Sketin Pileo

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Sketin Pileo
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Sia Pileo (née Qua'Sel)
Father Massimiliano "Max" Pileo
Spouse Single
Siblings Alessandro "Alex" Pileo

Rosella Secura (née Pileo)

Leonardo Pileo

Truck Pileo

Trane Pileo

Lucilla Pileo

Annabella Pileo

Enzo Pileo

Lilianna Pileo

Alfonso Pileo

Felìcita Pileo

Children None
Born Y-10 D272
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'11 (180 cm)
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth
Prior Affiliation New Republic

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Sketin Massimiliano Pileo is an Alderaanian and current member of the Anzat Commonwealth. He has of no significant importance, even to his enemies. However, he is commonly mistaken for his famous twin brother, Truck.


Sketin Pileo is the sixth child born to Massimiliano "Max" and Sia Pileo (née Qua'Sel) in Aldera, Alderaan, along with his identical twin brothers; Truck and Trane. The triplets grew up in a large, middle class apartment along with their eight siblings (his youngest sister, Felìcita, was given up for Jedi Training as a baby), parents and much to the displeasure of everyone who passes apartment; their grandmother. Max Pileo works at a famous Alderaanian winery, while Sia Pileo is a Professor of Child Development at the University of Alderaan. At birth, Sketin was found to have Matale syndrome, a type of defect of the heart valves. Although treated via surgery shortly after his birth, the defect had the long term impact of Sketin being several inches shorter than his brothers.

Pileo attended the Ravein School for Boys in Aldera, Alderaan with his brothers until graduation. Whilst in school, Sketin was a popular student amongst students and facility members, even though he notoriously never did his homework and didn't participate in extracurricular activities. However, he would graduate with high scores in all basic subject tests and received invitations to several, but few, universities, in which he all declined. Whilst his twin brother, Trane, would receive full scholarship to the Coruscant School of Music through it's mother college, University of Coruscant and his other twin, Truck, was invited to and attended the School of Starship Engineering, a branch of Corellia University under a Limmie Scholarship.


Pileo started at the bottom rung at a New Republic subsidiary, Toskan Industries (merged with Astralwerks and is now known as Noga-ta Industries), as a delivery pilot. After several months of the dead end job, Sketin was recruited by Tomra Kotar to join his organization, Astralwerks. This, however, turned to be an extremely short job, as Kotar would then rob both organizations before going rogue.

After the robbery, work dried up. Almar Zamasee, a former boss and high ranking New Republician, approached Pileo about a new company that needed experienced workers. Sketin accepted the offer and would start his climb in ranks in the organization; Talost Nightwatch, a private sector affiliate of the New Republic. The highest rank Pileo gained was third in command and Director of Logistics.

Sketin left Talost Nightwatch, along with leader Azarin Isard and several officers due to a heated disagreement with the owner of Talost Nightwatch, Almar Zamasee. Sketin would return to New Republic proper and work with in several organizations, depending on which one was in need of an experienced worker. He would then settle into JUGANOTH Mining Corporation, which at the time was in dire straits. Assisting Andre Gualdieri and Twiggy Swamp, Sketin helped rebuild JUGANOTH, would assist in the creation of the South Sales Depot and would eventually assist in leading mining efforts in the southern portion of the galaxy. During this time, Sketin would also take a position at New Republic Academy as an instructor.