Consortium, though House Tylger commands larger numbers.



  • Lord {Alexander Tharandon}, son and and only child of Lord Jorund. Killed in Action.
    • Lady {Mirax Tharandon}, his wife. Died in a shuttle accident.
      • Lord Benedict Tharandon, current Lord of the Bindreg Hills and first son and oldest child of Lord Alexander.
        • {Lady Josella Tharandon}, his first wife. Died in childbirth.
          • {Markus Tharandon}, their son and only child. Died stillborn.
        • Lady Sarisa Tharandon, his second wife and daughter of Lord Gillinore.
      • Margot Tharandon, only daughter of Lord Alexander.
      • Daeron Tharandon, second son and youngest child of Lord Alexander, heir presumptive.
  • {Cora Tharandon}, aunt to Lord Alexander and only daughter of {Gerold Tharandon}. Matrilineally married to Coris of House Garallia.
    • Damon Tharandon, her only son and cousin to Lord Alexander. Magistrate of Aviemore.
      • Carrie Kravhenn, his wife of House Kravhenn.
    • Joanna Tharandon her only daughter and cousin to Lord Alexander. Married to Vidimir of House Ev'reuin, younger brother of Lord Korin Ev'reuin.
      • Sia Vir`uan, her niece and only daughter of Korin Ev'reuin. Legitimate pretender-in-exile to the defunct Throne of Alsakan and distant cousin of Lord Benedict.
  • Director {Alexander Fel}, The bastard son of Tywald Tharandon and close personal friend of Lord Alexander. Missing presumed dead.

Family Tree

Alysanne Farman 
Gerold Tharandon 
Jeyne Marbrand 
Tywald Tharandon 
Cora Tharandon 
Coris Garallia 
House of Ev'reuin
Varan Tharandon 
Jorund Tharandon 
Astrid Draykon 
Alexander Fel 
Damon Tharandon
Carrie Kravhenn
Joanna Tharandon
Vidimir Ev'reuin
Korin Ev'reuin
Yennefer Vir`uan
Alexander Tharandon 
Mirax Atriedes 
Edward Canfield
Geralt Tharandon
Sia Vir`uan
Josella Chalcedon 
Benedict Tharandon
Sarisa Gillinore
Lowell Ginn 
Margot Tharandon
Daeron Tharandon
Markus Tharandon 
Quinn Tharandon

Sworn to House Tharandon

Vassal Houses

  • House Tharandon of Aviemore.
  • House Ti, of Parandor.

Household, Courtiers & Sworn Men

Historical Members

  • Rhel of Tharandon, bastard of the Nidantha dynasty and founder of House Tharandon around Year -4000.
  • Lord Damon Tharandon, known as the Grey Griffon.
    • Lord Tybolt Tharandon, eldest son and heir of Damon and succeeded as Lord the Bindreg Hills.
      • Lady Cerelle Tharandon, daughter and only child of Lord Tybolt, the child-Lady of the Bindreg Hills. Rumoured to have been murdered by her uncle Gerold.
    • Lord Gerold Tharandon, known as Gerold the Golden, younger brother, and adviser to Lord Tybolt. Regent for Lady Cerelle.
      • Lady Alysanne Farman, Gerold's first wife.
      • Lady Jeyne Marbrand, Gerold's second wife. Mother to his children. Vanished under mysterious circumstances.
        • Tywald Tharandon, his eldest son. Squire to Lord Roger Reyne, died bedridden.
        • Cora Tharandon, Gerold's second child and only daughter. Mother of Damon, Stafford and Joanna Garallia.
        • Varan Tharandon, Gerold's second son. Killed in Action.
        • Lord Jorund Tharandon, known as the Talonless Griffon, Lord Gerold's youngest son and successor. Lord the Bindreg Hills.


"Constantia Vocat Fideles (Steadiness Calls The Faithful Ones)"
— House Motto
"A Tharandon Never Forgets"
— Unofficial Motto

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