Shaki Rain

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Shaki Rain
Shaki content-1.png
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Thena Rain (née Filtayn)
Father Tyris Rain
Born Year -09 Day 114
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6m
Coloring Fair skin
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
The Avance Coalition
House Soyak-Ikron
Prior Affiliation Myec Exploratory Charter
New Republic

Shaki Rain is a Coruscanti female who is currently unattached to any major organisation. After graduating through the Chandrilan education system, Shaki left home and spent the majority of the intervening years developing her considerable skills as a starfighter pilot flying for the Rebellion. Events in Year 14 made Shaki come to place great value on her independence, becoming decidedly neutral in galactic politics and entirely uninvolved in the wider ramifications of the civil war. Outwardly untroubled, she has learned to hide the loneliness of her character behind a mask of enthusiasm and quiet beauty.


Shaki, Y10, shortly before leaving Chandrila.

Early life

Shaki was born on Imperial Coruscant in the middle of Year -9 and lived there in relative comfort throughout her infancy. When she was 5 years old her family her father, Tyris, was headhunted by the ship-building magnet TransGalMeg, and the family relocated to the planet Chandrila to accommodate his new career. Her childhood on Chandrila was unremarkable by most standards; blessed as she was with a happy family environment and removed from the social and political injustices so commonly associated with Imperial rule today.

By her adolescence Shaki was a bright, vibrant young woman. She enjoyed taking part in the open political debates that were typical of Chandrilan society at that time and became accustomed to that particular brand of freedom of belief and expression. Fortune then knocked on her door – by chance she was selected to take part in a youth piloting programme sponsored by TGMI. That initial taste encouraged Shaki to enrol in a flight school. Soon there was nothing else she could imagine herself doing.


After graduating Shaki left home. Travelling with a group of friends, she passed through the spaceports on a number of Core worlds along the Corellian Run before following the route out towards the Outer Rim. Emerging from her relatively safe, sheltered existence the cultural differences and climate of war came as a shock. The further along the Run they ventured, the friends began to see themselves as kindred spirits of the fledgling New Republic. By the time they reached the Tyrius system, they were all ready to sign up.

In orbit of Rodia, Shaki was joined by a couple of her friends enlisted in the Republic military, specifically Starfighter Command due to her love of piloting. What had started as little more than a form of protest fuelled by youthful idealism quickly blossomed into loyalty and dedication. Shaki found herself redefining her identity. The vocal, outwardly confident girl became a more reserved young woman to whom duty and honour were now entirely central for her sense of self. Colleagues became friends; ideals became firmly-held beliefs. For years she served the rebellion well, honing her skills in the skies and vacuum, taking part in key campaigns and operations across the galaxy - most notably in the Calaron, Kanz and Grohl sectors.

Shaki relaxing during downtime, Y13.


Then it all came to a grinding halt. Rocked by a great personal loss, Shaki shut down. Despite friendly attempts to help and persuade her otherwise she resigned her post and sought solitude.

Month after month passed. Eventually Shaki emerged from her self-imposed exile, if only to earn the credits necessary to survive. Contacting an old acquaintance, she found herself a job searching for habitable systems. It was a deliberate choice: charting stars in the quiet of deep-space where reminders were few and names went unspoken. Memories, however, find their way to the surface in the absence of substance. When the Birjis system was found Shaki threw herself into her work, leading construction teams to secure new settlements on the gas giant and its two moons. Unfortunately, the hard labour was no longer the distraction she had hoped for.

Seeking a return to some semblance of normality, Shaki found herself back in the Tyrius system. Unable to consider re-enlisting in the Starfighter Command, she took several civilian studies courses to help her forge a new future. Though she graduated armed with fresh knowledge, sadly her time reacclimatising to life in the government had left her troubled. It was no longer the home she remembered. Few friendly faces remained and the future had become clouded. Feeling unable to stay and infused with a new independent streak, she left for what she felt must be the final time.

A brief reprieve

In the following weeks, Shaki found herself creating a new home in the territories of the Avance Coalition. Accepted into the fold of House Soyak-Ikron, she was excited to explore promising new friendships and eager to pitch in. After the promotion of Kyran Caelius to leader of the political caste, she began to assist in planning developments to the planets within the governed region of the House.

Despite these positive developments, Shaki disappeared suddenly and without explanation towards the tail of the year. She has failed to appear on public record - alive or dead - since.