Shiko Miru

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Shiko Miru
Biographical Information
Race Amani
Homeworld Devaron
Mother Kira Miru
Father Ajax Miru
Siblings Tycho and Hunter Miru
Born Day 213, Year -10
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Guardians of the Fey

GoF Logo.png

Positions Member of The Scholars Guild: Day 270, Year 14 to present.
Prior Affiliation Aliit Breviin: Day 234, Year 14 to Day 180, Year 16.

Freelancers Alliance

Shiko Miru, a Freelance Pilot and part time Historian, was born on the world of Devaron under the shadow of his older brother Tycho Miru. His parents expected a lot from him and his dad hoped he would have joined the military to follow in his footsteps. Shiko needed to find his own way through the galaxy so he had ran away from home and found work on the crew of a freighter pilot. After he had put his time in on the crew and spent all his credits in the cantina he decided it was time for him to work for himself. He now spends most of his time in hyperdrive reading through public databases for fun. He is currently flying for the Freelancers Alliance, and writes articles for The Scholars Guild.


Early Years

Shiko before he left his homeworld

Birth and Family

Shiko Miru was born on the planet of Devaron, he had the unusual characteristic of possessing both male and female sets of teeth, a genetic throwback. He was the second of three born to Ajax and Kira Miru. Shiko had an older brother Tycho and a younger sister Hunter. The Miru family name could be traced back generations, all of which served in the military or the government. There was scarce a conflict in the galaxy where a Miru did not serve.

Parents Expectations

Free time was a luxury that the three Miru children never seemed to possess. Their mother valued a solid education and ensured all of her children prioritized it during their childhood. The only subjects Shiko seemed to enjoy were history and other social sciences. When Shiko was young he had a desire to go to an academy to become a historian, but pressure from his father pushed him towards another path. His father Ajax served in the military his whole life and had tried to convince his son’s to do the same. When their father was home he ran his household like he would run his training academy; no questions, respect and no free time. Having grown up in such a confined household Shiko wanted freedom more than anything else, and decided the military was not the life for him. Ajax believed it was a family tradition to serve, protect and to fight for what you believe in. The Miru's had a long and proud tradition of military service stretching back sixteen generations. Shiko never valued service in the military like his father, but his older brother Tycho on the other hand only lived to make his father proud. His older brother enlisted into the military when he was sixteen, Shiko has yet to hear anything from or about his older brother. Shiko had only been around for two more years after his brother left before he took off and ran away from his family when the opportunity arose.

An Opportunity Arose

Shiko was 13 when his brother left and it seemed like all the pressure from his parents that Tycho shouldered was now his to bear. They always harassed Shiko asking him why he wasn’t more like his brother. The pressure made him feel like he was going to explode; he had to get away from them. Two years after his brother left he was walking home, as he came around a corner he saw a male devaronian wearing rags running towards him holding a loaf of bread. This angry stall vendor was chasing after the raggedy devaronian calling out declaring him a thief. Shiko acted like he wasn’t paying attention and ran into the stall vendor causing him to stumble and run into a cart on the side of the road. To this day Shiko will stand by that decision knowing that was once an impulse to help those that struggled to help themselves would become a passion. Across the street a pilot and his crew saw what he had done and were talking amongst one another. The pilot walked over to Shiko and extended his hand and introduced himself as Rex. Rex asked Shiko why he had helped the criminal; Shiko could only explain that he felt he had to help someone who was struggling. Shiko would later realize that this feeling was the same reason his ancestors served in the military. Rex, seeing the passion behind Shiko’s words, proposed joining his freighter crew. Shiko saw this as an opportunity to leave what he felt was an oppressive household. So luck would have it that an opportunity fell in to his lap, without a second thought he shook on it and went for a ride that would change the rest of his life.

Teenage Years

Learning to Run a Freighter

At 15 Shiko had the opportunity to work on the crew of a freelance freighter pilot. Rex Gelio took a liking to the young man’s ambition and his ability to pick up on things quick. Starting with odd jobs around the ship at first Shiko only needed to be shown things once. Before long he had a mild understanding of the ship and its hardware and was able to help repair and perform any common maintenance. He learned how to repair engines, controls, navigation systems and any manner of electronic that were placed in front of him. It seemed Shiko had a natural talent for understanding electronic and ships, and with the right guidance he could go far as a mechanic. Rex had other plans for him though; instead he let him have a turn at piloting while Rex ran his small group of mercenaries. Before long Shiko was the main pilot of the ship and handled its operation on all missions for Rex.

Bending the Law

Under Rex's guidance Shiko learned even some of the more shady talents in the galaxy. Rex and his crew were smugglers and mercenaries for hire. After Rex had shouldered Shiko the reasonability of operating the ship his best mercenary jumped ship and joined another crew. With no time to find a replacement for the job at hand Shiko was thrown into the mercenary livelihood. That was when Rex gave Shiko his first weapon, a custom designed DY-225. Shiko was given a crash course on how to use it, and later that day he would find himself in a position where he would have to use it. That day Rex, his crew and Shiko were running a job of picking up some Rhyll and smuggling it off planet when at the pick up a gang of street thugs showed up. Shiko took cover and fired his weapon for the first time all he had to do was provide cover fire for Rex and his crew. At the time he was too scared to do much more then that anyway. Rex and his crew took care of the thugs in no time and this would be the start of Shiko doing more than just piloting and maintenance. Before long Shiko learned to better handle his gear, some group tactics and even found a sense of confidence while he would infiltrate, steal and kidnap for his boss. Shiko loved the thrill and the excitement of working on the fringes of society. He saw, understood and thrived in a shadow of the galaxy he never knew existed. Before long Shiko had fully outfitted himself with the money he earned while squandering the rest away on ladies and at the cantina.

Every Job had its Price

Shiko spent any free time drinking away his hard earned credits

Shiko thought he was doing something different then what his father wanted when in reality he found a different means to the same end. He thrived in these situations and was always either talented or lucky enough to scrape by and finish the job. Soon he was battle hardened, and felt at home in the thick of blaster fire. He was a respected amongst the crew and despite his age they started to rely on him during a mission. Rex would make him his number two after a few years. He stayed on Rex's crew for seven years until he had learned enough to try a run at being independent. With Rex's blessing he left and started looking for work, he wished he had saved more of the credits he earned instead of spending them in the bars. For two more years he piloted any ship his employers would provide to move supplies across the galaxy. He took any job his contacts from working under Rex would give him, but he could never find steady work. He spent most of his time working on the fringes of society, doing any job and keeping criminals as friends. Without Rex and his team he found it hard to make enough to cover his cantina costs. He even had to sell the custom DY-225 that was a present from Rex. With almost nothing left on his back he decided he might try working for a company. Shiko finally signed on to the Freelancers Alliance in hope for steady work in order to finally purchase his own ship, and to finally find a crew worth keeping around.

Time at Freelancers Alliance

"We are freelancers and neutral. No questions, no curiosity. You pay, we deliver."
— Freelancers Alliance Slogan
Shiko working under Hans Miller's Freelancers Alliance

Shiko finally decided he needed money and a steady job to back his goals of running his own ship. He contacted Hans Miller about a job working at the Freelancers Alliance on Day 234, Year 14. Hans set Shiko up with a ship to fly and got him working on transporting ships around the galaxy. He started with a Y-wing that was assigned to him so he could pilot, it was a bit smaller then what he was used to but he made it work. All he needed was something to tide him over till he could afford his own YT-2000 or YT-2400. Shiko was set up with job after job with days of hyperspace travel. This was dull work for Shiko, he found himself growing very bored during hyperspace travels so he looked for something to invest his time into. Looking through the databases he found The Scholars Guild and decided to submit an application on Day 247, Year 14 to join their ranks. He figured it would be good to learn about the past to better exploit those in the future. Shiko would continue to balance the life of a logistics pilot and a historic scholar for some time.

Aliit Breviin and The Death Watch

Work with the Scholars Guild

After contacting Rennek Cor about The Scholars Guild, Shiko began looking through the library. He saw the potential in it and the realization of what a daunting task it would be to fill its shelves. He began right away and typed his first article to submit to the library.

Works Submitted to Library

  • From The Je'daii Order to Modern Day Force Users; A Brief History and Analyses.

Skill Set and Personality

Skill Set

Through his life Shiko has learned a skill set that has kept him alive and has left him to be an asset in any group.

  • Experienced Fighter/Freighter pilot
  • Crew Leadership
  • Repairing and maintenance of ships and electronics
  • Small group tactics


Shiko had no qualms about lying, breaking the law, or hiring thugs during his life, as long as the end justified the means and he finished the job. He has worked for many people and corporations and has always ensured he left a positive lasting impression. He had even kept contact with many of the criminals he worked with and for so as to have someone in his corner no matter what part of the galaxy he was in. While Shiko was serious when he needed to be, he had a distinct and rather grim sense of humor and was quite flirtatious with many females. He had always valued trust and loyalty above all else. He desired to be a self reliant man, and most of all wanted to make something of himself to show his father he never needed the military.

Ships and Notable Equipment