Redjon Mirrabel

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Redjon Mirrabel
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Unknown: Presumed in Hapan Cluster, possibly Rifle Worlds
Clan Skoria
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse unknown
Siblings Atom Mirrabel - Brother(adopted?)
Children None known
Born Unkown -presumed mid to late 30s or 40s
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.90 meters
Coloring Tan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Rank Unknown
Positions Cat Herder in Requiem
Prior Affiliation The Cooperative(Co-Founder/Joint Leader, head of military operations), Flower Company (Co-Founder), Corsec (Fleet Admiral) Black Curs, The eXiles, Tresario Star Kingdom
Awards holds record for rum consumed at little known asteroid bar "The Wonky Droid"


Little record exists of Redjon's passage through the history of the galaxy, unobtrusive and non existent seem to be his influences, matched only by the equal anonymity of his brother. Most never met him, Friends might swear him an honest companion if a touch on the insane side and a frequent habit of disappearing into the comforting embrace of the bottle and his favorite wandering home.

Ill at ease under the influence of any planets gravitational embrace, he prefers the halls and confines ( or expanses ) of his ship, wandering the star fields or parking at a local La-grange point.

Any background check returns sparse and sporadic sightings, there's stories of a childhood on an Imperial Hapan world, rumors of a rich upbringing along with his brother Atom, Tales of military training and a once promising future as the Commander of an elite Capital ship........ He would be the first to laugh at such stories, and snicker at the suggestion of Lordship or Commanding anything bigger than a bar stool.

A known friend and companion of Neria Derycke, it's suggested she found him deep in a bottle on an asteroid station controlled by the Byblos conglomerate with an arm full of needle holes and breath full of whiskey, With her guiding hand..... ( To this day no one knows and no word exists of how he ended up on that rock without a penny to his name and the shiny new and smooth skin of someone subjected to extensive healing treatment...His drunken and drug induced ramblings revealed nothing other then nonsensical tales of far flung galaxies and worlds beyond this one ) . .. He found employment and home among the citizens of the Tresario Star Kingdom and was put to work building assets and piloting a freighter, Sober....and easily bored he found the fit poor, and though close to the young girl ( Whether due to her kindness or the simple feeling of a debt owed is unknown ). He left with what little wealth he had and a donated freighter and fled to space.

His name appears briefly here and there, leader of a medical faction...Twice... long absences from any public light and then a flat out disappearance punctuated only by the sightings of a Lictor Class named 'Licentiously Baroque ' registered to "Mirrabel Trade" plying the space lanes....and violating local customs in the more religious areas of the galaxy, when not engaged in acts of trade that smack of the most obvious profiteering, ( he's been known to sign his bills " I've never met a deal I didn't like...or dice I wouldn't roll " )

Unconfirmed History

He claims to have been part of a traveling circus, performing as an acrobat for a roaming band of drunken jedi and absurd claim for a man of his size

He makes contradictory claims in fits of drunken excess to be either of Hapan nobility, or the son of a Kuati slave girl.

He tells absurd stories of visits and epic battles in far flung galaxies and parallel universes.

He displays the physical body of someone well verse in combat and the eyes of one who's experienced death but will at times swear to have never served as anyones soldier, and displays none of the stability associated with one who commands forces

Attempts to track his origins DO reveal the name Mirrabel in certain heavily damaged and corrupted hapan files, though the reported area of their supposed estates are a dense patch of jungle on a forgotten unamed world.

In short, nothing is really known.

Current Activities



Meet him and judge for yourself, Or try to, contradictory accounts and reports abound. Careless, Reckless, Arrogant, Insulting.....Honest, polite, gentlemanly, scholarly....ignorant, drunkard, slob, womanizer.... and a apparently excellent reputation for reliability in the trade markets means no real accurate picture can be drawn.

Of his drinking, as with many sentient's in this galaxy it could be attributed to a dark past of immense pain, though on challenged at the frequency of this activity, his only response was: 'I get bored...Man has to pass the time somehow.'

He's known to tell whimsical and crazy tales, Speak at length on matters military with what suggests great experience and dismiss known and accepted practices with the wave of a hand. He displays a great hatred for the slave trade.......yet flies a Lictor Class Dungeon ship and is known to have had few sentient's listed as his "property" through various parts of his past. though their supposed submission may very well be voluntary, It is unknown what his personal attachment is to these slaves, as previous assessments suggests he possesses a very calculating and logical mind when not hidden behind a substance induced haze.

He seems disdainful of authority to the point of going to diplomatic meetings wearing nothing but a red silken robe ( something better suited for a female prostitute then a large male ) and carrying a drinking glass.

Engage with at your own risk.


Redjon stands 1.90 meters tall, broad shouldered with thick brown hair and piercing eyes that seem to be either blue or brown depending on the light, a curiosity he attributes to however much rum he has in his system. at a recent gambling event the tattoo " A debt is payed" was seen inked in small and precise writing near his sternum, almost as is if it was a message to the wearer. No obvious scarring appears either, though his skin appears to be new and young...the mark of someone who's recently spent an incredible amount of time in the hands of healers and bio-re constructionists, an attribute he refuses to comment seriously on.

The only major distinguishing feature is the color of his right hand, which is a deep dark blood red. he jokes " I won it off a zeltron in a drinking game" the veracity of this is highly questionable.


Assets and Possesions

Lictor-class Dungeon Ship 'Licentiously Baroque ' -