Siarica Aylina

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Siarica Beskaphoros Aylina (FKA Ermeline Aylina Jr.)
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Biographical Information
Race Mirialan (Formerly Anzati)
Homeworld Emberlene (first body); Gree Prime (Second body)
Mother Hypatia Beskaphoros
Father Orapollo Beskaphoros
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -142 Day 142
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.59 meters
Weight 51 kg
Hair Color Dark Blue (gormerly crimson, ability to turn white)
Eye Color Purple (formerly green)
Political Information
Positions Keeper of Legends
Prior Affiliation Kaos Galactica Federation
House Black
House Derycke
Gree Trade Authority
The Resistance
Cloud City

Siarica Aylina is a Mirialan Xenoarcheologist. Originally born Anzati, she accidentally transferred her life essence in the brain-dead body of a Gree Mirialan.


Early years (Y-142 - Y11)

Little is known about Siarica's youth. She claimed to be born from the lost planet of Emberlene on Year -142, but Anzati often invented their own history to blend in with their surroundings.

Bounty Huntress

In order to fulfill her anzati thirst for soup, Siarica was trained from her childhood to lure and trap sentients, and eventually realized that she could use her skills for money. She therefore started a fairly successful carreer as a Bounty Huntress, focusing on small contracts. On year 11, after spending a full month posing as a humble servant, she was able to abduct the Falleen Jhoran Tengaanar and delivered him to Black Sun, receiving an YV-666 as payment. On year 12, she captured the failed pirate Slaine Phixion, who fell in disgrace from the pirate organization he was part of. Finally, on Year 13, she captured Rex von Gloryington, a self-proclaimed vigilante who openly announced an assasination attempt on the Dark Prince Banquo Knox, before reuniting Kaal Derycke with his family, who was upset at his behaviour.

Slave of the Hood-Derycke family

Upon delivering Kaal Derycke to his family, Siarica met Lilly Derycke, and immediatly fell under the charm of the albino zeltron. Unfortunately, Lilly was fianced to Scott Hood, and married him shortly thereafter. Siarica designed and tailored the dress Lilly wore for her wedding, and grew even more attached to her. Realizing there was no other way to be as close to her as possible, she gave up on her freedom, and asked to enter at her service, as slave of the house Hood-Derycke. A few months later, she also became nanny of Scott and Lilly's daughter, Kyra Derycke. She remained at their service until year 15, when she took back her independence.


Slave again


Personality and traits

Powers and abilities

Technological affinity

Siarica Aylina is extremely efficient at understanding and assimilating how any technological device is working. She intuitively understands the operation of any mechanical device and subconsciously creates a schematic in her mind. This ability allows her to be naturally fluent with any kind of technological device, even if she is using them for the first time.

Original Anzati form

Due to her anzati nature, Siarica's abilities are heavily influenced by her natural cravings for soup. When her thirst is quenched, she often appears as a brilliant woman, having a large knowledge in technological and historical fields, able to understand even the most complex problems almost effortlessly. However, as her needs for soup increase, she gradually loses her interest for intellectual activities, and instead focuses on satisfying her immediate depraved pleasures.

Muscular dystrophy

Despite her natural superhealing abilities granted by her anzati nature, Siarica Aylina suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy making her unable to develop any physical strength.

Extended visual spectrum

Siarica's eyes are able to see in a far wider spectrum than humans, especially in the infrared. Unfortunately, her brain is unable to correctly understand those signals. Her visual accuracy is therefore extremely weak, her vision being perturbated by elements out of her visual spectrum. As a result, her vision is blurred by parasites like thermal radiation, causing her to see her surroundings in an undistinct fog beyond a few meters. To counter this handicap, she wears infrared-filtering glasses, allowing her to see normally.


Like any other Anzati, Siarica Aylina have the ability to telepathically communicate with other sentients.




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