Outbound Flight Project

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Outbound Flight Project
General Information
Status Active
Leader Zari Jinzler
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 200
Political Information
Affiliation Empire of the Hand
Chiss Ascendancy
Industry Mercenaries

The Following is the chronicle of the Outbound Flight Project, founded by Zari Jinzler Year 20 Day 200


During a period of war and tribulation, two elements lead to the founding of the OFP. The first was that Zari decided that he needed a permanent home and the second was uncovered on Tynna that there had been many other systems and and even civilizations were lost to the galactic space registry.

Bantha to Water

Outbound Flight Project was founded during the height of an event called "The Zoo Feud" where many in the galaxy divided themselves into four inter-group teams. The conflict played out across the galaxy.

During this period, Zari Jinzler was an officer in the the Empire of the Hand fighting with EOTH and its allies in the 'Zoo keepers Alliance' waging battle against their opposition. Zari was initially stationed on Tynna, a relatively newly discovered system, where his unit was tasked with killing of bandits and creatures which were harassing settlements. While stationed on Tynna, Zari began to study the galactic library for information, initially out of boredom but then out of genuine interest. It was while stationed on Tynna, the idea to launch the Outbound Flight Project was hatched.

Home for a Rover

Once planetary security on Tynna was achieved, the conflict lead Zari to Derra to wage war in space against an enemy comprised of corvettes and fighters. The battles were fierce and wreckage was strewn across the system. In between battles in space, when he was not salvaging or engaging in warface, Zari continued his research and expanded his scan through public databases looking for clues for systems that had been lost to the public record, as Tynna had once been. What else, who else was out there to be discovered? It was during this process of exploration that Zari uncovered the Outbound Flight Project, a mission of militarized colonization under the command of Jedi. The idea was never launched and if it was the databases have not brought any data to prove it existed. Galactic records during the civil war have been incomplete. However, even to the old Republic, they believed there was ample systems and civilizations to be discovered.

As the battle raging above Derra waned, Zari approached EOTH command and pitched the idea of taking the idea and remaking the concept to serve the needs of the Chiss and associated diaspora. Following the concept pitch and subsequent negotiations, an accord within EOTH was struck. With Zari personally putting up the funding necessary to officially register the project as a faction and backed by the expertise of the EOTH, the founding of the Outbound Flight Project was quietly announced on Day 200 of Year 20. Specific details such as the destination of the project remained classified to the public.

Project of the Hand

The Outbound Flight Project in the days of the old Republic would have pushed unwanted Jedi led militarized colonists into space inhabited under the jurisdiction of the Chiss Ascendancy. Instead of working for the Republic, the OFP was now operating in collaboration with the Hand. While the conflict of the past had been avoided, it was decided to bring the OFP under Chiss Ascendancy umbrella, taking a good idea to further colonization but instead of for the Republic under Jedi command, the OFP would be commanded by the Empire of the Hand and it became officially allied with the Chiss Ascendancy. The announcement was made official on Day 248 of Year 20.

Notable Dates

Year 20 Day 200  : Founding of the Outbound Flight Project
Year 20 Day 248  : Alliance with Chiss Ascendancy and Empire of the Hand


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