Ronhar Karath

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Ronhar Karath
Ronhar Karath.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Rhen Var
Clan Krie'ger
Mother Jill Durren
Father Varian Karath
Born Year -3
Languages Mando'a, Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.88 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Krie'ger, Mandalore
Rank [C-2] Al`verde
Positions 2nd XO

Ronhar Karath is a Mandalorian serving in Mandalore Military. He is the current Aliit'buir of clan Krie'ger and executive officer of the 2nd Mobile Fleet.



Ronhar Karath was born in Rhen Var, his family was in that cold world due to Ronhar's parents, they were military researchers for the Republic. Because of serious financial problems of the republic, the research funds were drastically reduced so the family emigrated looking for work until they found a good occupation in Anaxes citadel as responsible for military research.Ronhar and his sister Rhalya attended military schools eager to enter the Academy for officers.But before their graduation in the military school the Galactic Empire invaded the system Axum and while the parents joined the defenses, Ronhar and Rhalya were evacuated along with the other cadets, They were spirited to safety to the capital Coruscant.Since the Sith conquered the system Axum , Ronhar and Rhalya did not know anything more about their parents. Once they arrive on coruscant they were sent off to various academies, Rhalya chose the academy for pilots and Ronhar the academy for officers. Many questions massed in the head of Ronhar, how could drop a fortress world of the republic so quickly, how much time was left before the Sith attacked others core worlds and Coruscant itself, so he realized that The republic wasn't much more than a declining power, then he decided to left Coruscant and After trying in vain to convince his sister to leave with him, he left Coruscant and took refuge in the mandalorian egemony, on the rise again after millennia.Ronhar found a new family although he still had contact with her sister who survived the sith invasion of Coruscant and still fight for the republic.


Ronhar joined Mandalore in Y13D340, After graduating from the mandalorian Academy he joined the ground forces of the 1st "Heavy" Fleet. In Y17D190 after reorganization of Mandalore combat forces he left the 1st "Heavy" Fleet and joined the 2nd Mobile Fleet and became Executive Officer.

The Great Hunt

Ronhar took part in the Great Hunt, though was limited by inexperience, the competition gave him some trophies and some healthy months at one with nature

Ronhar shooting a nexu.jpg


on Year 16 Day 223 Ronhar, with other members of Aliit Krie'ger,under the command of former Aliit'buir Werda Mird, took part in Operation Resol'nare Serroco , a 3 month long campaign to deliver the following key objectives:

Suppression of all hostile forces encountered on the planet surface; Medical treatment and evacuation of injured persons; Protection of those not yet affected by the Derra virus; and Field testing and reporting of the new ELG-Q1 blaster in live fire combat scenarios. Aliit Krie'ger reached the planet since Day 223, its first objective was to establish an operating base on the continent in the south of the planet and conducting patrols into the surrounding craters and jungles, were a coalition of several groups of bandits formed a coalition and put up a stiff resistance against Krie'ger forces.

Ronhar Karath on Serroco City

Ronhar keeps the order in Serroco City

Once secured the entire continent the clan was called,along with other clans, to occupy Serroco City, with the primary objective of maintaining order and conducting patrols into the surrounding craters and jungles! The operation resulted in a complete victory for the mandalorians.

The Great Hunt