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System Cularin
Sector Hevvrol
Galactic Coordinates -120, 160
System Coordinates 12, 7
Astrographic Entry Rennokk
Type Moon (type II atmosphere)
Primary Terrain: Solid rock, molten rock and volcanoes
Rotational Period 16 standard hours
Orbital Period 300 standard days
Population 1,397,412
Controlled By The Pentastar Alignment
Sentient Races Humans

Rennokk is a molten planetoid located in the southern portion of the Hevvrol sector in the Mid Rim Territories.


Originally discovered by space explorer Reidi Artom, Rennokk is one of two natural satellites for the world of Cularin. Scientifically classified as a large moon, it is covered almost entirely in a sea of molten rock (lava) - the visible glow created by this is easily discernible from the surface of Cularin - produced by its numerous continuously-active volcanoes, and has historically served as a dumping ground for numerous criminal entities, their unwanted evidence dissipating quickly in its oceans of fire. Jutting out of the lava field, stable outcroppings and plateaus of solid rock have enabled both starship landing and the construction of two cities housing more than a million sentients, mostly comprised of Humans.

Land rights to the moon were purchased by Tomas o`Cuinn in Year 16 (CGT), who quickly set to establishing a mining operation to extract and export the endless supply of lava. Shortly after, the Confederacy of Independent Systems began construction of a Golan model II space station in direct orbit of the moon. To protect his investment from imminent destruction, Cuinn constructed an interlinked network of shield generators connected to a central computer control centre, enveloping the moon in a reinforced bubble of shields. Numerous technicians were at work daily to maintain the integrity of the shields, while scientists were working in the expansive research centre located on the moon's surface, designing and testing new advancements in shield technology. Defensive weapon emplacements have been constructed, mainly consisting of LNR Series II turbo laser cannons and KDY v-150 Planet Defenders. This combination of anti-orbital turbolasers, ion cannons and reinforced planetary shields were built solely to deter the implied planetary siege suggested by the CIS-operated Golan model II.

The legal ownership of Rennokk was sold to Solarius Masha, Grand Moff of The Pentastar Alignment, on the 215th day of Year 16 (CGT) for 250,000,000 credits.