Confederacy of Independent Systems (Company)

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Confederacy of Independent Systems
CIS Faction logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Siejo Kutol
2IC Samuel Ashen
Owner Siejo Kutol
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 285
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems, Corporate Alliance
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite CIS

The Confederate of Independent Systems is an alliance of independent corporations for the greater good of all. The CIS security organization is the Military Wing of the Confederacy. Born from the ashes of the failed security company, Star`s Nova, the Confederate of Independent Systems serves as the military force for the Confederate Senate. The organization is made up of people from all walks of life whose sole goal is to keep the Confederacy and the people who rely on it safe. The CIS is divided into fleets, who patrol Confederate Space and work on improving her defenses to help better prepare Confederate Sentients should the need arise. The CIS has both a Naval Division, who oversee space born missions, and Army, who command the ground forces of the Confederacy.


Some say we were an ancient order of Templars, others claim we are naught but malcontents and rogue military officers. No matter the rumor, there is always some truth to them, no matter how fleeting. After all, with such a diverse group of people, some of their own history and desires will inevitably become a part of the organization's very fabric of existence. To believe otherwise would be foolish.

What is the truth, however? In fact, Star's Nova was founded somewhat on a whim. Ourtai Ol`inesh, Dark Side master and former enforcer of the Black Sun crime syndicate, contacted the Royal House Ismay's more lawful branch, represented by myself, Count-Scion Weylin vi Cron, the eldest legitimate son of Count Wilhelm von Ismay, an old friend of Ourtai's. Together they discussed and planned, fleshing out our goals and objectives. Using those plans, they would form the first true Private Military Contractor in the Galaxy. Star`s Nova was founded officially on Day 285 in Year 11.

That PMC, using the resources of Mr. vi Cron, started rather strong, with strong financial and military core. It remained independent and worked hard to gain and keep its customers happy. After intense negotiations with another security group named United Rebel Front, the two groups were merged and the leader of URF, Falnor Urthadar, was knighted by Star`s Nova Command.

Things didn't sit well for the organization after that. Loyalists to the old URF name declared Urthadar a traitor to their cause and believes, and two months into year 12, left Star`s Nova to refound United Rebel Front. The PMC survived, but took a heavy hit on its member count. After a few months of heavy recruiting, the group was back ontop. Tragedy struck again on Day 107 of that year when the organization was betrayed by one of its most trusted members. Ourtai Ol`inesh, with the help of Black Sun operatives, opened the doors to the organization and allowed the operatives to come in and wreck havok. The Operatives swarmed into Star`s Nova and took everything that it had, including the things that were nailed down, as Ourtai Ol`inesh unprotected everything in the Company inventory. Looted of everything but its members, Star`s Nova appeared to be at its end. Falnor Urthadar took his own life instead of being captured and Weylin vi Cron was forced to sell the Company, to cover the debts they had.

The shell was first purchased by Vee Null, a pirate and overall fun guy. He had no interest in keeping the company and took it to market, selling the company to Sabo Magus. Magus, a man with a long history of hard work, realized the job of saving the company from complete destruction was probably too large for him, and called upon his friends at the Corporate Alliance for help. The Alliance assigned one of its best and most experienced leaders, Saul Cohmre, in charge of the group on Day 132.

On Day 337 of Year 12, the company was merged with Andromeda Security and reorganized into a goverment, Confederacy of Independent Systems.