Skyia Blaze

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Skyia Blaze
Skyia blaze character.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Twi`lek
Homeworld Ryloth
House House Derycke
Born -Y15 D233
Died Y19 D194
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Coloring Green
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Derycke Enterprises
Rank SO3
Positions Production Manager/Logistics M
Prior Affiliation CorSec
Signature Skyia signature.png

Personality and Skills

Skyia goofy.png

Skyia is a good natured, kind hearted and emotional person. Most of the time she acts kind of goofy, sometimes annoying too in the process. But don't let her appearance fool you, she's actually pretty clever and a good problem solver. She's just annoyed by people who do have a high intelligence but act arrogant because of it. Skyia doesn't like arrogant people without empathy, who think they are the center of the galaxy.

People who let Skyia into their life notice soon enough she's very loyal to her friends. Even being so loyal, she might give her life if it means she would save a friend's life with it.

She likes any artform and culture alike, making her an openminded person in life.

Her skillset is varied but leaning towards combat, highly skilled in the use of projectile weapons combined with macro binoculars and high perspective, she makes your expert sniper marksman, also being able to take alot of party's along her for training. Skyia's piloting skills are top notch as well, being able to fly all types of ships: Fighters, Freighters and Capital ships alike. Minor skills includes locksmith and the ability to repair things.


Early Life

Skyia tatooine.png

Born on the planet Ryloth, Skyia moved to Tatooine with her mother at a young age after the death of Skyia's father. She and her mother were both slaves of Bamba The Hutt, where she and her mother served drinks at the Hutt's stronghold.

At some point in time, the stronghold was invaded by pirates who wanted to loot al the riches from Bamba, killing Skyia's mother in the process. Bamba was not without empathy for Skyia, feeling sorry for her mother's death, she granted Skyia her freedom at the age of 17.

With the credits she and her mother saved up, she bought a humble freighter and took off into the vast galaxy...

Wandering the Galaxy

Skyia space.png

Skyia went to the planet Maridan, home planet of the Amani race and convinced a group of Amani's to fight alongside her, to free the oppressed.

Flying along in her Sprint-class rescue craft "OutRunner I", they flew from planet to planet, to fight bandits who ruled over other people and enslave them. It was in the midst of battle where she met Grand Marshall Neria Derycke, leader of CorSec and Derycke Enterprises.

Allthough Skyia wanted to remain all alone, she was welcomed with open arms into Derycke Enterprises, yet not robbed of her freedom, she could still fight for her cause. But she feels she's now part of something, a place to go to in difficult times, having a real home.


Skyia Blaze Customs

After being diagnosed with OCD (Overactive Creativity Disorder), and wanting to put the disorder to good use, Skyia Blaze founded Skyia Blaze Customs on Year 17 Day 163.

Specialized in the creation of logos and flags for factions, she has satified customers across the galaxy, including: Derycke Enterprises, CorSec, Faerytail Family, The Scourge and Dynali Enterprises.

Skyia customs 2.png