Rexan Vyrim

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Rexan Vyrim
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Dolora Vyrim
Father Frederic Vyrim
Born Year -16 Day 276 (age 31)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.81 meters
Coloring Dark Brown hair
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Krath Dynasty, Black Sun

Rexan Vyrim is a former member of the Black Sun Family, previously serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Gesenix Mining. Working in an industrial setting his entire life, Rexan holds both degrees in Starship Engineering from the University of Kathol and Geological Analysis from the University of Coruscant. Despite previous affiliations with the Krath Dynasty, Rexan has always been decidedly Anti-Galactic Alliance and acknowledged that Krath's involvement in the Galactic Civil War on the side of the Rebellion fueled his passion to join the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. An effective operator of several planetary development products and a veteran of the Battle of Axxila, Rexan's dedication to his Family led to his eventual rise to Chief Executive Officer of Hyrotii Corporation/Gesenix Mining and his promotion to Vigo following the coronation of Underlord Alexander von Ismay. Due to his extensive experience with Infrastructure and Engineering projects, Rexan's domain extended over all planetary development and construction across the Outer Rim Territories. In mid-Year 17, Rexan resigned from Black Sun after what he viewed as irreconcilable differences with the Dark Prince, Jeor Knight.

Early History

Youth and Education

Rexan Vyrim was not poor, nor was he neglected. Unlike most children in the galaxy, he had an excellent upbringing and was offered the finest education money could buy. He excelled in his studies and showed an aptitude for Starship Engineering, something which he learned at a young age and earned a degree for early in life. Not one to limit his talents, Rexan set his sights on another degree - this time in Geological Analysis - recognizing that all things start first and foremost from the basic raw materials that forms them. With the knowledge on finding and extracting essential minerals from the ground and a profound ability to put those materials together, his focus on both infrastructure and engineering was fostered at a young age.

Most of his young adolescent life, Rexan traveled between Coruscant (his birth home) and Kathol (his adopted home). While he marveled at the engineering feats accomplished by most of the Imperial architects and engineers, he saw no opportunities at home to build a name for himself. The Outer Rim, however, was mostly barren and ruled by pirates and gangs which left hundreds of planets void of life or infrastructure. It was there he sought his opportunities to put his skills to good use. To this end, following his graduation from the University of Coruscant, he departed his home for good and settled in the Southern part of the galaxy, where Kathol would become his new home.

Joining Krath

Settling down in Kathol, Rexan sought out a job that would fit his particular skillset. Most private employers around the planet had minor jobs, none of which appealed to Rexan's sense of wonder. While visiting a seedy tavern in the heart of Kathol City one night, Rexan overheard a couple of greasy-looking old men in coveralls talking about a major shipbuilding project going on in the nearby Churba Sector - Krath's state-owned shipbuilding firm was about to start construction on several Mon Calamari Cruisers. Upon applying to join Koros Spaceworks, Rexan was immediately hired and started work on multiple projects.

While working on the Mon Calamari Project, Rexan was annoyed with the vessel's designs. They lacked in several areas compared to their Imperial counterparts. In addition, political pressure was constantly being placed on the construction projects. Officials in the New Republic held multiple security concerns over their precious technology, while Krath Dynasty had its own internal issues relating to their High Command. While expressing his frustrations with a few friends during an evening visit to a local pub in Churba, he was approached by a Black Sun agent, Ourtai Ol`inesh.


Ourtai Ol`inesh, an agent of Black Sun, specifically their Black Watch division, as well as a Dark Jedi, approached Rexan that one fateful night and offered him a large sum of credits and a position within the Crime Syndicate in exchange for valuable information on the Krath Dynasty. Disgusted with the politicking of the Galactic Alliance, Rexan agreed and began feeding a great deal of information to Ourtai in exchange for tens of millions of credits. Using the funds, he was able to commission himself several new ships and begin a trading career outside of Krath - where Nova Crystals limited trading abilities.

Finally, after a couple months of feeding information, the day came when he was invited to join Black Sun - having proven himself a valuable asset in the field. With that, he boarded his ship and bid a final farewell to the Kathol Sector which had been like his second home for so long. He set course for Black Sun territory, and transmitted his resignation to Koros Spaceworks - who were completely oblivious to his espionage.

Black Sun

Joining the Militia

One does not simply join Black Sun - but having worked with members of Black Watch had proven Rexan's worth to the Crime Syndicate, and bought him entry to the infamous Crime Syndicate. Joining the Infrastructure division of the Black Sun Militia, Rexan was immediately assigned to high-profile infrastructure projects that included planetwide development. Completely transforming the surface of a planet and building the cities which would house hundreds of billions of sentients was the right challenge that Rexan sought. To that end, his time being in the lower ranks of the Infrastructure division would be short lived.

Developing Malicar

Malicar, a shining beacon of commerce and trade in the Outer Rim, would be Rexan's next job. The Dark Prince, Banquo Knox, would order the Infrastructure Division to break ground and immediately construct a massive project which would greatly increase the profits of Black Sun. Working with Kelmanis Vaan, Rexan would help build dozens of cities on the planet - earning himself a small fortune and earning praise from the Family Council. His skills here would earn him an important place in the next project, one which would be of the greatest importance to the Black Sun.

Battle of Axxila

Discovered by explorers from the United Rebel Front, the small system of Axxila appeared on star charts very near Black Sun territory, in the Outer Rim. Concerned about a close ally to the Galactic Alliance gaining a foothold so near Black Sun space, the Dark Prince ordered all nearby assets to the Axxila System to engage the United Rebel Front and claim the planet for Black Sun. Because the Malicar project put them so close to Axxila, Rexan joined one of the first teams to respond to the Dark Prince's orders. Descending on the planet in a massive fleet of haulers, sporting multiple Tabders and dozens of BFF-1 Bulk Freighters, Rexan and his teams of builders helped secure dozens of landing sites and mobilized a massive force which overwhelmed the ill-prepared Rebels.

The massive infrastructure brought by the Black Sun Militia overwhelmed the Rebels and drove most of them into the open. Capitalizing on this, Kelmanis and Rexan took part in a mission to capture many of the Rebels. The operation was successful, as the majority of their building teams were rounded up and executed and the United Rebel Front leader, Talia Kraken, was captured and executed. It was this mission which impressed many high-ranking officials in Black Sun and earned Rexan his next promotion, to the rank of officer, and a title - CEO.

Hyrotii Corporation

Following the successful operation at Axxila, Rexan returned to Black Sun territory and was brought before the Family Council. In addition to congratulating him for his victories, he was granted an officer promotion and given a title - CEO of Hyrotii Corporation. For nearly two years, Rexan would continue to serve as the CEO of Black Sun's mining conglomerate - reorganizing it and improving its operations by shutting down public sales and switching its entire focus to serving Black Sun and its collective industries. Mining operations would become standardized and more deposits than ever would be discovered. By the time Rexan would pass on the role of CEO, more than 3 million units of raw materials would be stockpiled from over 300 mines across Black Sun space.


On a routine mission to assist the Family Council, Rexan privately met with Viscount Jevon Lambright. During this meeting, Jevon used the Force and sought to test Rexan's sensitivity to the Force as well. After several minutes, a link was made and Jevon confirmed what Rexan thought he always knew. Rexan embraced his force sensitivity and would join the ranks of the Maurari - one of many force users to serve the Dark Prince and use their powers to fulfill the creed of Black Sun: Family. Honor. Profit.

The Lost Year

At the end of an Era, Dark Prince Banquo Knox stepped down from his post and passed leadership of Black Sun onto Cait Catra. Thus began the lost year, which would truly amount to less than six months between Cait and her wife, Niobe Asha. Together, the two regressed Black Sun into the dark ages - selling off territory, reverting their status as a galactic-known government into a little-known trading group, and demonizing anyone who spoke out against their ideas. By the end of their reign, Black Sun was a mere shadow of what it was before. Upon their departure, they would strip Black Sun of their Capital system, dozens of vital ships and assets including multiple Star Destroyers, thousands of military personnel, and an immeasurable amount of credits - before handing off the reigns to Alexander von Ismay.

Family, Honor, Profit

Underlord Alexander von Ismay ascended to his position in Year 14, intent on repairing the failures of his most recent predecessors. Continuing the economic and diplomatic policies which had yielded success beneath Prince Knox, Underlord Ismay further pursued a revitalization of the ideals of, "Family. Honour. Profit." In ensuring these ideals were upheld, Underlord Ismay removed any members of the Collective and Family who placed others above Black Sun. This cleansing included the removal of Vigo Nyarlathotep Alaks and Vigo Jormungand Gand, both of whom were found to be traitors. In their place, loyal members of the Family were invited into Gologotha to serve upon the Family Council. Additionally, the White Star shipbuilding enterprise and Hyrotii Corporation were re-formed, in order to remove any remnants of the "Lost Year." In their place, Shobquix Yards and Gesenix Mining were formed, paving the way for the syndicate's future endeavors.

With all these reforms in place, Rexan pledged his service to the new Underlord - his loyalty earning him a place on the Family Council he had served for years prior. With his appointment to Vigo, Rexan would continue to lead Gesenix Mining in addition to his duties as Vigo of Infrastructure.

After a period of time in the Unknown Regions exploring the galaxy with a small crew aboard his flagship, the Lancer-class Frigate [BSS] Brigand's Right, Rexan resigned his position as Vigo of Infrastructure and returned to a Command-level rank of Councillor Emeritus, taking over the reigns of Shobquix Yards under Underlord Alexander von Ismay and Vigo Leigh Kellan upon his return to Black Sun territory. This too would be short-lived as Rexan moved back to Black Sun and became Minister of Administration & Finance, implementing reforms that would generate new revenues and maximize profits for the Family.


Despite a peaceful transition of power from Alexander von Ismay to new Dark Prince Jeor Knight, the peace would not last as Vigo Alexander von Ismay chose to leave Black Sun over leadership differences. Those same leadership differences led to concerns by Rexan, in his position as Minister of Administration & Finance, about the direction that Black Sun was taking. Due to irreconcilable differences in opinion, Rexan refused to continue working - causing Dark Prince Knight to strip Rexan of his position on the Consiglio and remove Rexan from his position as Minister.

Believing that he would no longer have a place in Black Sun as long as Jeor was Dark Prince, Rexan resigned from Black Sun on the basis that their viewpoints were unable to be reconciled. After several years of service to the Family, Rexan was once again Freelance and set out for a new adventure across the galaxy.

Personal Information


Despite being from Coruscant, Rexan has always considered the Outer Rim as his true home. While regarded as charming, humorous, and kind to many he is close to, he has often been called both cold and calculating to the rest of the galaxy. Due to his intense loyalty to both the Underlord and the Family Council, Rexan is unwavering in his ideals and isn't one for small talk. Rexan often views things from a logistical standpoint, only choosing to involve himself in public affairs when it benefits the will of the Family. Rexan is very withdrawn, but should the situation call for it, his darker and more "forward" tendencies can and will surface.


Rexan is just under two meters tall, with piercing blue eyes and a mop of dark brown hair. Rexan has a muscular build, stemming from his industrial background doing backbreaking work on shipyards and in mine shafts. During his time representing Black Sun in economic and galactic affairs, Rexan was known for wearing three-piece expensive suits - however in recent days, he spends most of his time in his force robes, which are shades of green and black.

Powers & Abilities

As a Former Lord of the Maruari, Rexan has the ability to control the force. A skilled telekinetic, Rexan's abilities had decidedly put him on the dark side of the force. He viewed these abilities as a gift, which enabled him to take his skills and talents to a whole new level. However, after separating himself from the dark web of the Maruari, Rexan found peace within solitude. Locked aboard his ship, he trained incessantly for weeks and found balance between the light and dark side of the force. Through constant meditation and study, Rexan has put himself on a neutral (or gray) path to the force.