Sasha de Silva

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Sasha Abane Andromeda
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Biographical Information
Race Kiffar, Mirialan and Falleen hybrid
Homeworld Ryloth is the place Sasha considers her homeworld
House House Winterstone (Formerly)
House de Silva (Formerly)
House Abane
Mother Bethany de Silva (biological.)
Father Unknown Kiffar
Marital Status DECEASED
Spouse Nico Donovan Abane and Sarai Andromeda Morbus
Born Year -1
Died Year 19
Languages Basic, Sith, Ryl, Huttese, Olysi Corellisi, Hapan, Ancient Anzati (spoken only)
Quote "Death Shall Be My Punishment!"
Physical Description
Gender Female
Coloring Green
Hair Color Changes Frequently
Eye Color Wears Different Coloured Contacts Frequently
Political Information
Affiliation House Abane
Title Grand Warden
Positions House Abane Leadership, HACD Head
Signature [[]]


A wild Sasha in her 'natural' habitat:


Sasha and Nico (her husband) during their first date:

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Sasha and Nat (her friend):

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A happy and pregnant Sash:

Pregnant Sash.jpg

(In Sasha's words) "The only thing that could have been better at the photoshoot was having my bethrothed's with me. My Andromeda and Nico."


Sasha at an early age was simply abandoned by her parents and real family and was left with no explanation or record of who, what she was. For years she simply lived with her adoptive Twi'lek family, they took her in when they found her in a disabled ship on Ryloth and was then brought back to the family's home and raised there by her adoptive family. Life was not particularly 'easy' in the small Twi'lek town for the small Hybrid as she grew up not because of the people there or the wildlife or anything of that sort more having no where to fit in. Sasha was lucky to see one or maybe two people 'like' her around the Gaulus sector or on Ryloth every year whilst she was learning to pilot a ship, all of which were probably just passing through on their way to bigger and better things the ybrid told herself each time she did see other ships.

Teenage Years

It was around the time the small Hybrid had finished school on Ryloth and turned sixteen that Sasha had first met her sister, her actual sister Nicole de Silva. The two seemingly got along strangely well and on the first night of the two Hybrid's seeing each other for the first time ever, they scraped their credits together and boarded the nearest transport off of the planet and to Nicole's mobile home "Void Surfer", a Lictor. The two sisters danced, laughed, drank, smoked and just let loose having fun for their reunion and for a few weeks the two just surfed the galaxy in their Lictor exploring anything and everything they could together before they eventually parted ways, Sasha eager to get back to her Twi'lek family, which she did.....Eventually after a year. In truth the small Hybrid had the full intention of returning home but got side-tracked by a Sith lady who introduced her to the "Sisterhood" and her own true mother, Bethany de Silva.

'Later' Years

Overall Sasha spent a full year in the Sisterhood learning how to fight and live like a soldier, how to pilot most vehicles and ships, handle most weapons including explosives, heavy weapons and shields and how to handle and tame creatures using ancient Sisterhood techniques and herbal remedies or 'scent' sticks, eventually the sisterhood was destroyed under mysterious circumstances leaving Sasha as the sole survivor. A few weeks after the fall of the Sisterhood Sasha de Silva started House de Silva, the House lasted for a few weeks before it fell and dissolved. After another two years drifting from sector to sector and planet to planet Sasha eventually adopted two daughters and married her husband and formed a triad with her husband and her dearest Andromeda, Sasha's adopted children were called Maka, Nicole and Yuunyera, her three other children with her husband Nico from this segment of her life were called Tayhre, Mako and Ashira.


Mako Abane (adopted Togorian daughter)


Maka Abane (Biological Hybrid daughter)

Image (2).jpg

Yuunyara Abane (adopted Mirialan daughter)


Ashira Abane

Tayhr Abane

Nicole Rose Abane (Adopted Codru-Ji daughter)


Liliaa Cassidy Abane (adopted Anzati daughter)

Blue suit.png

Alec Andromeda (adopted Anzati son)

Alecia Andromeda (adopted Anzati daughter)

Important Notes

Due to Sasha's Hybrid DNA she shares most if not all of the abilities and 'powers' a "pure blooded" Falleen would possess.

Sasha being near constantly on the lookout for new languages, history or culture she could learn has become quite the...Collector of languages and has a list of languages at her disposal, all of which she has learnt from others she has met around the galaxy.