Kuro Lorell

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Kuro Lorell
Biographical Information
Race Human/Hapan
Born Lorell Flag-Lorell.png
Physical Description
Gender Female
Coloring Fair
Eye Color Dark
Political Information
Affiliation Tharandon Environmental TharandonEnvironmentalLogo.png
House of Tharandon Vassal,
Advisor & Lady Chamberlain of the White KeepHolocronHouseTharandonSmall.png
Prior Affiliation SecuritronixSecuritronix Logo Y15.png
NeuroSaav Technologies & Alissma Allogod.gif
Hapes Consortium Hapes Featured Article Insert.png

The name Lorell is an ancient Hapan name. It is suspected that many Hapan ancestors adopted the name to simply appear more noble and separate themselves from other minor families.

The name Kuro means many things throughout the galaxy; black, the number nine and even whore. It was given to Kuro Lorell by her Mother because of her dark hair. Although her Mother often commented that her name suited her because of her perceived nature.

Youth and Early Adulthood

Kuro's upbringing was filled with discipline, her Hapanii father expected her to adhere to her noble roots. Her mother, agreed with this approach as she had adapted to the Hapanii culture herself. Kuro was adventurous at heart, this was misinterpreted as misbehaviour by her father, he tried to put a stop to this with a heavy hand.

Kuro would often escape her woe, simply by staying away from her home in her free time. She barely had any friends and her social skills were inept, she found more comfort in droids as they were more predictable. She would occasionally sneak into the nearby droid factory via the ventilation system, watching in fascination at the production line, hoping one day she might own a droid herself.

She did know of one sentient, of which she considered a friend, he was a Kiffar. He was seemingly emotionless but it was comforting, he never raised his voice at her and was very patient when it came to her numerous questions - particularly about his ship. He never spoke about himself, but Kuro noticed him smiling inwardly while they were together. He would allow her to travel with him while he delivered products around and beyond the city. As the friendship grew over time and as Kuro became more mature in the eyes of the Kiffar, he gradually allowed her to pilot his ship. This first taste of freedom fuelled her desire to explore the wider galaxy. The Kiffar would also take her to the hunting grounds. He showed her how to handle a blaster rifle, and would nod with approval when she took down her target. He also showed her how to use a small blade to defend herself.

When Kuro eventually came of age, her father tried to arrange a marriage between her and another Hapanii Noble. Kuro was furious with her father. She knew she had absolutely no intention of following her fathers wishes and turned to the only person she could, her old Kiffar friend. The Kiffar took pity on Kuro and promised to help her. He offered to be her mentor and promised to teach her everything he knew about piloting and hunting. Kuro agreed and immediately felt a huge weight lifting from her shoulders, it came as no shock to her, she considered this man more of a father to her than her own.

Together the duo mostly spent time hunting, she would listen intently as her mentor spoke, hanging on every word, she was very happy. But all of this was to come at an end, while out hunting one particular day they came across a group of fully armed sentient's. Kuro simply assumed they were hunters much like themselves, and would pass each other unceremoniously but suddenly they opened fire. Kuro's mentor was instantly hit, she returned fired but soon realised their were too many, attempting to drag her mentor to safety was useless and she knew he was dead. She fled, running back to the ship as stray shots of energy flew past her - expecting the next one to hit her. When Kuro returned to the ship she was hysterical, wondering through the ship , her eyes blurred by the tears, she finally reached the cockpit and flew to safety.

After taking a hold over her emotions she set out to find her mentors body. She placed his body in his ship, and set a course for the nearest star. She couldn't bear the ship any longer, recent events had blackened her memories of it, the ship itself constantly reminded her of what had happened. Kuro undocked her Mentors [[Class 720 Freighter] that was barely used, and set a course for the fringes of Hapan space.

But she never forgot what had happened, she adopted a green stripe across her eyes (a Kiffar qukuuf), in honour of her old mentor.

Securitronix Securitronix Logo Y15.png

During Hyperspace travel Kuro Lorell had thought long and hard about what to do with herself. After her final goodbye to her mentor, she decided to leave Hapan space. It was an attempt to outrun the pain that was still fresh in her mind. But at this point, Kuro had decided to take the one last thing that was still pure to her.

Droids. Kuro felt that they were largely predictable, and offered full control unlike other living and breathing sentients. She had looked at the list of Droid production companies and Securitronix seemed like the most neutral. The other companies seemed too wound up when it came to the great Galactic war. A war Kuro didn’t want any part of.

The leader of Securitronix, Fukara Mist was an interesting individual. She was pleasant enough but seemed to have a dark cloud hanging over her. After reading Kuro’s Resume, Fukara accepted her into the company or family as they put it.

Kuro was taken under Fukara’s wing for a short time. Fukara encouraged individualism, and wanted her family members to think for themselves.

"This company is not about work.. as silly as that sounds. I want it to be a community. Members are encouraged to pursue their own interests.. I have people building their own stuff, pilots off on some adventure, people hunting, people who are exploring and who knows what else. "

"You're welcome to help me out around Saarn when needed.. but don't feel obligated to mould yourself around the company's interests.." Fukara Mist

Kuro revelled in the freedom given to her. Using her spare time to go hunting on the plains and forests of Saarn. The air was clear and invigorating, reminding her of the sweet times she spent with her mentor.

Working for the company was relatively straight forward, Kuro would often take more time than needed while in the factories. Watching in fascination at the droids on the production line backed by the whirring and buzzing of the machinery.

In time Kuro had her own collection of droids, something she had always dreamed of. She would busy herself running their diagnostics, ensuring they were clean and in capable order. She was particularly interested in what happened when the droids memories were not wiped. Noting that they could form friendships, and experience emotions such as happiness, pain, and sadness.

While working at Securitronix Kuro was contracted by an Aqualish by the name of Skreego Durba. She was hired as the droid specialist and met other sentient beings such as Raidan Spike and Mal Kavian. They were tasked to acquire a mysterious artifact from an old force temple .Kuro was separated from the team when they landed at their destination on Dagobah, eventually finding the temple alone she had to fight for her life and was forced to abandon the mission.

With her group of trusty droids Kuro decided to leave Securitronix and find work elsewhere.

Kuro later discovered that her old leader was dead. Jax Starblade and Fukara had feuded and after capturing her, Jax had attempted to preserve Fukara in carbonite but killed her in the process.

Alissma and Neuro-Saav Allogod.gif

Kuro briefly found work at Alissma and subsequently with Neuro-Saav.

While working with Allissma and Neuro-Savv Kuro was caught up in a situation on Thyferra involving the Black Heth gang. Grouping up with other vigilantes, the gang was dispersed but many of the local populace perished in the process. Following the death of the locals at Thyferra and a recent death of a murdered colleague at Neuro-Saav, Kuro decided to leave.

Hapes Consortium and House Tharandon Hapes Featured Article Insert.png

Kuro returned to her home hoping to put her Hapan nobility to use. She signed up and joined recruitment and briefly helped the Hapan naval forces defeating several groups of bandits in the fringes of Hapan territory. While working in recruitment she met others that were just as enthusiastic and energetic than her that wanted to make a difference. The most notable individual was Benedict Tharandon, both were frustrated and felt that things had become stale and wanted to breath live back into the Consortium. Whether they were simply naive is debatable. Benedict took Kuro on as an advisor and Vassal of his House, both discussing how they could move forward in the galaxy.

Working close to members of the Royal Hapan Navy and House Tharandon, information of Kuro's family and their activities ....