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Ranma, a colleague of Veynom, was a top student throughout her educational career, graduating with top marks before proceeding into the Imperial Army, putting both her knowledge and formidable martial arts skills into use.


At about Year -1 Day 110, Ranma joined the Imperial Army and became a member of 1st Recon. Soon afterwards, she gained a Recon Award of Merit thanks to her outstanding contributions, and was fast-tracked through the ranks to becoming XO of the Recon Branch of the IA. With reforms to the IA, she was instated as XO of Second Quadrant Army, serving under Command General Cherokee, the now Galactic Emperor. From there, her career took a new direction, when she left the Army to become Director of the Imperial Assignment Office (IAO) and later Minister of Assignment. This was shortly before she received a call that let her to side with Grand Admiral Veynom to battle a danger that threatened not only the Empire, but the whole galaxy. She left for the Unknown Regions and has not returned since.

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