Pimashi Andek

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Pimashi Andek
Biographical Information
Race Human (nightsister)
Homeworld Dathomir
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5’4”
Weight 126 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Golden yellow/brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trilon Inc., Trilon Mining, Trilon Recycling, The Wraiths
Rank Praetor and current owner of Trilon conglomerate.
Prior Affiliation Black Sun


Early Life

Born on Dathomir, Andek lived among the Nightsisters. Trained in the ways of the Winged Goddess and the Fanged God, Andek survived the tests of the Crucible. During the tests, Andek showed skills as a Warrior, Hunter, Beast Warden, and Shadow Killer. Being diversely able to attain these ranks, allowed Andek to be hired for off world contracts.

After Dathomir

Andek’s first off world contract was for Black Sun. While under contract, she befriended Kira Morbus. This relationship led to Andek being taught to slice computers and master the use of computer skills in order to gather information and for use in other criminal business.

After some time, Andek felt a calling to return to the hunt and a life similar to the old ways she was raised with. Leaving the crime syndicate (but still working as a nightsister) Andek explored the many different services she could provide in the role of a mercenary.

On one such mission, she saved an eye-snatcher from a pirate that failed to capture her. She took the pirate's equipment, before leaving the pirate adrift on a dead ship. Due to being around this creature, Andek later found an affinity with this animal, and trained the eyesnatcher to be a loyal hunting companion.

A New Life

Andek worked as a merc and smuggler, until meeting Zao Nephalem and joined the Wraiths. She trained with the wraiths to become a professional Hunter, Ranger, and Mercenary by Wraith standards.

While out hunting and practicing survival in the deserts of Rattatak, she encountered a Sand Panther and became travelling companions after saving the panther from a Sarlacc. She named the panther "Mishibizhii", or Mishi for short.

After successfully hunting for some years, she set up "Waabishkaa Andek Trading Post" for selling and trading repaired weapons and armor as well as "trophies" from hunting and defending against bandit raids. She later closed the doors after the 3rd Uli Swap-Meet to return to life on the range.

During the 3rd uli swap-meet. She ran into old friend Kira Morbus and spent the day and night together, enjoying each other's company during the event. Days later, Andek camped with Amelia Kolczynski for a night and shared many stories. During the Swap-Meet she met many other notable persons from around the galaxy.

On a survival training trip in a jungle, Andek’s trainees were all asleep in camp when she felt a presence come near. It was a wounded baby vornskr. Andek nursed this creature back to health and trained it also to be a great hunting companion.

Andek created a band of specialists that have been well trained. The group includes kiffar combat specialists, a human co-pilot, and droids such as T7-X3 and the assassin droid “Bindo”. This band of travelling companions trains rigorously in any climate in which Andek chooses, always keeping them ready for whatever may come. This group would later be divided when they came under attack from 2 unknown force users and their allies. Many died including the animal companions that Andek had trained.

Andek has slightly come away from the ways of the Nightsisters. Still respecting her roots, but now working for herself, she continues to work with the Wraiths. All related information is classified.

Year 20, day 15 Andek (re)founded Trilon Inc. and on day 73, founded Trilon Mining. This led to Andek retiring from combat contracts.

As profits grew, Andek started a small ship collection. Her most notable ship owned was the Kom’rk transport fighter Nightbrother, which was later sold to Hondo Walker.