Empire of the Hand

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(This article is about the current Empire of the Hand. More information about the previous incarnation can be found here.)

The Empire of the Hand
Political information
Type of government Privateer
Head of State Grand Admiral Grevendar Togl
Head-of-Government Warlord Robert Phoenix
Affiliation Chiss Ascendancy
Societal information
Capital Pembric VII
Territory Pembric VII
Language(s) Cheunh, Minnisiat and Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Aliit Ar'Klim/House Ar`Togl
Date of establishment Year 20 Day 64
Date of dissolution N/A
Status Active
Holosite EoTH holosite


Braggarts, cowards, oppressors. A sentient scourge that overflows planet upon planet. Once united under few banners, today hundreds exist. The galaxy is divided as threats mount. They work your appendages to the bone and have you fight their wars as blaster-fodder while they get rich off of your labour and hardships. We are your best, last and only line of defence. The Empire of the Hand fights for order and unity in the galaxy by destroying those sentients who work to divide it. We are privateers who chose our contracts to ensure we meet these standards. We are a neutral group partnering with the Chiss Ascendancy. We offer recycling services, security services and combat privateering services.We are always interested in recruiting strongly motivated individuals seeking personal wealth, glory and greater galactic unity! Do you have a problem? Can no-one else help you? If you can find us, you should call, the Empire of the Hand. We leave NOTHING behind!


The Empire of the Hand was originally born from a schism inside the Chiss Ascendancy leadership. Those who felt that pro-Chiss discrimination harmed the Ascendancy decided to depart and found the Empire of the Hand, an ordered group where Chiss and alien species worked together to form a better future. Under the leadership of Flar Gar and others, this Empire prospered and became the recognised government of multiple sectors, such as Kriz.

Circa year 15, notable Chiss and longtime associate of both sides of the dispute Grev'endar'togl of the Krath Dynasty sought to unite the galaxy into a new alliance fighting for freedom, the Rift Alliance. First on his list was a mission to heal the breaches between Ascendancy and Empire, bringing them into harmony and restoring peace to a fractured people. Succeeding, the Empire and Ascendancy both joined the fledgling Rift Alliance that went on to deliver many successes before falling victim to leadership absences. Following these events, Flar Gar and his close associate, Simon Eusnomis, disappeared from public view altogether, eventually being reported missing and dead. The personal ship of Flar Gar made its way to the Chiss Ascendancy, who maintain it with respect for the healed wounds. The Empire of the Hand, once strong and independent, dissolved into ashes as its assets and worlds weer carved up in the investment and purchasing boom that followed its demise.

In Year 17, Grev'endar'togl awoke from the healing trance he had been placed in a very different person. The galaxy had changed and equality lacked a champion. The Chiss were once again weakened and disorder had emerged around the galaxy. While he had committed himself to the Mandalorian ideals for over a decade without more than friendly relations and comunications with his people, the situation was too dire to let others handle it. Furthermore, his father was dying and House Ar'Togl was in disarray. Discarding his intentions of returning to service for another group, Vendar rededicated himself to the principles he had espoused for his existence: excellence through merit, equality, freedom and friendship. No more would he neglect his more, no more would he leave them vulnerable to the threats of the known and unknown regions of the galaxy. He had crusaded for far too long for others causes.

Reorganising assets and re-activating his holdings, he divided them between Ar'Klim and House Ar'Togl, preferring to leave the leadership of Ar'Klim to Triad member Talak Kasra, who has seized the title in his absence. With a core of assets, the House re-emerged from their bunker on Csilla and began assembling forces. Raising the standard of equality, the Empire of the Hand was reborn to protect the galaxy from the threats of disorder. Formed around the 5th House, longtime friends and new comrades formed around the fledgling entity to do so. Becoming more than a simply statement on equality, the Empire of the Hand evolved to become a protector against the unknown regions, a symbol of order and an entity rapidly turning its attention onto corruption and greed in the known galaxy.