Oktra Rurra

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Oktra Rurra`ljey
Oktra Rurra's Avatar
Biographical Information
Race Bothan
Homeworld Bothawui
Mother Dall Rurra`ljey
Father Besh Rurra`ljey
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 157
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 Meters
Hair Color Cream
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Czerka Corporation, Avance Coalition
Rank O-1
Positions Prospector
Prior Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Awards None
"To be successful one must be hardworking, intelligent, and extremely good-looking."
— Oktra contemplating his road to success.

Oktra Rurra is a Bothan that hails from the Bothan homeworld of Bothawui. He stands at about 1.7 Meters and weighs roughly 89 kilograms. After drifting around for the majority life, he now calls Avance Coalition, more specifically Czerka Corporation, his home. He has studied computers all of his life in hopes of becoming one of the most renown prospectors that the galaxy has ever seen. He is also, though not widely-known, a painter. The paintings have not yet reach the general public, as he is still working on perfecting his technique before releasing his paintings to the galaxy.


Early Life

Oktra was born on the 157th day of the -10 galactic year. He was born into a wealthy clan on the home planet of the Bothans, Bothanwui. Both of his parents were extremely skilled in the art of Bothan politics, which is how his father became the leader of the Oljey clan. The Oljey clan was one that was known for its extreme sway within the Bothan Council, but it was by black mail, and political assassinations. Oktra's father was skilled in the art of thievery, and was accused of stealing many important documents from other clans, but was never convicted. Oktra's mother was skilled in the art of computers, and she was able to hack into any spy network, including some of the rival clans' networks. Both of Oktra's parents taught him the specialized skills, and while Oktra picked up a lot of skills in thievery, he became a master at computers.

Due to the way that Oktra's parents got their power in the clan, it made them a lot of enemies. During one of the biggest Council hearings of the year, their actions finally caught up with them. One of the other major clans on Bothanwui infiltrated the Oljey clan, and ended up sitting right behind Oktra's parents. Oktra never went to the Council hearings with his parents, as they didn't want him to get caught up in the political scene, and for good reason. The night of the Council hearings Oktra was in his room playing with a datapad that his parents got him for his 12th birthday a week before, when the nanny that was assigned to him came rushing into his room. She told him that they had to go, and before Oktra new it, he was lifting off a landing pad and was leaving his home world of Bothanwui behind.

The nanny sat Oktra down and explain what happened at that night's hearing. She told him of how his parents were shot from behind and did not feel any pain at all, however it all seemed to roll off of him. He gave a slight chuckle when he heard the news of his parents death. It wasn't because he was diabolical, it was because he thought his parents were careless. He knew that his parents were not the most upstanding people, and he thought they should have watched their back more. His nanny was appalled by this response and didn't want to travel with someone so heartless, so she dropped him off at the nearest metropolitan planet with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Beginnings on Kothlis

Painting of Kothlis by Oktra Rurra

Oktra arrived on Kothlis and noticed how similar the planet was to his home planet of Bothawui, except for all of the added security. The Kothlis system was controlled by The Galactic Empire, and they wanted to make sure it stayed that way. The war between The Galactic Empire and The Rebel Alliance was starting to heat up dramatically and it was noticeable by the extra security that the Empire had sent to the system. Wanting to stay out of sight, Oktra implored the skills that his father taught him in order to move around at will without being noticed.

It didn't take Oktra much time before he was in a pretty good set-up. He started making relationships with some of the people that were still loyal to the Oljey clan, and they made sure that he was taken care of. One of the more loyal, and older, members of the Oljey clan, Ashk Orok'ljey, let Oktra stay at his home. It was a quaint little place on one of the floors of one of the larger skyscrapers, and much different than Oktra's old home on Bothawui. Oktra was accustomed to his large, lavish compound on Bothawui, and his new home was neither large nor lavish, but Oktra didn't complain as it was the only house that was offered to him.

Now Ashk was a nice Bothan, but he was very set in his ways, and did not like change at all. Ashk was always taught that if someone did something for you, you had to return the favor. He wanted Oktra to help him out in his small droid store on Kothlis, which Oktra agreed to since Ashk was giving him a place to stay. That, however, did not last long. Oktra longed for a more interesting life, so he informed Ashk that he was no longer going to be helping out repairing the droids around the store. Ashk did not take kindly to that information, so he told Oktra that he no longer had a place to stay. Oktra laughed in the old Bothan's face, and went out the door. Later that night, when Oktra returned back to Ashk's home, he felt that something was not right. Oktra came inside the door and noticed Ashk's body on the floor. The old Bothan had been murdered. Within seconds of Oktra entering the home, stormtroopers were knocking on the door. Oktra knew that they would think that he murdered Ashk, so he decided to run.

Life on the run

Oktra's escape ship Black Dreams

Oktra knew that he had to act fast. There was a back door through the quaint home, so Oktra started to head for it. As soon as he left through the back door, he could hear the front door being broken into. Oktra leaped into one of the side hallways of the housing building, and started sprinting for the stairs. He soon heard the whizzing sounds of blasters over his shoulders. He took a turn into the stair well, and luckily remembered some of the moves his father taught him. He started jumping over the railings of the staircase and was losing the stormtroopers easily. He quickly reached the bottom and exited into one of the alleyways. When he reached the bottom, there was a scruffy Bothan sitting in a speeder. He opened the door to the speeder and told Oktra to hop in. Oktra quickly analyzed his choices. Go with this unknown man, or be shot by one of the trigger-happy stormtroopers behind him. Oktra dove into the speeder and the two sped off, leaving the stormtroopers clueless as to where they went.

The Bothan introduced himself as Tresk Arr'atu, leader of Oatu clan. He informed Oktra of what had happen earlier in Ashk's house. He said that a group of thugs came to Ashk's house looking for a pcoin of some sort, but they could not find it. Tresk told Oktra that the pendant used to belong to Oktra's father. When Ashk came home from his shop, the thugs were still in the house. The thugs knew they could leave no witnesses, so they killed Ashk. Tresk was just flying by when he noticed the thugs leaving the home. He called the nearest troopers to go investigate. Tresk said he then noticed Oktra going into the house and knew the troopers were not going to trust him, so he said he stayed behind the building because he knew that Oktra was going to be able to elude them since Tresk knew who Oktra's father was. Oktra thanked Tresk, and asked where they were going. Tresk told him they were going to one of his little hideouts in the desert.

They arrived at the hideout and were greeted by a smaller Bothan that seemed to be part of the same clan as Tresk. The smaller Bothan led Oktra to a room off on one of the further parts of the hideout that was away from the rest of the complex. The Bothan left and Oktra looked around his room, and then left. He walked around the hideout and then noticed a small coin in the hangar bay where they landed. Oktra picked it up and read the small inscription on the back. It said, “To my son. The greatest there ever will be.” Oktra then noticed the small clan symbol on the front of the coin. It was the symbol of Oktra's clan! He then realized that this must be the coin that the “thugs” were looking for. Oktra then heard two voices coming down the hallway and dashed behind a Simiyiar Light Freighter.

Tresk and his smaller counterpart were walking through the hangar talking about something that Oktra could barely hear. The two were bickering about the murder that happened weeks before at the Council hearing. The smaller one was nervous that someone was going to find out that the Oatu clan was the group behind it. Tresk tried to calm the smaller Bothan, but to no avail. The smaller one said that they had to kill someone. It was then Oktra finally heard his name! It all clicked for him. He realized that Tresk had killed both his parents and Ashk and was now going to try and kill Oktra. Oktra quietly went on the ship and got to the control panel. He was just going to fly out of there and never look back, but when he looked at the control panel, he noticed the weapon controls. Without even thinking, Oktra fired all available weaponry at the two talking Bothans, killing them both instantly. The hideout started to crumble due to the explosion of the shots. Oktra started the ship and flew out of the hangar as fast as he could. He left the planet and has not been back since.


Oktra spent the next few years doing odd jobs around the galaxy for measly amounts of credits. He would fly for job to job in the ship that he took from Tresk. One of the bigger odd jobs that he participated in was as a prospector for Aurodium Legion, the major government of the Tapani Sector. It was here where he first got his taste for prospecting. After arriving at sign up station for the Legion, he was asked by a recruiter what skills he had that could be beneficial for the Legion. It was a question that he pondered for a while. When he finally answered, he told the recruiter that he was good with computers. The day after he was given his orders, and a ship to command. He prospected for a while, and he found out he liked it. However, he was not ready to settle down, so he left the Legion for hopes of finding something else.

He drifted around for a while until he found Mytaranor Slaving Council. He joined up for a while and jumped from planet to planet collecting slaves for the Council. On his travels, he noticed the poor living standards of some of the slaves and was appalled at how the slaves didn't revolt. He noticed that there was, at least, ten times the amount of slaves then slave-masters. Seeing the poor shape of the slaves and their emptiness of the will to live, he couldn't stay in the business for long. He left the Council and set out to look for something permanent.

Avance Coalition and Czerka Corporation

Oktra was on the look out for groups that were neutral in the Galactic Civil War, and a place that he could learn more about prospecting. It didn't take him long until he stumbled upon Czerka Corporation. They recruited him as a prospector, and he continues to work for them to this day.

Personality and Traits

The most impressive trait the Oktra possess is his skills with computers. He has been seen setting up complex computer networks for various organizations, and has been reported as being able to stop any hack attempt from breaking into any network. Through his skills with computers, he has become one of the most-skilled prospectors in the galaxy. While working with computers, he can always be seen flipping the coin that used to belong to his father. He seems to always need to be concentrating on multiple things at once, so that his work is of the up most quality.

Oktra is a very peaceful Bothan and doesn't carry around weapons. He does, however, know how to handle a blaster quite well. He often spends his time down at the local cantina playing a game of Cheeb, a follow the leader-style, blaster, skill-shot challenge, with the locals. He has never been seen wielding a non-projectile weapon of any kind before. It may be due to the fact that he finds non-projectile weapons to be savage and brutal, or it may be due to the fact that he is extremely clumsy when wielding a non-projectile weapon.

Even though Oktra is peaceful, he tends to be very blunt when stating facts. He never seems to beat around the bush when telling you bad news. He is also often seem as cold-hearted, due to his view on his parents assassinations, and his view on the living standards of those around him. This type of view on the galaxy has made Oktra a lot of enemies, but he currently has not been scathed by them. He also views the Galactic Civil War as savage and considers both sides to be not very skilled. He believes that if you want to get rid of someone, you must do it with skill and class, not by propaganda and brutal attacks.