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Margot Astrid Tharandon MD is a Corellian and mother of the former heir to the Tharandon House. She has recently retired from her position in the Hapes Consortium and is currently looking to return to a career in medicine.

Margot Astrid Tharandon MD
Biographical Information
Race ½ Human / ½ Echani
Homeworld Lamuir IV
House Tharandon
Mother Lady Mirax Tharandon M.D. (Echani)
Father Lord Alexander Tharandon (Human)
Marital Status Widowed
Partner Lowell Jynn
Children Quinn Tharandon
Born Year -12, Day 211 (30)
Languages Bocce, Galactic Basic, Hapan, Kiffu
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 165cm / 5'5"
Weight 54kg / 119lb
Coloring Caucasian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Athakam MedTech
Title Doctor
Prior Affiliation Hapes Consortium



Little over five and half feet, Margot has her families inherited platinum blonde hair and large green eyes. Her ashy hair is cut into a blunt bob with salt touched waves that finish above her chin. She has chiseled cheekbones, considered to be a sign of beauty amongst most races and feminine jaw. Her skin is marred by faint spray freckles across her nose and cheeks, from spending too much time on the Golden coast when the chance arose.

Her frame is slightly soft from giving birth to her son but still slender. High on her right thigh, close to her hip lies a faint seam that marks the top of her cybernetic limb, another seam encircles just below her left knee. Her right arm has a similar marking, laced with fine scars and callouses starting above her elbow and stopping several inches below it. Her right shoulder is home to a cluster of three stars tattooed in an outline.

At Present

Margot has coloured her hair auburn in a rebellion of her families need for unity and want for her to fall in line with the needs of the family. It has grown out from her blunt bob, hanging past her shoulders and seldom tied up in a crown around her head to keep it from her eyes.

Personality & Psychology


Early Life

Unlike her previous childbirth, Doctor Mirax Tharandon's labour took hold suddenly in the midst of Priole Danna celebrations on Lamuir IV. Two weeks earlier than predicted, Gryle City Hospital was a hive of activity. The natal unit was a sanctuary, given the nature of the unit it was unusually quiet. Mirax was alone while her husband tended to their son, or perhaps he delegated responsibilities to a member of hospital staff. The birth was uneventful, by current standards. A girl was born, Margot Astrid Tharandon.

Five years her siblings junior, most of her early years were spent with her mother or with a nanny due to Mirax's keenness to not let her career go to waste. She was like any other child, full of boundless energy and curious to test limits enforced upon her. Spending more time with adults than peers, Margot became known as a girl who could competently talk to anyone about anything. On several occasions she would be sat at a nurses station on a ward conversing with the venerable, making them feel much younger but on a similar level of interest.

Margot in Coronet Hospital

Given that her father was on active duty with the Imperial Army and her mother was keen to return to her position with the Medical board full time, Margot was prepared for life in boarding school at the tender age of four. She dressed well and knew all of the airs and graces that were expected of her, even if she couldn't understand why. Things were very different to her previous life, but she adapted quickly. A sensitive soul, keen to impress and easy to upset, there were only a few to appreciated her curious imagination.

Year minus six brought the birth of a new sibling. With their children in attendance at boarding school, they knew very little about the newest addition to their family. Daeron Tharandon was born and introduced by an official notification, their education wasn't to be interrupted by something so trivial. Though, Margot enjoyed tending to the youngest Tharadon during the summer break on Lamuir. His tiny delicate features and frailness, a living doll, if she were allowed to.

Returning for her third year with Mother in tow for the shuttle journey to Corellia; engine failure caused their vessel to skid across the landing strut of Coronet City Spaceport and free fall into the Commercial District. This freak accident caused the loss of many lives, including Doctor Mirax Tharadon. Margot was pulled from the wreckage by first responders, the injuries to her lower body were near fatal. It was the home of her mother's career that she was brought to, where her staff did their best to save this young girls life.

Several hours of complex surgeries left Margot submerged in Bacta, three of her limbs were prepared for rudimentary cybernetics. Weeks of rest and months of rehabilitation left the child restless and eager for a change of scenery. Anastasia Fel, wife of her Father's confident took care of the infant Daeron and Margot, with no children of her own and Captain Fel in active service she was the closest thing to family they had. Lord Tharandon took the shortest leave available, cleared for duty and sent out to serve once more.

Margot and Daeron spent more time together due to her physical condition, to and fro to appointments and physiotherapy. She grew attached to Anastasia, they shared a common understanding that the men in their lives preferred to be absent and away from family. It was another formal notification handed by Captain Fel himself, announced to the children collectively, that their Father had been killed by enemy fire. They were alone. Guilt-ridden over the loss of his friend, Fel took in the children, taking Benedict under his wing. Anastasia handled Margot and her younger brother, who soon started proprietary education.

The Fels

There was nothing more than could be done. They had to embrace their new life, with their new guardians. Margot was confined to the estate for tutoring, as her body grew the Cybernetics caused great discomfort and it often took months for a new one to be constructed. She took a keen interest in her body and what surgeries had been performed to allow her to continue in this way. Her knowledge increased her curiosity and naturally she began to work with injured creatures from across the estate when the pain was more manageable.

Sharing her findings and experiments with the hospital staff, they saw Mirax's ingenuity in the young girl and suggested to Anastasia that perhaps Margot should follow in her Mother's footsteps. The words haunted the young Tharandon, only in her early teens and being compared to a woman who treasured her career over her family. She struggled to see what they saw in the woman, the estate's databank held Mirax's old charts and medical papers. Though she didn't understand much of the content without the aid of a dictionary, Margot found that her mother sacrificed time with her family for those in dire need.

Shortly before her 18th Birthday

Though Anastasia warmed to the children, Margot did her best to keep Daeron innocent from all the loss they had experienced. Encouraging worlds of make-believe brought to life with a bed sheet and holoprojector or oversized stuffed animals hidden in the grounds. Soon Ben would be old enough to submit an application to the Imperial Academy, the thought of him following in their Father's footsteps scared her. She could already sense the resentment toward their late father, they had been left alone, had it not been for the guilt felt by Fel who knows what could have happened.

As the years continued on, Margot started her return to education with Dae's first weeks into Boarding. She missed the small boy's presence and that encouraged her to push on with her own journey to school. Her stints were never long, and her friends had moved on, finding it difficult to reintegrate with her politically aligned peers. She didn't pay much attention to her looks, focussing more on her studies than how she would be dressed during the winter formal. The cybernetics in her teens were rudimentary and usually uncomfortable. It was agreed she was given private lodgings, which allowed her to remove her left lower limb and move freely with the aid of a support.

Free time was filled with expression, thick application of paint layers over canvas and board. Abstract workings that her teachers attempted to study, unravelling her mental state. Smears of colours and textures, with palette knife or handprint. It was a kind of therapy, using her hands, one that lacked the sensory perception the other had. An emotional release and a powerful skill that allowed her to grow in beautiful chaos.

Ben's application was submitted to the Academy not long after his eighteenth Birthday and Margot's fears were confirmed. Deep down she knew it wasn't her brother's intention, but there was a certainty that Daeron would follow in his brother's footsteps. She had at least five more years of studying and selecting her career, she didn't to follow suit, not the military or any other service like it. In the back of her mind was their mother, she had her own faults but those were something Margot could control. Naturally, with her additional medical knowledge and interest, she excelled in the Sciences.

Under the Fel's careful eye, she continued to study and grow in their families home. The semester before her eighteenth birthday Margot submitted her application to attend the University of Corellia in Coronet, the city that proved to be a turning point in her life. Anastasia was disappointed to hear the young woman was looking to leave her care so soon, she worried how Margot would manage alone and what difficulties she might face. Unperturbed, her acceptance was a breath of fresh air and allowed her to take her future into her own hands. Proving that despite the problems she had faced, she could rise above them and move forward.


Lowell and Margot

No matter how frequently Margot travelled to Coronet, there was always a moments panic before the shuttle settled onto the landing pad. It was a series of anxiety remedies that halted her hysteria and reassured her that she had made the best choice. Luggage in hand, she took residence in her Mother's old studio apartment which remained from her too often stop overs whilst on shift. The contents of the room had been left untouched, and hesitantly Margot spent her first weeks of studies sifting through her Mother's belongings and notes. Her name gained her a reputation for being a favourite, something she despised and rather her knowledge, and skill shone. There were few who knew the reality of her name and the events around it, they became her closest friends.

The freedom to study and learn at her own pace was difficult to grasp in the beginning, but Margot quickly found her way. She enjoyed the social aspect of University, she took part when she deemed it suitable but continued to enjoy her time in the peace of the studio. She was one of the few who had the luxury of a private residence, it was popular for group studies, where her peers would enjoy reading over her Mother's notes and procedures with interest. A close relationship was formed with her fellow student Lowell Jynn. Having minimal contact with the opposite sex outside of her own family and medical staff she'd encountered through her treatments, Margot was naive when it can to relationships and courting. It was until their first kiss that she understood who he felt for her and that it was reciprocated.

Her travels home to the estate lessened, but her contact with her younger sibling maintained strong. The Corellian local introduced her to his family, spending weekends on the Gold Beaches when their schedules allowed it. Watching the Jynn's interact was something she'd not witnessed for some time, a family bound by love rather than loyalty and trust. It soothed her to know that not every family was as disjointed as hers. With her life blooming on Corellia with her studies, she no longer continued with her plan to return to her families estate on graduation. The relationship with Lowell expanded her social circles and she finally felt accepted for who she was, rather than who she was. There was one member of her family who Margot doted on, her younger brother. She communicated with him by holomail, sharing her stories and life with him until he finished school.

With her initial undergraduate course complete, Margot opted to continue her studies in Surgery and Orthopedics. Her speciality, cybernetics. During her studies a internship was offered to her at the central Coronet MedCentre that her mother once over saw.

Coronet Medcentre Y17

A Return to the Keep

Quinn, aged three

Turning Tables

Service Record

Rank Date Accomplishment
Year 19 Day 20 Resigned from her position in Hapes Consortium to return to her medical career, joining Athakam MedTech.
Rennith.png Year 19 Day 6 Promoted to Rennith
Nethir.png Year 18 Day 347 Promoted to Nethir
Locargix.png Year 18 Day 290 Promoted to Locargix
Lerin.png Year 18 Day 253 Training complete and promoted to Lerin in the Ministry of the Interior
Year 18 Day 235 Joined the Hapes Consortium