Dobbs Mottley

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Dobbs Mottley
Biographical Information
Race Aleena
Homeworld Aleen
Clan Mottley
Languages Fluent: Aleena, Galactic Basic, Olys Corellisi
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 0.80m 2'7"
Coloring Blue-gray
Political Information
Affiliation Kolohe Mining Group (MK2)
Title Duke of Vagran
Rank Governor
Positions Governor of Vagran
Prior Affiliation CorSec

Dobbs Mottley, somtimes styled Duke of Vagran, is a former Second-in-Command of CorSec and the Governor of Vagran.

Life and Career

Although born on Aleen, Dobbs grew up primarily on Corellia, having moved there with his wealthy family at a young age.

Racing Career

As a teenager, Dobbs attempted to forge a career as a podracer. However, despite showing early promise in the junior leagues, he was unsuccessful on the main galactic circuit, with his best result a third place finish in the Year 16 Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare. He was dropped by his team later that year after wrecking four pods in three races, retiring officially at the end of the season.

Foray Into Acting

After the premature end of his racing career, Dobbs attempted a move into acting. His brief stint in the industry peaked with the action movie, RED: Retired Extra Dobbs, in which he played seven of the eight principle roles.

A holodisk of RED: Retired Extra Dobbs

Released at Hothmas in Year 16, the movie was panned by critics and became one of the worst box-office bombs of the decade, contributing to the subsequent collapse of the studio. However, it has since enjoyed something of a reappraisal in subsequent years and is now considered a cult classic.

Music Career

A keen saxophone player, Dobbs formed a rock band, Electric Sith, in Year 17 with Zeltrons Cos Manchu and Harrison Herm.

Fire on the Death Star

The group released their first studio album, Fire on the Death Star in Year 18, featuring the hit song Danger! Sith Lightning; a second album, Turbolaser, followed a year later. Members of the band also assisted Dobbs with a solo single, Mottley Style.

Environmentalism and MTAC

Concerned about the impact of rampant development upon galactic ecosystems, Dobbs founded the Mottley-Talon Adventure Club in Year 17 with long-term friend Risha Talon. Originally conceived as an environmentally-friendly adventure travel company, the group subsequently diversified into wildlife documentary filmmaking and plant-hunting, later opening a popular ordering service for the sustainable sourcing of exotic plants.

CorSec and Governor of Vagran

Dobbs' work with MTAC brought him to the attention of CorSec leader Neria Derycke, who recruited him into the security force as a logistical and environmental specialist (Year 17 Day 268). He quickly became one of the Grand Marshal's leading advisers, being named Governor of Vagran on Day 339 and her acting deputy on Day 347, an appointment that was subsequently confirmed as permanent on Day 26 of the following year.

Personal Life

A wedding rumour appearing in a popular publication

The nature of Dobbs' relationship with Risha Talon is still the subject of some speculation. He has on various occasions described Talon as a lifelong friend, an adopted sibling, and a common-law partner. Dobbs has also been linked to a former Black Sun Consigliere, a prominent Anzati and a popular Twi'lek entertainer.

Social and Political Views

Dobbs considers himself a Corellian as well as an Aleena. He is a supporter of Corellian independence and has made public statements endorsing the fringe belief that Corellia, not Coruscant, is the original human homeworld.