Rennek Cor

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Rennek Cor
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
House Cor Family
Father Nathan Cor (deceased)
Mother Auren Law (deceased)
Siblings Jarek Cor
Spouse I'belle Morgan (deceased)
Children Nathan Cor II - Son
Other Family Dracon Cor - Nephew (deceased),
Jay`Den Cor - Nephew (unknown),
Sera Cor - Niece (deceased),
Cyan Cor - Nephew (unknown)
Born Year -38 (CGT)
Died Year 20 (CGT)
Languages Galactic Basic,
Olys Corellisi
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 55
Height 1.85 meters
Weight 13st 10lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown/Grey
Political Status
Employment Status Retired
Affiliation The B`omarr Order
Former Affiliations Black Sun,
Cor Research And Development Concepts,
The Scholars Guild

Rennek is the 2nd son of Nathan and Auren Cor, a surgeon by trade and later entrepreneur, diplomat and scholar.

Pre Year 0 CGT Biography

CorFamily Crest - alpha small.png

Forever Second Fiddle

The second son in the family is always at a disadvantage and Rennek Cor was not the exception to the rule. The son of a trader, he always played second best to his older brother Jarek, who excelled as a sportsman and leader of men. Not that he minded, Rennek loved his brother and parents and knew Jarek would go on to become the hero he did. It didn't really matter to him, what Rennek lacked in physical attributes, he made up for in intelligence, far surpassing his brother in his academic studies.

Rennek attended the Thyferran Academy of Medicine, graduating at just 21 years of age with a Masters Qualification in Surgery, his first book, which studied the treatment of blaster wound trauma, was published shortly after. The text is still used as reference material in the academy to this day and "Cor's Technique" in heat wound treatment is still widely considered one of the most effective within the medical community. When he returned to Corellia, he found out the sad news that his parents had passed away, leaving the family business in the hands of Jarek, who now also had his first son, Dracon . Rennek saw a unique opportunity to go and make something of himself, out from beneath the shadow of his brother and decided to leave his home planet. He found a job aboard a private medical frigate named The Tourniquet III as chief surgeon and bidding his brother farewell, left for his new life.

Opus Medical

E Online George Clooney 95894 300 clooney er 012109.jpg

The frigate was part of a four ship fleet run by Opus Medical, a private healthcare company which offered exclusive medical care far surpassing that of public establishments. The opportunity was unique and aboard The Tourniquet III, Rennek was able to finally show his worth.

He saved countless lives aboard the frigate over the 4 years he served, anybody from wounded militia to senators were treated during his time. It was here that Rennek truly felt he belonged, so when he was approached by senior management to move to Opus Medical Headquaters based in the Outer Rim, he jumped at the chance. Now aged 27, Rennek took the role of Executive Medical Co-ordinator.

With his new position, Rennek was immediately thrust into overall control of the four Tourniquet frigates, ensuring best practices, cleaniness, levels of service and training were given the attention they required. He also changed the way the frigates worked, giving each a speciality and moving staff around to ensure those specialities were catered to. Touniquet I specialised in Cranial injuries, Tourniquet II in Limb Replacement and Corrective Surgery, Tourniquet III in Diseases and Terminal Issues and Tourniquet IV in Experimental Medicine. With this in place, productivity and success rates shot up, as did Opus Medical's income and stock value.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Rennek enjoyed life at the top, a significant income and complimentary quarters on a Colony Station ensured he was kept in a lifestyle he quickly became accustomed to. Women were in abundance and he enjoyed them all, moving from one short romance to the next. That was, until his 29th birthday, when met I'belle Morgan.


I'belle was a beautiful tall Thyferran with long golden hair and time stopping eyes which glittered in every light of day and night. She handled the company accounts, as a thyferran, she was fantastic with numbers and had great business acumen. She was everything he sought in a woman: funny, smart and beautiful. Perfect in every way, except one. She was already married. I'belle's husband was Kal Morgan, the CEO and owner of Opus Medical and Rennek's boss. This fact didn't stop Rennek though, he was instantly in love and wanted her for his own.

Over the next year, I'belle rejected his advances, a dutiful wife and respectable woman, she wanted no part in scandels and affairs. But still Rennek persisted, vowing he would give up everything for her, his life, his money and even the job he loved soo much. I'belle weakened and 3 weeks after Rennek's 30th, she finally succumb to her feelings. That day marked the start of an affair which lasted 3 years, always kept secret from Kal, for he was no tyrant, he was a good man and neither Rennek nor I'belle wished him harm and both loved their jobs..

Of course, the inevitable happened and Kal did find out, sparking a feud which tore apart Opus Medical. Most employees were loyal to Rennek and though they knew he was in the wrong, left the company when he was forced out, vowing to follow him on to his next endavour. I'belle was divorced quickly, asking for nothing in the settlement and recieving exactly that. I'belle had exactly what she wanted, she had Rennek.

The Auren.jpg

Cor Health

Rennek used all of his credits to invest in a Nebulon medical frigate, naming it The Auren, after his mother, and went about launching his own specialised medical company, Cor Health. The idea was to build on the success of Opus Medical, bringing across some of the clients from the past, although most had business ties with Kal Morgan and decided it may be a conflict of interest.

Rennek's reputation however made up for any shortfall in initial patients, with word of mouth marketing very much driving business forward. Cor Health stayed exclusively as a 1 Ship operation, but as a result secured incredible turnover and profit, meaning Rennek, I'belle and the company's staff were generously rewarded for their faith. The company had ran for 2 years, then the Cor family received fantastic news, with I'belle falling pregnant. It had been what Rennek had wanted to build his entire life, a family, a secure business and happy life. When you're at the top however, you are always waiting for a fall and within a year, Rennek's world came tumbling down around him.

Nothing Lasts Forever

7 Months into the pregnancy, I'belle began to feel sharp pains in her abdomen and was admitted into the small maternity ward of Cor Health. Rennek was away at this time trying to land a large client contract for the firm, but upon word of his wives problems, tried to get back to her. The doctors established that there was a rupture in her uterus which was leaking blood and amniotic fluid into her body, the reasoning for which was unknown. They would need to remove the child to be able to try and repair the lesion, but there was no guarantee that the child or mother would live through the procedure. Rennek gave the team his permission to continue and told them to do absolutely everything they could to save I'belle as the priority. Unfortunately, the damage was too far gone and I'belle succumb to her injuries, dying during surgery before Rennek was able to get back to her. He was devastated and fell into a deep depression following the event.

The child lived and Rennek named him Nathan, after his father, as I'belle and he had agreed early on in the pregnancy. Rennek was in no state to care for the child however, his fits of anger caused by the depression only outweighed by his logical mind, with which he decided Nathan should go to live with I'belle's parents. He still counts this as one of his biggest regrets in life, not having his last connection to I'belle near made him worse and neglectful of everyday life, including his business. Within 10 months Cor health had folded, its minor assets and contracts sold to pay any debts and Rennek was left only with the The Auren, where he lived in seclusion for many months.

Post Year 0 CGT Biography

The B'omarr Order

Inevitably, food and supplies were eventually required and Rennek had to make his way down to the nearest inhabited planet, which happened to be Vjun, in the Nuiri System. Whilst there, he met a man by the name of Solan Berus, a Cathar who told him he was an Acolyte with the B'omarr Order. Rennek was immediately fascinated by this, his impression being like most that B'omarr monks were spider droids found on Tatooine. Solan informed him that there were a number of different groups around the galaxies, and the Vjun "branch" were different in many ways to those on Tatooine. These B'omarr were scholars of all aspects of life, not just the path to Enlightenment which the "Orthodox B'omarr" sought. Solan invited Rennek to join him on his walk back to the palace, during which the they spoke of many things, including the loss of I'belle.


When they arrived at the doors, Solan invited Rennek to stay with them if he chose to. Rennek agreed and for 10 years he stayed with the B'omarr and studied them. Not much more is known of his time with the B'omarr due to the secretive nature of the Order, but it was a time that greatly influenced Rennek and he was able to overcome both his anger and depression as a result. A paper on his study of the B'omarr can be found in The Scholars guild library: B'omarr - A Scholar's Perspective

Return From Seclusion

Upon his return from the time spent with The Order, Rennek went in search of family. First, he visited his now 10 year old son and tried to re-engage with that unfamiliar part of himself. Over time, Nathan grew more comfortable with Rennek, but due to his age, still couldn't comprehend why the man had left him with his grandparents instead of raise him. It wouldn't be until later that Nathan would understand better, but the relationship would remain estranged for years following. It was considered the best course of action that Nathan stay with his Grandparents in familiar surroundings until he was old enough to leave home.

Rennek next went in search of his brother Jarek's family, hoping that some still lived at least. After a year he had tracked them down as members of The Corellian Society and introduced himself to them for the first time. A great bond of friendship was built with his niece Sera and nephew Dracon, who was considered head of the family, bearing the Cor Ring as per tradition. They kept in contact for many years, comforting Sera during the loss of her husband and supporting her during the birth of her child. It came as a devastating shock when he was later informed of Dracon, Sera and the baby Duncan's assassinations and ensured the bodies were found and laid in rest in the family cemetery. His meditation techniques learnt alongside the B'omarr helped him cope with the anguish at more loss in the family and Rennek felt more drive to build something in the family name. He now bore the family ring, and it was his responsibility both to his families memory and his Son's legacy.

The Scholars Guild

The Scholars Guild Logo - small.png

During his time with the B'omarr and walking the "Nailati" path, Rennek had developed a love for scholarly works, using a great deal of his time to read in the library held at the palace. He wanted to have a place with open doors to sentients around the galaxy, where scholars could come together, regardless of political affiliation, to share, read and discuss subjects of diverse nature, from Philosophy to Medicine, History to Languages and Culture to The Arts. So using the money he had left in the family accounts, he built the Scholars Guild. The main draw of the guild were its promise to fund academic projects and research, its ever growing library and its yearly Scholarly pursuit, in which members submitted papers on varying subjects in the hope to win a grand prize, usually around 40m Cr or so.

In Year 15, Rennek decided that the Guild location should be moved to somewhere more neutral, as it had resided in Empire space. Selling the land, he bought a space colony which would act as a temporary home until such time as a new piece of land be found. As of Year 17, that new land has now been found and construction was due to be begin mid year. The Scholars Guild continues to operate today, though members only sporadically attend, due to work or home life commitments.

Black Sun & CRDC

Crdc smallericon.png

In late Year 15, Rennek received a communication from a long time acquaintance Alexander von Ismay. They had first met at the opening of a new Whiskey distillery where they conversed over mutual tastes and had kept in contact now and again following. Lex had watched the growth of The Scholars Guild and felt that Rennek would be a useful addition to the Media and PR team within Black Sun. Rennek had pondered the decision for a long time, but it wasn't until Lex had shown support in establishing a conceptual R&D company that Rennek decided to join the government, hoping that he could do some good. With this, Cor Research & Development Concepts (CRDC) was formed.

Rennek Blacksunfunction.jpg

Rennek worked under Ahsas Rotciv Maharg and the two struck up a great friendship, their love of the Scholarly reinforcing the hard work they put into the job. The projects they worked on are somewhat unclear, due to non-disclosure agreements signed prior to commencement, but they were able to better both the everyday life of sentients in BS space, as well as the public perception of the government. But as it would seem is always the case with Rennek's life, never does the water's course run smooth.

Waking up one morning in early Year 17, shortly following the transition of Underlord from Lex to Jeor Knight, an urgent message awaited Rennek which he read with disbelief. Lex, along with a number of others had fallen out with the governments new leadership over a minor incident, taken assets and defected. Rennek had to read the message numerous times before he believed that this had happened and following, had to immediately consider his own options. Following conversations with Dark Prince Knight, Rennek decided that his place in Black Sun was now layered with a lot of risk. With his being recruited by and friendship with von Ismay, he felt that there was never going to be a high level of trust in his actions which would make his continued work under BS very constrained. A deal was struck with Jeor in which the land and facilities built on Iego which housed CRDC would be handed back over to Black Sun control and Rennek would leave the government with his accumulated salary only. Contrary to later news releases, he decided to take CRDC public using his own funds, with a view to releasing and sharing research with the wider galaxy.

Unfortunately, the company was not able to stay as Rennek had envisioned, its founding members instead wanting to follow the events of the BS looting with a battle in the news. It was with this that Rennek decided to sell the public license on to Kathlen Stewart, changing the name of the company to ViskCor News Network and keeping CRDC and his own name out of the forthcoming conflict. As is the case in these matters though, Rennek's name featured in the propaganda piece from Black Sun which followed the ViskCor posting. Rennek was saddened by this fact, but understood that in a battle of hearts & minds, his name was a useful tool for recourse. Burnt by the public eye, Rennek returned to his studies and seclusion, operating CRDC behind the scenes.


Rennek hunting.jpg

Scholastic Papers & News Articles

Published Papers:

B'omarr - A Scholar's Perspective - Y10 D129

The Balance - A Philosophy - Y14 D221

Project Lawton - Y17 D87


Where Once There Was Darkness - Y17 D87

Cor Family Tree

Nathan Cor ✞
Auren Law ✞
Layla Iblis ✞
Jarek Cor ✞
Rennek Cor
I'belle Morgan ✞
Jay`Den Cor
Dracon Cor
Ma`at Seshet
Sera Cor
Sean Patrick ✞
Cyan Cor
Nathan Cor II
Valen Andric Cor
Sera Layla Cor
Duncan Leiv Patrick ✞