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Qektoth Confederation
Qektoth Conf.png
General Information
Status Active
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 328
Political Information
Industry State Government
Holosite Qektoth Holosite

Over time, organizations often expand well past their original goal to the point of becoming unmanageable. There are just too many pieces working to keep track of and leaders are overwhelmed to the point of giving up. It gets to point where the left arm doesn't know what the right arm is doing any more. That is when a new nerve system is needed to help communicate and enable the flow of ideas and information to all of the individual body parts. In a way, that is what the Qektoth Confederation is, a new nerve system.

At the moment, the Krath Dynasty is composed of a seven individual organizations each working for the most part independently of one another; Krath Dynasty and the Order deal with the politics and military, Koros shipbuilding, MMM weapons, Astaroth mining, Smuggler's Guild logistics and Uukaablian medical services. The problem is that no one knows what's happening at the other organizations due to poor communication. To simplify everything and lay all of the projects out on the table for all to view is the Qektoth Confederation holosite.


The whole point of the Qektoth Confederation is to simplify the entire Krath industrial machine to the point of treating it as one big project with everyone onboard working towards the common goal. To do this, all organization leaders and their top managers have been invited to participate in this project. The more organizations that are onboard with the project, the more efficient the Krath industrial machine will be.

How the project works is fairly simple. Everyone is provided the same level of access across the board from the common worker all the way up to the organization leaders. This way everyone knows what everyone else is doing. This helps when it comes to inter-organization projects such as building a warship and Koros members need to get materials from Astaroth.


Each organization is assigned their own independent holosite with the project managers from each organization becoming the moderators of these spaces. This way project leaders can oversee missions as they are carried out.

Once all of the organizations are running and operating efficiently, the real magic of team projects can begin. Building Homeworld One capital ships is no small accomplishment and requires a lot of team work. Once the order has been issued to start construction on one of these ships, leaders within Koros can issue missions to begin retooling their shipyards via their holosite. If bulk freighters are needed, new transport missions can be issued in the Smuggler's Guilds to begin movement of the new bulks from the shipyards to the mines. Materials that are needed for the capital ship could be ordered through Astaroth and pickup of shipyard workers could be arranged from within Krath logistics. Now it is just a matter for the managers to get rolling on completing the missions. Instead of just counting on the members of Koros doing all of this work, the entire Krath Dynasty is pitching in.

Not only does this process speed up complicated projects, but it also allows the full utilization of idling employees. Koros at this point would be swamped with work to prepare for the construction of their capital ship, but perhaps the employees at Uukaablian are just sitting around doing nothing. Now with the simplified system, idling Uukaablian employees could check out the missions within the Koros organization, realize that there are numerous missions taking place that need employees and lend a hand. This way, there should never be any idle workers complaining about not enough work to do. There will always be some sort of project taking place that they could lend a hand in.

Qektoth Confederation

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