Qel Dar

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Qel Dar
Qel Dar Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Green
Political Information
Positions Former Prince of Black Sun
Prior Affiliation Black Sun

Dark Prince Qel Dar was a Falleen male of the Huruk-Rah clan, and the ruler of the Black Sun crime syndicate circa Year 2 through Year 4. Although initially successful in increasing the prominence of Black Sun during his first year as ruler, his later ill-advised war against the Hapes Consortium and a simultaneously campaign against the Hutt Council ultimately marred both his organization's reputation and his reign.


When Prince Keevan Colton abdicated as the potentate of the Black Sun crime syndicate, he selected the ambitious Qel Dar as his successor. On Year 2 Day 234, Prince Dar announced that he was now the undisputed leader of Black Sun and that he would immediately begin efforts to consolidate his grip on power.[1] Under Prince Dar of the Falleen Huruk-Rah clan, Black Sun quickly aligned itself with the Falleen Federation which was under the leadership of another Huruk-Rah clan member, Prince Tholin Dur'aak. Shortly thereafter, Lord Kosh Naranek, the former Governor of Lorell and owner of Aurora Technologies, was appointed second-in-command of Black Sun under Prince Dar.

Struggle for Lorell

Main article: Black Sun Crisis

On Year 3 Day 107, the Hapes Consortium announced over the Galactic News Service (GNS) the presence of illegal Black Sun settlements on Lorell's planetary surface and threatened military action as a consequence.[2][3] Black Sun promptly responded the following day, rebuffing Hapan claims about their settlements' illegality, but confirming the existence of the city complexes while encouraging a diplomatic solution.[4]

As tensions increased, Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire threw its support behind the Hapes Consortium and insinuated that Emperor Charon's Galactic Empire had provided financial backing for Black Sun's Lorell activities with the help of Angobba Desilijic Lucar's Hutt Council, both an Imperial and Black Sun ally.[5][6]

These events soon triggered the Black Sun Crisis in which the Hapan forces of King James I launched a lightning series of military operations to seize control of twenty-five Black Sun city districts on Lorell. Following the erosion of allied support for Black Sun and successive military operations by Hapes to defend their territory, Prince Dar's ambitious plans to seize Lorell from Hapes ultimately failed. The subsequent media fallout greatly marred his reign. A year later, Prince Dar resigned as leader. In a surprising move, Prince Dar bypassed his protege Kosh Naranek and gave the reins of power to Plojo Rosom.[7]


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Dark Prince of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Keevan Colton
Qel Dar
Year 2 Day 234Year 4 Day 61
Succeeded By:
Plojo Rosom