Sienar was given terms of surrender and refused. Now their 2IC is dead.

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While it was with great affection that we read the eulogy of Tam Dowmeia, a Sienar employee who continued working for the group after it refused to meet Eidola's terms of surrender, we are now forced to announce a new casualty in the war.

Things started when Derek Shado and his accomplice Shia stole nearly everything available from Sienar, including 6 beautiful Gallofree transports. The leader of the group was then murdered by Eidola, and terms of surrender were issued. Ondoron Bondoon chose to ignore our threats.

Several days later we killed Tam Dowmeia, whose widow posted his last words on the GNS several days ago. While we sympathise with the spouses of those too pigheaded to take threats seriously, we are forced to continue waging our campaign against Sienar.

I now announce that at 16:54 Jonathan Septimus, the second-in-command of Sienar Extractions, was brutally murdered by the Eidola Pirates. This is now 3 Sienar members we have killed, so we again address leader Ondoron Bondoon and demand that he reconsider his surrender...for the safety of his employees.

Hacked by: Teniel Djo
Organization: Eidola Pirates Date: Year 7 Day 72
Location Unknown