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System Chandrila
Sector Bormea
Galactic Coordinates (51, 66)
System Coordinates (6, 8)
Astrographic Entry
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: grassland, ocean, glacier, volcanic
Rotational Period 20 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 368 standard days [1]
Population 75,773,084,660 inhabitants
Controlled By Galactic Empire
Governor Sector Adjutant Hack Skice
Magistrate Sector Adjutant Hack Skice


A pleasant, agricultural planet, many are surprised that the planet Chandrila is actually located in the Core. Part of the famed Ringali Shell, a collection of wealthy and influential planets near the intersection of the Perlemian Trade Route and Hydian Way, Chandrila is sparsely populated, though quite wealthy. The cities of Chandrila are small, with populations mostly under five hundred thousand, and usually far away from each other. Livestock herds roam freely throughout the countryside, and a majority of the planetary income is related with either agriculture or tourism.

The capital city of Chandrila, Hanna City, has a population of just one and a half million. It is spread throughout the northern coast of the Silver Sea, and is a major harbor, while still maintaining the picturesque look of a rural town. The Hanna Wild Game Reserve, just outside Hanna City, houses the diverse species that roam Chandrila, including the docile squalls, cause of traffic jams in the rural roads. Other natural wonders include the Gladean State Parks, a collection of various sites of natural beauty, the crystal waters of Lake Sah`ot, just beyond Hanna City, and the Memorial Military Academy, dedicated to the now nonexistent Chandrilan military.

The people of Chandrila have always felt that they could express and debate their political opinions without fear of any punishment. Therefore, city council sessions usually have large turnouts from concerned citizens, and the Chandrilan Planetary Senate consists of two hundred and fifty elected officials. A planetary council of twenty-five makes many day-to-day decisions, and the planetary governor has little authority, and serves only as a chair to the planetary council. Upon the creation of the Galactic Empire, the democratic and loyal Chandrilans refused to be part of it.

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