Risha Talon

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RIsha Talon
Risha talon.png
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Clan Mottley (by adoption)
Mother Sindra Menar
Father Jerval Talon
Born Day 72, Year -1
Languages Fluent: Aleena, Galactic Basic, Olys Corellisi
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.67m 5'6"
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Vagran Defence Force
Mottley-Talon Adventure Club
Rank Colonel

Colonel Risha Talon is a former freelance pilot and co-founder of the Mottley-Talon Adventure Club, currently serving with the Vagran Defence Force.

Early Life

Born into a middle-class family on Corellia, from an early age Risha displayed a keen interest in mechanics and vehicles. Something of a tomboy, by her teens she was hanging around the fringes of the local racing scene, much to the chagrin of her parents, who intended for her to attend the Imperial Academy and were dismayed by their daughter's waywardness and association with aliens. It was at this time that she met and was befriended by the Mottleys, a well-to-do Aleena family settled on Corellia, who came to regard the young woman as a member of their extended kin-group.

A New Direction

Upon turning eighteen- and against her family's opposition- Risha decided to defer her entry into the Academy for a year, choosing instead to see something of the galaxy by working as a junior freighter pilot. Enjoying her newfound freedom, she frequented parties and indulged in love affairs with both sexes, quickly demolishing her modest earnings and racking up huge debts. Facing financial ruin, estranged from her family and with her future prospects uncertain, she was bailed out by an unexpected saviour: her old friend Dobbs Mottley, who proposed she join him in his latest venture, which became the Mottley-Talon Adventure Club.

Military Service

In Year 18, Risha followed Dobbs to the planet Vagran, of which the Aleena- by now a senior commander in CorSec- had recently been made governor. She was subsequently commissioned into the Vagran Defence Force in the rank of captain, and appointed commander of Hawkbat Squadron, the governor's newly raised fighter escort unit operating TIE/ln starfighters. On Day 289 of that year, she was promoted to major when the unit- by now a double-squadron of twenty-four starfighters- was renamed Talon Squadron after its commander.