Serroco (Planet)

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Temperate breathable.png
System Serroco
Sector Ploo
Galactic Coordinates (100, 195)
System Coordinates (11, 11)
Astrographic Entry Serroco
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: ocean, crater, jungle, forest, volcanic
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 749,469 inhabitants
Controlled By Darkness
Governor None
Magistrate None

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Serroco is a planet located in the Serroco star system of Ploo sector in the Expansion Region.


Mid-Year 16, a Caamasi male, identified solely on the initials A. K., landed on Serroco whilst surveying the sector. Unknowingly carrying a highly contagious strain of the Derra Virus, also known as the Great Animosity Plague, the Caamasi unwittingly introduced the virus into the local environment, resulting in a planet-wide quarantine and the breakdown of civilized society. The once orderly and civil populace inhabiting the surface communities quickly devolved into civil unrest, with civilian militia and vigilante groups springing up. These groups and individuals, in addition to thrill-seeking offworlders, effectively turned the world into a mass shooting range with little to nothing in the way of physical safety. For unknown reasons, facilities quickly became a favored target.

The Government of Serroco issued a travel advisory [1], warning all sentients to avoid the planet, steer clear of hostile bandits, not to engage other civilian groups, and to not bring any outside weapon onto the planet. The Serroco Ministry of Health and Well Being stated that it will treat all foreign beings found on the planet as hostile, with no excuses tolerated.

Serroco City